The Fall Makeup Trends We’re So Excited About

by Ruby Buddemeyer
Aug 28, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET

In case the humidity didn’t notify you, we’ve just entered the hottest, sweatiest month of the year. But luckily for the warm-weather haters of the world, summer’s final countdown means one thing: Fall is officially on the horizon. So as we use our setting sprays and frizz-tamers to their very last drops, we’ve started stalking every single fall makeup trend to determine which products we’ll need to load up on in the coming weeks.

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But unlike the natural-looking, no-makeup makeup movement we’ve seen this season, fall is all about bold-ass colors and statements. We’re talking about thick, heavy eyeliner and bright, vibrant eye shadows that are so damn cool, you’ll forget all about that nude lipstick you’ve worn every day this summer. Ahead, we rounded up the absolute prettiest fall makeup trends we’re looking forward to along with product recommendations to get the ball rolling on creating the look yourself.


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1 /19: Clumpy, exaggerated lashes

1/19 :Clumpy, exaggerated lashes

2 /19: Clumpy, exaggerated lashes

2/19 :Clumpy, exaggerated lashes

CoverGirl Total Tease Mascara, Full + Long + Refined (Walmart, $7.49)

3 /19: Clumpy, exaggerated lashes

3/19 :Clumpy, exaggerated lashes

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Mascara, Lengthening & Volumizing (Sephora, $24)

4 /19: Bold, bright eye shadow

4/19 :Bold, bright eye shadow

5 /19: Bold, bright eye shadow

5/19 :Bold, bright eye shadow

Milk Makeup Eye Pigment in royal blue (Sephora, $24)

6 /19: Bold, bright eye shadow

6/19 :Bold, bright eye shadow

Urban Decay eye shadow in 1985 (Urban Decay, $19)

7 /19: Bold, bright eye shadow

7/19 :Bold, bright eye shadow

Maybelline The City Mini Palette in Graffiti Pops (Maybelline, $9.99)

8 /19: Plum lips

8/19 :Plum lips

9 /19: Plum lips

9/19 :Plum lips

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in black cherry (Target, $4.99)

10 /19: Plum lips

10/19 :Plum lips

Bare Minerals Statement Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Devious (Bare Minerals, $19)

11 /19: Plum lips

11/19 :Plum lips

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Damned (Nars, $27)

12 /19: Heavy smoky eyes

12/19 :Heavy smoky eyes

13 /19: Heavy smoky eyes

13/19 :Heavy smoky eyes

NYX Eye Shadow Base in black (Ulta, $6.99)

14 /19: Heavy smoky eyes

14/19 :Heavy smoky eyes

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in jet black (Stila, $22)

15 /19: Heavy smoky eyes

15/19 :Heavy smoky eyes

Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil (Sephora, $23)

16 /19: Rose-gold cheeks & lids

16/19 :Rose-gold cheeks & lids

17 /19: Rose-gold cheeks & lids

17/19 :Rose-gold cheeks & lids

MAC Powder Blush in Sunbasque (MAC, $23)

18 /19: Rose-gold cheeks & lids

18/19 :Rose-gold cheeks & lids

E.l.f. Nude Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette (E.l.f., $10)

19 /19: Rose-gold cheeks & lids

19/19 :Rose-gold cheeks & lids

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in rose gold (Laura Mercier, $29)