Where to Buy Vacation Clothes: 5 Places We Can’t Get Enough Of

So you booked a vacation — congrats! And after you’ve managed to take off a few days from work and decided on a destination with your friends or S.O., the most harrowing part of going away isn’t just figuring out what to pack — it’s figuring out what you actually need to buy first. And while we’re into one-stop shops (Hi, Zara!) for everything from bathing suits to sandals, sorting through racks upon racks of options is a huge time-suck. And we can probably wager a guess that you don’t have that sort of time — otherwise, you probably wouldn’t need a vacation in the first place.

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To help you get prepared for your getaway, we scoured five top retailers and put together a short list of things to pack for each — all dependent on where you’re going (French Riviera, anyone?). We included everything from bathing suits to sunglasses and even a pair of super-comfy sneakers if you’re more of a scour-the-mainland-for-the-best-streetfood type. Ahead, where to buy vacation gear based on your plans and five items from each that we’re crushing on hard.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.


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