What to Wear to Every Barbecue This Summer

As Ella Fitzgerald once sang, “It’s summertime,” and the livin’ involves a heck of a lot of barbecues. And while the most stressful part of a barbecue should be figuring out what you’re going to bring, deciding on an outfit can be tough. Perhaps you’re bouncing between pool parties all day long (lucky you) — or maybe you’re meeting your S.O.’s family for the first time and you can’t decide if wearing your favorite two-piece around his grandma is a good idea.

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No need to stress. Ahead, we put together four outfits for four different summer BBQ situations — trust us, they exist — so you can focus on more important things, like polishing off an entire plate of grilled wings. Here’s what you should wear to every summer BBQ.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.com


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