Chunky Jewelry Is Making a Comeback: 15 Pieces to Shop

by Lauren Caruso
Aug 17, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET

Remember about a decade ago when you couldn’t get 2 feet into a J.Crew without being attacked by an embroidered crystal bib necklace and how we all hailed Jenna Lyons in the years that followed for pairing insanely intricate statement necklaces with things like denim button-downs and T-shirts?

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And can you also remember back to 2014 when Instagram became a thing and we collectively stashed said “statement jewelry” in the nearest receptacle, eschewing it for minimalist, dainty pendant necklaces and delicate chokers? Now that we’re all caught up, know this: Like all good things, minimalism is nearing its end, and it’s taking its teeny stackers with it.

That’s right. Chunky jewelry is on the rise, and what with all the standout hoop earrings, thick signet rings and weighty pendants showing up all over Instagram, the trend shows no signs of slowing down into fall. Ahead, shop 15 of our favorite anti-minimalism pieces of jewelry — and then forget what Coco Chanel famously said: Don’t be afraid to wear them together.


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1 /15: Annie Costello Brown Masha earrings

1/15 :Annie Costello Brown Masha earrings

Annie Costello Brown Masha earrings (Monnier, $179)

2 /15: Cinco Amelia necklace

2/15 :Cinco Amelia necklace

Cinco Amelia necklace (Cinco, $55)

3 /15: Cornelia Webb model cutout signet ring

3/15 :Cornelia Webb model cutout signet ring

Cornelia Webb model cutout signet ring (Cornelia Webb, $71)

4 /15: Drift Riot Ella cuff

4/15 :Drift Riot Ella cuff

Drift Riot Ella cuff (Drift Riot, $110)

5 /15: Wolf Circus femme pendant in gold

5/15 :Wolf Circus femme pendant in gold

Wolf Circus femme pendant in gold (Wolf Circus, $140)

6 /15: Jenny Bird Sloane collar

6/15 :Jenny Bird Sloane collar

Jenny Bird Sloane collar (Jenny Bird, $125)

7 /15: Laura Lombardi staff earrings

7/15 :Laura Lombardi staff earrings

Laura Lombardi staff earrings (Laura Lombardi, $164)

8 /15: Leigh Miller rose-gold wave ring

8/15 :Leigh Miller rose-gold wave ring

Leigh Miller rose-gold wave ring (Garmentory, $129)

9 /15: DesignB chain necklace 2-pack

9/15 :DesignB chain necklace 2-pack

DesignB chain necklace two-pack (Asos, $29)

10 /15: Madewell chunky chain bracelet

10/15 :Madewell chunky chain bracelet

Madewell chunky chain bracelet (Madewell, $34)

11 /15: Mejuri midi hoops

11/15 :Mejuri midi hoops

Mejuri midi hoops (Mejuri, $49)

12 /15: Rachel Comey factor earrings

12/15 :Rachel Comey factor earrings

Rachel Comey factor earrings (Need Supply, $115)

13 /15: Red C-shaped earrings

13/15 :Red C-shaped earrings

Red C-shaped earrings (The Frankie Shop, $58)

14 /15: Tarin Thomas Archie ring

14/15 :Tarin Thomas Archie ring

Tarin Thomas Archie ring (Tarin Thomas, $288)

15 /15: Waif mermaid earrings

15/15 :Waif mermaid earrings

Waif mermaid earrings (Magpie on the Run, $78)