3 Foolproof Ways to Avoid Getting Lipstick on Your Teeth

by Katie Stanovick
Oct 18, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET

It’s a sad day when you’re feeling hot and posing for pictures only to find out you had lipstick on your teeth the entire time. At that point, we ask ourselves, “Was any of it even worth it?” 

As devastating as the mishap is, there’s always tomorrow to come back with a badder, bolder lip. Just ask some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities who’ve also been caught with lipstick on their teeth. But before taking a look at some celebrity-lipstick-on-teeth blunders, we’re here to keep your lipstick off your smile and ensure you won’t make the same mistake twice.

Line your lips

You want to line around your whole mouth to stop lipstick from bleeding. Also, by coloring in your lips, you give your lipstick something to stick to, which stops it from sliding onto your teeth.

Try this trick

After applying the liner and lipstick, do the age-old trick of sticking a finger between your puckered lips to drag out any of the lipstick stuck to the inside of your lips.

Dab, dab, dab

Of course, we can’t forget mom’s favorite: Dab those lips on a tissue. This will help take off excess pigment and oils so the chances of having fallout or slippage are majorly reduced. That’s it. You’re ready to go.

And if you’re still feeling sheepish about your last lipstick-on-teeth misadventure, take a peek at 10 celebrities who’ve been through it too (it happens to the best of us!).


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1 /5: Emma Watson

1/5 :Emma Watson

Even it-girls like Watson have had their makeup mistakes, like the time Watson stepped out for a Cartier event in England in  July 2008 with lipstick on her teeth.

2 /5: Cat Deeley

2/5 :Cat Deeley

Even the tiniest bit can get noticed, as we saw with the So You Think You Can Dance host at a pre-Emmys event in September 2012.

3 /5: Miley Cyrus

3/5 :Miley Cyrus

Before the former Disney Channel star had a wild streak, she had a streak of lipstick across her teeth at a Teen Vogue red carpet event in Los Angeles in September 2007.

4 /5: Condoleezza Rice

4/5 :Condoleezza Rice

It even happens to powerful women like the former U.S. secretary of state, who had a little bit on her front teeth at a rally in Florida in 2012.

5 /5: Paris Hilton

5/5 :Paris Hilton

Probably the most notable lipstick blunder happened to Hilton in South Korea in 2007 at a nightclub. Still looks hot though.