The Best Summer Stuff to Buy From Tictail That Nobody Else Will Have

by Lauren Caruso
Jul 15, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Up until recently, discovering under-the-radar brands often meant putting in hours of research before traveling to a far-away place just to find something that nobody else back home would have. But now, unearthing a new label can take just minutes — all without leaving the comfort of your own couch.

Enter: Tictail. A platform for discovering emerging brands, the Stockholm-founded retailer-come-online-community is filled with thousands of brands you’ve never heard of before but are totally fashion-forward. With an ultra-curated selection of labels like Peet Dullaert, a modern, Netherlands-based ready-to-wear brand; ZL by Zlism, a Hong Kong-based streetwear brand that sells gender-agnostic clothing; and Bresma, a handmade jewelry line sold out of Paris, Tictail is basically the Etsy of Sweden, but with way fewer needlepoint patches.

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But because shopping a hundred-thousand labels or so can be a tad intimidating, to get you started, we found 15 summer essentials from Tictail that nobody else will have. Rejoice! The next time someone stops you on the street to ask you where your outfit’s from, you don’t have to say, “Oh, it’s just Zara,” under your breath.


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1 /15: Alas The Label Celestial nightie

1/15 :Alas The Label Celestial nightie

Alas the Label Celestial nightie (Tictail, $86)

2 /15: Olvido Madrid Bolso bag

2/15 :Olvido Madrid Bolso bag

Olvido Madrid Bolso bag (Tictail, $133)

3 /15: Jennie Ellen Echo Echo shoes

3/15 :Jennie Ellen Echo Echo shoes

Jennie Ellen Echo Echo shoes (Tictail, $86)

4 /15: Moonbeam round sunglasses

4/15 :Moonbeam round sunglasses

Moonbeam round sunglasses (Tictail, $12)

5 /15: LAX Teddy flats

5/15 :LAX Teddy flats

LAX Teddy flats (Tictail, $261)

6 /15: Nookie Wood Florence dress

6/15 :Nookie Wood Florence dress

Nookie Wood Florence dress (Tictail, $178)

7 /15: Mamama 96 T-shirt

7/15 :Mamama 96 T-shirt

Mamama 96 T-shirt (Tictail, $32)

8 /15: Mumpish earrings

8/15 :Mumpish earrings

Mumpish earrings (Tictail, $36)

9 /15: Nomos dress

9/15 :Nomos dress

Nomos dress (Tictail, $69)

10 /15: Optical Pain toaster bag

10/15 :Optical Pain toaster bag

Optical Pain toaster bag (Tictail, $599)

11 /15: Stardust Appeal shell bikini top

11/15 :Stardust Appeal shell bikini top

Stardust Appeal shell bikini top (Tictail, $17)

12 /15: Wachila pom-pom sandals

12/15 :Wachila pom-pom sandals

Wachila pom-pom sandals (Tictail, $78)

13 /15: Wray Nantes dress

13/15 :Wray Nantes dress

Wray Nantes dress (Tictail, $238)

14 /15: Solid State Erin slide

14/15 :Solid State Erin slide

Solid State Erin slide (Tictail, $160)

15 /15: Evol summer shorts

15/15 :Evol summer shorts

Evol summer shorts (Tictail, $22)