Here’s Proof That Sexy One-Piece Swimsuits Actually Exist

by Lauren Caruso
May 1, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET

Not since the debut season of Baywatch have the words “sexy” and “one-piece” belonged in the same sentence, let alone the same garment. But this season, one-pieces are back with a vengeance, and they’ve dethroned bikinis as the must-have beachwear silhouette of 2017. And if you’re not into covering up lifeguard-style, don’t worry: Sexy one-piece swimsuits do exist — and we’ve got proof.

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The key to finding one that toes the line between tastefully modern and downright provocative is to pay attention to the cutouts. Find one that shows off slices of skin you’d otherwise show on the beach, like the smallest point of your waist or just above your belly button. And if cutouts aren’t your style, you’ve still got options. Go for a one-shouldered silhouette, a high-cut thigh or a one-piece with a tie-up detailing at the chest.

Ahead, 21 sexy one-piece bathing suits that’ll have you forgetting bikinis ever existed. And here’s a cost-per-wear pro-tip for you: Get some extra wear out of ’em on the weekend as a makeshift bodysuit by pairing yours with high-waist pants or a denim pencil skirt.

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Originally posted on StyleCaster.

1 /21: Mara Hoffman knot-front Bandeau one-piece

1/21 :Mara Hoffman knot-front Bandeau one-piece

Mara Hoffman knot-front Bandeau one-piece (The Dreslyn, $230)

2 /21: South Beach lace-up swimsuit

2/21 :South Beach lace-up swimsuit

South Beach lace-up swimsuit (Asos, $34)

3 /21: Flagpole Ali one-piece

3/21 :Flagpole Ali one-piece

Flagpole Ali one-piece (Barneys New York, $385)

4 /21: Abercrombie & Fitch deep-V ruffle one-piece

4/21 :Abercrombie & Fitch deep-V ruffle one-piece

Abercrombie & Fitch deep-V ruffle one-piece (Abercrombie & Fitch, $24)

5 /21: Aday For the Win swimsuit

5/21 :Aday For the Win swimsuit

Aday For the Win swimsuit (Aday, $125)

6 /21: Roxana Salehoun scoop-back one-piece swimsuit

6/21 :Roxana Salehoun scoop-back one-piece swimsuit

Roxana Salehoun scoop-back one-piece swimsuit (Roxana Salehoun, $229)

7 /21: Motel Cora one-piece

7/21 :Motel Cora one-piece

Motel Cora one-piece (Revolve, $51)

8 /21: Bower White Horse one-piece

8/21 :Bower White Horse one-piece

Bower White Horse one-piece (The Dreslyn, $255)

9 /21: Out From Under Lyza patchwork one-piece swimsuit

9/21 :Out From Under Lyza patchwork one-piece swimsuit

Out From Under Lyza patchwork one-piece swimsuit (Urban Outfitters, $72)

10 /21: Samantha Pleet Tabernacle suit

10/21 :Samantha Pleet Tabernacle suit

Samantha Pleet Tabernacle suit (Samantha Pleet, $112)

11 /21: North Sails one-piece swimsuit

11/21 :North Sails one-piece swimsuit

North Sails one-piece swimsuit (North Sails, $130)

12 /21: Aerie super-scoop one-piece

12/21 :Aerie super-scoop one-piece

Aerie super-scoop one-piece (Aerie, $29.97)

13 /21: Araks Elmar one-piece in black

13/21 :Araks Elmar one-piece in black

Araks Elmar one-piece in black (Need Supply, $325)

14 /21: Zara floral-print swimsuit

14/21 :Zara floral-print swimsuit

Zara floral-print swimsuit (Zara, $35.90)

15 /21: Solid & Striped plunge-neck one-piece

15/21 :Solid & Striped plunge-neck one-piece

Solid & Striped plunge-neck one-piece (Shopbop, $158) 

16 /21: Sunn Lab plunging cut-out one-piece swimsuit

16/21 :Sunn Lab plunging cut-out one-piece swimsuit

Sunn Lab plunging cut-out one-piece swimsuit (Target, $39.99)

17 /21: Somedays Lovin Restless Wanderer one-piece

17/21 :Somedays Lovin Restless Wanderer one-piece

Somedays Lovin Restless Wanderer one-piece (Shopbop, $109)

18 /21: Alix Nautilus swimsuit

18/21 :Alix Nautilus swimsuit

Alix Nautilus swimsuit (Forward, $250)

19 /21: Jade Swim Apex one-piece

19/21 :Jade Swim Apex one-piece

Jade Swim Apex one-piece (Jade Swim, $198)

20 /21: Reformation Venetian one-piece in blush

20/21 :Reformation Venetian one-piece in blush

Reformation Venetian one-piece in blush (Reformation, $148)

21 /21: Morgan Lane Ashton suit

21/21 :Morgan Lane Ashton suit

Morgan Lane Ashton suit (Morgan Lane, $288)