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10 Celebrities Who’ve Been Refreshingly Real About Aging in Hollywood

Everybody ages. It’s a fact that should be mind-numbingly obvious, but by the way Hollywood treats celebrities over 30 — especially women — it’s something that we, unfortunately, need to reiterate. As early as we can remember, the beauty industry has been obsessed with aging and how to prevent it.

However, the tides are finally steadily turning, with dozens of celebrities standing up for natural aging and speaking out against the term antiaging and the negative beauty standard it promotes.

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At the risk of once again stating the obvious, there’s nothing wrong with getting older. It’s unavoidable and happens to everyone. The best we can do is embrace our age — including the wisdom and experiences it brings — and not fret about the natural changes to our bodies as we get older.

Don’t want to take our word for it? Maybe it’ll click when you hear it from one of these celebs. From Jennifer Aniston to Helen Mirren, here are 10 celebrities who’ve been refreshingly real and down-to-earth about getting older.


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