These Are the Most Popular Sunglasses Styles Right Now

by Lauren Caruso
Jun 16, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. ET

There are a few items of clothing that are solidly resistant to the yearslong trend cycle that birthed off-the-shoulder tops, wide-leg jeans and even the whole socks-with-sandals thing. T-shirts, for one, still hold the same general shape that they did a decade ago. Workout sneakers are another, though they’ve gotten progressively less, well, ugly over time.

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Sunglasses used to be trend-agnostic for the most part too. Sure, aviators were pretty big for a while and then the whole wayfarer look was in style for a few years straight, but the shape of your sunglasses didn’t really say much about you — or at least, not as much as it did your face shape.

These days, however, sunglasses have fallen prey to the great trend cycle — likely thanks to celebs like Kendall JennerSofia Richie and even Selena Gomez — and three major trends have risen above the fray. Ahead, 2017’s three most popular sunglasses shapes and our favorites styles to buy now.

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1 /15: Round

1/15 :Round

Garrett Leight Wilson 4003 sunglasses in Ballet Pearl/Gold Peach Tortoise (Oco Sunglasses, $290)

2 /15: Round

2/15 :Round

Raen women's Nomi sunglasses (Nordstrom Rack, $49.97)

3 /15: Round

3/15 :Round

Acne Studios scientist sunglasses in black (Need Supply, $370)

4/15 :Round

Westward Leaning cellophane disco sunglasses (Westward Leaning, $250)

5 /15: Round

5/15 :Round

H&M round sunglasses (H&M, $49.99)

6 /15: Extreme cat-eye

6/15 :Extreme cat-eye

State Optical Monroe sunglasses (State Optical, $423)

7 /15: Extreme cat-eye

7/15 :Extreme cat-eye

Asos full-metal oval cat-eye sunglasses (Asos, $23)

8 /15: Extreme cat-eye

8/15 :Extreme cat-eye

Kate Young for Tura (The Dreslyn, $295)

9 /15: Extreme cat-eye

9/15 :Extreme cat-eye

Coastal Derek cardigan sunglasses (Coastal, $95)

10 /15: Extreme cat-eye

10/15 :Extreme cat-eye

Elizabeth and James McKinley sunglasses (Zappos, $185)

11 /15: Oversize

11/15 :Oversize

Le Specs Liar Liar sunglasses in Volcanic Tort (Need Supply, $59)

12 /15: Oversize

12/15 :Oversize

Topshop chunky cat-eye sunglasses (Topshop, $35)

13 /15: Oversize

13/15 :Oversize

Prada Cinma sunglasses (Spring, $355)

14 /15: Oversize

14/15 :Oversize

Carla Colour Barton sunglasses in Flesh Haze (Carla Colour, $194)

15 /15: Oversize

15/15 :Oversize

Givenchy 7061/S sunglasses (Barneys, $325)