Summer Cocktail Dresses to Scoop Up Before They Sell Out

by Lauren Caruso
Aug 11, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET

We’re not totally sure why, but dress codes sort of go out the window in the summer. Feel like wearing a backless, floor-length chiffon dress to a rooftop party? Sure, why not! In the mood to rock sneakers to that fancy new restaurant opening? No biggie. Heck, in a season where a one-piece bathing suit can moonlight as an actual shirt, anything goes, right?

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With that ethos in mind, we found 11 summer cocktail dresses you can wear to the office, after-work drinks, or even a weekend wedding. Meet you new favorite warm-weather wardrobe staple, ahead.


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1 /11: Apiece Apart Novella Maria dress

1/11 :Apiece Apart Novella Maria dress

Apiece Apart Novella Maria dress (The Frankie Shop, $315)

2 /11: Loéil Anissa dress

2/11 :Loéil Anissa dress

Loéil Anissa dress (Loéil, $102)

3 /11: Kahle gathered kimono dress

3/11 :Kahle gathered kimono dress

Kahle gathered kimono dress (Garmentory, $525)

4 /11: Babaton Ruslan dress

4/11 :Babaton Ruslan dress

Babaton Ruslan dress (Aritzia, $115)

5 /11: H&M V-neck satin dress

5/11 :H&M V-neck satin dress

H&M V-neck satin dress (H&M, $49.99)

6 /11: Reformation Lucca dress

6/11 :Reformation Lucca dress

Reformation Lucca dress (Reformation, $218)

7 /11: Ulla Johnson Emelyn dress

7/11 :Ulla Johnson Emelyn dress

Ulla Johnson Emelyn dress (The Dreslyn, $575)

8 /11: Nanushka Aya dress in red

8/11 :Nanushka Aya dress in red

Nanushka Aya dress in red (Nanushka, $319)

9 /11: Zara shimmery dress

9/11 :Zara shimmery dress

Zara shimmery dress (Zara, $69.90)

10 /11: Ace & Jig Simone stripe dress

10/11 :Ace & Jig Simone stripe dress

Ace & Jig Simone stripe dress (Madewell, $338)

11 /11: Pixie Market navy floral choker dress

11/11 :Pixie Market navy floral choker dress

Pixie Market navy floral choker dress (Pixie Market, $129)