22 Long-Sleeve Dresses You'll Wear All Winter

by Kristen Bousquet
Oct 18, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET

If you’re not into the idea of wearing bulky layers just to keep warm in cold weather, consider opting for a long-sleeve dress. Paired with tights, leggings or high socks, long-sleeve dresses can keep you cozy while looking stylish AF. What could be better than that?

Popular contemporary retailers are carrying long-sleeve dresses that can be appropriately styled for every occasion, from a typical day at work to a night out. Shop some of our must-have long-sleeve dresses ahead now.


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1 /22: Gray choker sweater dress

1/22 :Gray choker sweater dress

Gray choker sweater dress (The Beauty Studio Boutique, $38)

2 /22: Falling Stars mini-dress

2/22 :Falling Stars mini-dress

Falling Stars mini-dress (Free People, $169)

3 /22: Romie check ruched-sleeve dress

3/22 :Romie check ruched-sleeve dress

Romie check ruched-sleeve dress (Pixie Market, $114)

4 /22: Olive ruffled-bottom long-sleeve dress

4/22 :Olive ruffled-bottom long-sleeve dress

Olive ruffled-bottom long-sleeve dress (The Beauty Studio Boutique, $32)

5 /22: Foil floral plunge wrap dress

5/22 :Foil floral plunge wrap dress

Foil floral plunge wrap dress (Topshop, $100)

6 /22: Lost + Wander Olivia bell-sleeve dress

6/22 :Lost + Wander Olivia bell-sleeve dress

Lost + Wander Olivia bell-sleeve dress (Nordstrom, $80)

7 /22: Blazin black long-sleeve dress

7/22 :Blazin black long-sleeve dress

Blazin black long-sleeve dress (Lulus, $75)

8 /22: Honey mini-dress

8/22 :Honey mini-dress

Honey mini-dress (Free People, $108)

9 /22: Lush cold-shoulder sweatshirt dress

9/22 :Lush cold-shoulder sweatshirt dress

Lush cold-shoulder sweatshirt dress (Nordstrom, $55)

10 /22: Gray tie-waist dress

10/22 :Gray tie-waist dress

Gray tie-waist dress (The Beauty Studio Boutique, $39)

11 /22: Beatrice red smocked dress

11/22 :Beatrice red smocked dress

Beatrice red smocked dress (Pixie Market, $126)

12 /22: Skylar mini-dress

12/22 :Skylar mini-dress

Skylar mini-dress (Free People, $169)

13 /22: Burgundy lace-up sweater dress

13/22 :Burgundy lace-up sweater dress

Burgundy lace-up sweater dress (The Beauty Studio Boutique, $38)

14 /22: Rexford burgundy plaid bell-sleeve dress

14/22 :Rexford burgundy plaid bell-sleeve dress

Rexford burgundy plaid bell-sleeve dress (Lulus, $75)

15 /22: Counting Stars mini-dress

15/22 :Counting Stars mini-dress

Counting Stars mini-dress (Free People, $168)

16 /22: Free People wanderlust dress

16/22 :Free People wanderlust dress

Free People wanderlust dress (Nordstrom, $228)

17 /22: UO off-the-shoulder floral lace midi-dress

17/22 :UO off-the-shoulder floral lace midi-dress

UO off-the-shoulder floral lace midi-dress (Urban Outfitters, $79)

18 /22: Take a Breath black long-sleeve knit sweater dress

18/22 :Take a Breath black long-sleeve knit sweater dress

Take a Breath black long-sleeve knit sweater dress (Lulus, $80)

19 /22: Soft & sexy cutout-waist dress

19/22 :Soft & sexy cutout-waist dress

Soft & sexy cutout-waist dress (American Eagle, $30)

20 /22: Striped tie-waist shirt dress

20/22 :Striped tie-waist shirt dress

Striped tie-waist shirt dress (Forever 21, $35)

21 /22: Striped bias midi skater dress

21/22 :Striped bias midi skater dress

Striped bias midi skater dress (Topshop, $95)

22 /22: Lace-up sweater dress

22/22 :Lace-up sweater dress

Lace-up sweater dress (Nordstrom, $65)