Skin Care Brands You’ve Never Heard of, but Totally Need to Try

by Kristen Bousquet
Aug 27, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. ET
Under the Radar Skin Care Brands You'll Need To Try |

The Olays, Estée Lauders and Cliniques of the world always take center stage in the beauty conversation, and sure, they’re pretty solid brands — but they are definitely not the be all, end all when it comes to great skin care. We’re telling you, there are a ton of under-the-radar brands that can get you that dewy, glowy skin you are looking for — and you probably don’t even know they exist.

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Just like in many other life situations, it’s the little guys you have to watch out for. These up-and-coming skin care brands may not advertise in your favorite magazines or be sold at beauty counters worldwide, but trust us, they’re definitely worth trying out.

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To see some of our favorite low-pro skin care brands that you need to try out ASAP, click through.

Originally posted May 2015. Updated August 2017.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

1 /10: Revival Body Care

1/10 :Revival Body Care

Revival Body Care

If you're looking for a great exfoliation — on your body or your lips — meet Revival Body Care. A line that only uses the finest-quality ingredients, this brand is made with fair-trade/organic coffee and sugars and essential oils that are also organic. The brand's creator, Nicole, knows the importance of a great lifestyle (and lives a seriously healthy one), so she made sure to make her products all-natural, nontoxic, chemical-free, cruelty-free and vegan. With many different blends for different types of scrubs and skin, you'll find that these scrubs leave your skin feeling silky-smooth and seriously healthy.

2 /10: Mario Badescu

2/10 :Mario Badescu

Mario Badescu

If you're looking for simple and effective skin care, Mario Badescu is a great line for you to try out. The man behind the brand, Mario Badescu, is both a chemist and a cosmetologist, so he knows exactly what needs to be put into a product or treatment to give that healthy, clean, radiant skin to any woman. First, he opened his salon in New York City in 1967, then after great success, started to sell his botanically based skin care products at exceptional prices because of its simple, no-frills packaging. You'll find everything from toners to cleansers to masks and everything in between from this line (one that editors obsess over, mainly due to this drying lotion for pimple emergencies).

3 /10: Drunk Elephant

3/10 :Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant

Created by seasoned beauty industry professional Tiffany Masterson, Drunk Elephant came from the idea that Masterson wanted to minimize her children's exposure to harsh chemicals that are found in everything from beauty to household products. She created the line to be safe, completely unscented, nonirritating, nontoxic and of course, effective. You can find virgin marula oil, an oil that Masterson believes is superior to any other oil because of its high content of fatty acids and antioxidants, throughout her line. She even has a section on her website called the "Drunk Elephant Blacklist" where you can see a list of harmful ingredients that you'll never see in the line.

4 /10: Sarah McNamara

4/10 :Sarah McNamara

Sarah McNamara

After spending years working at the beauty counter, creator Sarah McNamara spent years formulating Miracle Skin Transformer — a complete breakthrough, proprietary formulation that puts beauty and protection at your fingertips. With everything from night treatments to her super-popular Miracle Revival Mud mask, this skin care line is sure not to disappoint.

5 /10: Soda & Co

5/10 :Soda & Co

Soda & Co

Made in Melbourne, Australia, this body brand, Soda & Co, creates their products with only the finest natural ingredients and is proudly nut oil-free and never tests on animals. This fun and upbeat brand makes sure that their products contain no harmful ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, tree nut or peanut oils, parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils or phenoxyethanol. We especially love their body scrubs that come in many different scents that will leave your body feeling seriously smooth and exfoliated.

6 /10: Glossier

6/10 :Glossier


Created by the founder of Into the Gloss, Emily Weiss, this skin care brand is quickly gaining popularity with girls everywhere, from bloggers to models. They started with just a couple of products, but have quickly expanded — and this trendy skin care line is going nowhere but up from here.

7 /10: Palmetto Derma

7/10 :Palmetto Derma

Palmetto Derma

With the idea that everyone should be comfortable within their own skin (literally), Palmetto Derma created products that are sure to have your skin looking like a million bucks without the hefty price tag. They created a line of products that are all paraben- and sulfate-free, made with certified-organic ingredients and are never tested on animals. Their goal is to boost, brighten, plump, soothe, moisturize, smooth, restore, lift and firm all day, every day.

8 /10: Soul Sunday

8/10 :Soul Sunday

Soul Sunday

After spending a few months backpacking abroad, this commercial photographer and filmmaker duo got the inspiration to create this beautiful skin care and fragrance line that is just plain soulful. You can find everything from soft fragrances to soothing lip balms and gentle toners by Soul Sunday that will leave you super-soft and relaxed.

9 /10: Beautycounter

9/10 :Beautycounter


After discovering just how unhealthy our generation is, this wife and mother decided to make a change and work to get safe products into everyone's hands. We love that at Beautycounter, they've banned more than 1,500 ingredients, setting a new health and safety standard in the beauty industry.

10 /10: SALT

10/10 :SALT


SALT (standing for Sea, Air, Light, Therapy) takes inspiration straight from the Earth's gifts. They love to mimic salty water, sandy skin and the warmth of the sun in their products, instantly taking you to that beachy feeling we long for all year long. This paraben-free, vegan skin care range will be everyone's favorite thing to nourish their bodies with and instantly transport their brains to somewhere nice and warm.