21 High-Fashion Beauty Looks to Try This Halloween

by StyleCaster .
Oct 12, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Another fall season has arrived, and with that comes plenty of you-know-what lattes, cozy sweaters and, of course, Halloween. Unless you’ve already put some serious thought into a costume, we can almost guarantee you’ll be scrambling to get festive the day of. We’ve all been there, and it isn’t fun.

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Getting dressed up isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely sacrifice your creativity. The high-fashion runways are the ultimate secret weapon and untapped resource, as they house some seriously cutting-edge beauty looks that don’t need a coordinating ensemble to turn heads.

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From New York and London to Paris and Milan, these Spring 2018 Fashion Week makeup moments are the key to pulling off a killer Halloween disguise this year.


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1 /21: Thick liner & blue hair

1/21 :Thick liner & blue hair

Fendi, Milan Fashion Week

2 /21: Pink & black cateye

2/21 :Pink & black cateye

Nicopanda, London Fashion Week

3 /21: Jet-black eyelids

3/21 :Jet-black eyelids

Tommy Hilfiger, London Fashion Week

4 /21: Triple color eyeliner

4/21 :Triple color eyeliner

Rahul Mishra, Paris Fashion Week

5 /21: Charcoal under-liner

5/21 :Charcoal under-liner

Michael Sontag, Berlin Fashion Week

6 /21: Red-hot winged liner

6/21 :Red-hot winged liner

Prabal Gurung, Berlin Fashion Week

7 /21: Rainbow makeup & nails

7/21 :Rainbow makeup & nails

Raquel Hladky, Berlin Fashion Week

8 /21: Graphic liner & blush highlight

8/21 :Graphic liner & blush highlight

The Blonds, New York Fashion Week

9 /21: Orange lines

9/21 :Orange lines

Byblos, Milan Fashion Week

10 /21: Extreme winged eyeliner

10/21 :Extreme winged eyeliner

Fátima Lopes, Paris Fashion Week

11 /21: Bright-pink highlight

11/21 :Bright-pink highlight

L'Oréal Paris's Le Défilé, Paris Fashion Week

12 /21: Long lower lashes & shimmer shadow

12/21 :Long lower lashes & shimmer shadow

Manish Arora, Paris Fashion Week

13 /21: Outlined eyes

13/21 :Outlined eyes

Rochas, Paris Fashion Week

14 /21: Goth lips

14/21 :Goth lips

MSGM, Milan Fashion Week

15 /21: Feline eyes

15/21 :Feline eyes

Versus, London Fashion Week

16 /21: Spider eyes

16/21 :Spider eyes

Ashley Williams, London Fashion Week

17 /21: Full moon face

17/21 :Full moon face

Vin + Omi, Milan Fashion Week

18 /21: Glitter eyes

18/21 :Glitter eyes

Philipp Plein, New York Fashion Week

19 /21: Florals to the extreme

19/21 :Florals to the extreme

Moschino, Milan Fashion Week

20 /21: Metallic highlight

20/21 :Metallic highlight

Ricostru, Milan Fashion Week

21 /21: Bejeweled eyes

21/21 :Bejeweled eyes

Jeremy Scott, New York Fashion Week