Easy Eye Makeup Looks for Every Occasion

by Christina Marfice
Apr 18, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET

From office chic to a night on the town, follow these tutorials for eye makeup looks for every occasion.

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1 /28: For the office

1/28 :For the office

This simple natural look is perfect for a professional setting.

2/28 :Step 1

Prep your lids with concealer or primer before applying any kind of shadow.

3/28 :Step 2

Using a crease brush, blend a light brown or dark mauve shadow into your creases and just above.

4/28 :Step 3

Pack a highlighting shade into the inner corners of your lids, then use a crease brush to blend the two colors together.

5/28 :Step 4

Use gunmetal gray on the outer third of your eyelids and then blend it out for a smooth finish. For a more dramatic eye, add more gunmetal gray, blend and repeat until you are satisfied with the look.

6/28 :Step 5

Apply a light brown shade to the outer half of your lower lash line.

7/28 :Step 6

Use a highlighting shade on your brow bone to make the look pop.

8/28 :Step 7

Use a brown liquid liner to tightline the upper lash and finish with a small wing.

9/28 :Step 8

Apply a lengthening mascara to the upper lashes.

10 /28: For going out

10/28 :For going out

This shimmery look will make your eyes pop whether you're at dinner or in the club.

11/28 :Step 1

Prep your lids with concealer or primer before applying any kind of shadow.

12/28 :Step 2

Brush a light brown or dark mauve shade over the entire eyelid and brow bone.

13/28 :Step 3

Using a highlighting shade, brighten up your creases and blend into the brown.

14/28 :Step 4

Use a reddish brown shadow on the outer half of the lids and blend through the crease.

15/28 :Step 5

Pack a shimmery gold shadow over the entire lid.

16/28 :Step 6

Use a highlighter to brighten up the inner corner of your eyes and your brow bones.

17/28 :Step 7

Using a black gel eyeliner, create a bold line and wing on the upper lids.

18/28 :Step 8

Brush shimmery gold along the bottom lash line.

19/28 :Step 9

Finish with volumizing mascara or false lashes.

20 /28: Easy smoky eye

20/28 :Easy smoky eye

A smoky eye doesn't have to be the toughest look to pull off. Follow these steps to nail this trend.

21/28 :Step 1

Prep your lids with concealer or primer before applying any kind of shadow.

22/28 :Step 2

Use a highlighting shade to brighten up your brow bones.

23/28 :Step 3

Apply black shadow to the lash line and then blend up until it covers about one-third of the lid.

24/28 :Step 4

With a medium tapered brush, continue blending the black shadow to fade it up into the crease.

25/28 :Step 5

Apply a bronzing tone in the crease and blend until it’s soft and fades into the black.

26/28 :Step 6

Apply a dark brown or gray shadow along the lower lash line.

27/28 :Step 7

Finish with mascara or false lashes.

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