The 9 Best New Root Cover-Up Products That Actually Work

by Chloe Metzger
May 18, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. ET

Some people dream of winning the lottery and retiring to the beaches of Tulum; others dream of becoming an ultra-famous celebrity and winning the hearts of Ruby Rose or Ryan Reynolds. But for us, our dreams are simple: to never, ever, ever have to go to the salon to touch up our roots ever again. It seems unfair that coloring your hair only results in a few weeks of bliss before the grow-out phase begins. And unless you are, in fact, Rose or Reynolds, we’re willing to bet you don’t have a spare three hours and a bag of gold coins to throw at your colorist every other week, which is why we’re so obsessed with root cover-up products.

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OK, chill — we’re not talking about the old-school root products of your mother’s time where you had to re-dye your roots with only five crappy color options to choose from, but a new wave of seriously awesome root-disguisers, like an airbrusher that literally mists color over your roots to hide them or a waterproof pigment-loaded spray that applies like dry shampoo, crayons and markers that help you scribble out stubborn grays and growth near your hairline and, yes, even a few super-easy-to-use dyes.

Basically, thanks to the modern magic of 2017, there’s approximately zero reason you should ever need to go to your colorist on a monthly basis if you don’t want to. So to get you started on your new happy journey, click through our favorite root touch-up products and buy approximately all of them today.

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1 /9: Marker

1/9 :Marker

If the idea of loose powders makes your white clothes tremble in fear, try this hyperpigmented marker, which brushes over your roots like a giant Sharpie and dries only seconds later.

TouchBack marker (TouchBack, $24.95)

2/9 :Stick

Mineral-based pigments and tiny fibers in these concealer sticks make them ultra soft and super-blendable, so you won't have to worry about waxy chunks or harsh lines.

Bumble and Bumble BB Color Stick (Bumble and Bumble, $26)

3 /9: Powder

3/9 :Powder

There's a reason this cult-favorite, powder and brush combo is in pretty much every single hairstylist's kit: It freaking works. As soon as you brush and blend the powder across your regrowth, the mineral pigments immediately cling to your strands and refuse to come off until you shampoo.

Color Wow root cover-up (Color Wow, $34.50)

4 /9: Dye

4/9 :Dye

If you can wield a Beautyblender, you can easily use this semipermanent at-home dye kit, which has a sponge-tip applicator that lets you squeeze and dab the dye across your roots for a virtually foolproof finish.

Madison Reed Root Reboot kit (Ulta, $25)

5 /9: Spray

5/9 :Spray

Don't let the tiny bottle fool you — this root spray packs a huge dose of opaque wet pigments that spray precisely where you want them and nowhere else.

Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray (Oribe, $32)

6 /9: Stick

6/9 :Stick

Available in three shades (black, brown and blond), these waterproof touch-up sticks completely disguise both random grays and the first inch of grow-out around your hairline as soon as you scribble them on.

Rita Hazan Touch-Up Stick (Rita Hazan, $25)

7 /9: Spray

7/9 :Spray

Dry shampoo, meet hair dye. Hair dye, meet dry shampoo. Two awesome worlds collide with this lightweight, dry-touch spray that immediately covers regrowth and grays, without the sticky residue.

L'Oréal Root Cover Up spray (L'Oréal, $10.99)

8 /9: Airbrush

8/9 :Airbrush

Uh, welcome to the Temptu Air, aka Photoshop for your hair. Just pop one of the 11 waterproof ink pods into the airbrusher, press a button and spray a superfine mist of pigment over your roots for a soft, diffused and completely covered finish.

Temptu Airbrush 24-Hour Root Touch-Up (Temptu, $35)

9 /9: Powder

9/9 :Powder

This two-toned touch-up powder allows you to blend multiple shades across your hairline and roots for the most natural-looking coverage.

John Frieda Root Blur Concealer (Ulta, $19.99)