Lingerie & Loungewear to Wear When It’s Too Hot to Go Outside

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Aug 18, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET

We know. We know. The best parts of summer are supposed to be outdoors — trips to the beach, picnics in the park, dawdling at a sidewalk table all afternoon with a bottle of rosé in front of you. But honestly, when it’s 100 degrees outside and so humid the air is practically dripping, sometimes all we want to do is stay indoors with the AC on high and a few friends to keep us company.

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If that sounds like your idea of bliss too, then you can probably appreciate the importance of a solid collection of loungewear. One of the less-discussed lessons Marie Kondo espoused in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is that bumming around in clothing that’s not explicitly made for doing so and actually maybe makes you feel kinda depressed (see: your stained once-favorite white T-shirt you can’t bring yourself to throw out) drastically reduces the quality of your leisure time. On the other hand, having a drawer of pretty, happy-making indoor clothing to wear on the days you don’t leave the house can maximize your enjoyment. In the winter, this is easy enough — just cozy up in a fleece hoodie and some cashmere sweats — but in August, when all you want to wear is nothing at all? A little less obvious.

Here, see our take on the perfect indoor wardrobe for the summer months, from pretty lace bralette sets to comfy, do-nothing shorts — all perfectly acceptable to wear with close company.

Photographer: Tory Rust

Hair: Jasmine Santiago, Hair Rules

Makeup: Amanda Wilson

Styling: Hilary George-Parkin and Lauren Caruso

Models: Maria Diaz (MSA Models), Yaris Cedano (Marilyn), Alexa Rae (Wilhelmina), Scott Camaran (Major)

Location: Hotel Indigo LES


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1 /29: Comfy and cute in bed

1/29 :Comfy and cute in bed

Who needs real clothes when you have a bed this comfy and lingerie this cute?

On Maria: Bella underwire bra (Lonely, $67), Bella high-waist brief (Lonely, $48), model's own jewelry

2 /29: Juliette wireless bra

2/29 :Juliette wireless bra

Juliette wireless bra (Journelle, $59)

3 /29: Feather-weight rib lace-trimmed sleep shorts

3/29 :Feather-weight rib lace-trimmed sleep shorts

Feather-weight rib lace-trimmed sleep shorts (Only Hearts, $48)

4 /29: Mary Young Dawn bra

4/29 :Mary Young Dawn bra

Mary Young Dawn bra (Mary Young, $53)

5 /29: Lonely Bonnie underwire bra

5/29 :Lonely Bonnie underwire bra

Lonely Bonnie underwire bra (Lonely, $82.65)

6 /29: PJs

6/29 :PJs

Love means never having to change out of your PJs.

On Yaris: Eberjey confetti PJ set (Shopbop, $138)

On Scott: Calvin Klein Underwear cotton classic crew-neck T-shirt (East Dane,$39.50 for three), boxer brief (MeUndies, $20)

Blanket: Wavy grid throw (Aelfie, $149)

7 /29: Striped lullaby pajama tank top & shorts

7/29 :Striped lullaby pajama tank top & shorts

Striped lullaby pajama tank top (Madewell, $39.50) and shorts (Madewell, $29.50)

8 /29: Liberty romper

8/29 :Liberty romper

Liberty romper (Blush, $35, was $68)

9 /29: Bella printed short-sleeve top & short pajama set

9/29 :Bella printed short-sleeve top & short pajama set

Bella printed short-sleeve top & short pajama set (Cosabella, $118)

10 /29: Sleeveless light-sleep camisole & PJ shorts

10/29 :Sleeveless light-sleep camisole & PJ shorts

Sleeveless light-sleep camisole (Addition Elle, $32) and embroidered PJ short (Addition Elle, $32)

11 /29: Stay in bed uniform

11/29 :Stay in bed uniform

Stay-in-bed-uniform: comfy shorts and a cute bra.

On Alexa: Sunnie demi-coverage lightly lined bra (Aerie, $30, was $45), Claudia short (Bluebella, $58 for set)

On Maria: Lena softcup bra (Lonely, $59), Lena high-waist brief (Lonely, $41), Hot Hot Hot short (Aerie, $12.50, was $25), model's own jewelry

12 /29: Tomgirl triangle bralette

12/29 :Tomgirl triangle bralette

Tomgirl triangle bralette (Aerie, $15, was $25)

13 /29: Melon organic cotton triangle bra

13/29 :Melon organic cotton triangle bra

Melon organic cotton triangle bra (Brook There, $48) and bikini (Brook There, $28)

14 /29: Maison Du Soir Jane short

14/29 :Maison Du Soir Jane short

Maison Du Soir Jane short (Lisa Says Gah, $68)

15 /29: Land of Women full-cup bra

15/29 :Land of Women full-cup bra

Land of Women full-cup bra (The Undone, $100)

16 /29: Keep things casual

16/29 :Keep things casual

On Alexa: Sunnie demi-coverage lightly-lined bra (Aerie, $30, was $45), Claudia shirt and short (Bluebella, $58 for set)

On Maria: Mynx low-arm tank (Negative Underwear, $55), Lena softcup bra (Lonely, $59), Lena brief (Lonely, $41), Hot Hot Hot short (Aerie, $12.50, was $25), model's own jewelry

On Scott: The Cotton V (Everlane, $15), The Coach boxer briefs (Related Garments, $35 for set)

17 /29: Ganni Kershaw bra

17/29 :Ganni Kershaw bra

Ganni Kershaw bra (Ganni, $70)

18 /29: Organic by John Patrick bias long slip

18/29 :Organic by John Patrick bias long slip

Organic by John Patrick bias long slip (The Dreslyn, $189)

19 /29: Three J NYC Brigette floral-print cotton poplin pajama set

19/29 :Three J NYC Brigette floral-print cotton poplin pajama set

Three J NYC Brigette floral-print cotton poplin pajama set (Net-a-Porter, $180)

20 /29: Kerin cami bare silk

20/29 :Kerin cami bare silk

Kerin cami bare silk (Araks, $254)

21 /29: What, your bed doesn't make you this happy?

21/29 :What, your bed doesn't make you this happy?

What, your bed doesn't make you this happy?

On Maria: Mynx long-sleeve tee (Negative Underwear, $75), Winona underwire bra (Lonely, $37, was $73), Sieve brief (Negative Underwear, $35), model's own jewelry

22 /29: The deep-V bodysuit

22/29 :The deep-V bodysuit

The deep-V bodysuit (Lively, $45)


23 /29: Cheeky brief

23/29 :Cheeky brief

Cheeky brief (MeUndies, $16)

24 /29: Cacique Intimates cotton lounge bra with striped band

24/29 :Cacique Intimates cotton lounge bra with striped band

Cacique Intimates cotton lounge bra with striped band (Lane Bryant, $44.50 – 54.50)

25 /29: Wilfred Free Naidoo bodysuit

25/29 :Wilfred Free Naidoo bodysuit

Wilfred Free Naidoo bodysuit (Aritzia, $50)

26 /29: Cozy socks

26/29 :Cozy socks

Keep some cozy socks on hand in case you overdo it on the AC.

On Maria: Women's short socks (Uniqlo, $4)

On Scott: Dress socks (Related Garments, $35 for set)

27 /29: Happy Socks ankle socks

27/29 :Happy Socks ankle socks

Happy Socks ankle socks (Bloomingdale's, $10)

28 /29: Constellation crew

28/29 :Constellation crew

Constellation crew (Hansel From Basel, $30)

29 /29: Iris culotte/hipster

29/29 :Iris culotte/hipster

Iris culotte/hipster (Miel, $20)