A Complete Guide to Wearing High-Waisted Jeans

by Chloe Metzger
Mar 20, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. ET

We could wax poetic about the power high-waisted jeans wield when it comes to elongating your legs and cinching your waist—but when it comes down to it, figuring out what to wear with said high-wasted jeans isn’t that easy.

You probably have a pair or two that you haven’t dusted off and worn for a while—but the high-rise style is having somewhat of a revival. In addition to the high-waisted, tapered, distressed looks from the ’90s, street-style stars are bringing back ’70s full-flared jeans with high waistlines and super-skinny silhouettes in a bunch of different denim washes.

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The question remains, though, what do you wear with these high and mighty jeans to look a little more like a modern woman living in 2017—and a little less like a tired throwback to 1975? We’ve answered that question in the gallery ahead, spotlighting 23 fresh ways to wear your high-waisted jeans right now.

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Originally published November 2015. Updated March 2017.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.com

1 /24: Blue Denim

1/24 :Blue Denim

Blue denim is inherently casual, so to make it feel a little more dressy and grown-up, tuck in a silky, long-sleeve blouse and then add tonal pumps.

2 /24: A Puffy Shirt

2/24 :A Puffy Shirt

A puffy shirt is so much more interesting than a classic button-down.

3 /24: Pussy Bow Blouse

3/24 :Pussy Bow Blouse

Channel '70s vibes by picking a pussy-bow blouse with wide-leg jeans.

4 /24: Cropped Bomber

4/24 :Cropped Bomber

A cropped bomber will always look cool with light-wash mom jeans.

5 /24: Black Tank Top

5/24 :Black Tank Top

Tuck a simple black tank top into high-waisted flares, and make the look feel modern with fresh accessories.

6 /24: Crop Top

6/24 :Crop Top

Team a crop top with acid-wash jeans.

7 /24: Lingerie As Daywear

7/24 :Lingerie As Daywear

Lingerie-as-daywear is having a moment right now, and the easiest way to try the trend (while tempering the sex-bomb vibes) is by wearing casual high-waist jeans, your lace crop top, and a casual jacket layered over the top. Ankle boots or sneakers are safer than heels if you want to wear this as daywear.

8 /24: Tied Crop Top

8/24 :Tied Crop Top

Show a peek of skin with a cleverly tied crop top.

9 /24: A Slouchy Sweater

9/24 :A Slouchy Sweater

Tailor your high-waisted flares to the perfect length, and then you can get away with styling alongside flat sneakers. Update the look with a slouchy sweater and a bandana worn as a neck scarf.

10/24 :A Blazer

Wearing super-high jeans and a blazer instantly gives you license to show a crop top underneath without looking overly dressed up.

11 /24: Statement Ankle Boots an Jacket

11/24 :Statement Ankle Boots an Jacket

Tuck skinny jeans into statement ankle boots, and play with proportions by adding a statement furry jacket.

12 /24: A Striped Cotton Shirt

12/24 :A Striped Cotton Shirt

When in doubt, a striped cotton shirt, high-waisted jeans, and ankle-strap pumps will always feel modern.

13 /24: Fringed Cuffs

13/24 :Fringed Cuffs

Try a pair with fringed cuffs—or DIY.

14 /24: Brogues Or Loafers

14/24 :Brogues Or Loafers

Mix the masculine and feminine by pairing brogues or loafers with cropped jeans and a soft, lace shirt.

15 /24: A Tied T Shirt

15/24 :A Tied T Shirt

Tie your T-shirt to show off the high-rise cut.

16 /24: Flatforms, Platforms, Or Creepers

16/24 :Flatforms, Platforms, Or Creepers

Flatforms, platforms, or creepers will lengthen your legs and make ultra-high silhouettes more flattering.

17 /24: Cropping The Legs

17/24 :Cropping The Legs

Crop the legs of your jeans and leave a little gap between your cuff and boots.

18 /24: Layering

18/24 :Layering

A lesson in layers: Rather than just tucking in a turtleneck this winter, add a silk, lace, or fringe cami over the top.

19 /24: Rolled Cuffs

19/24 :Rolled Cuffs

Roll your cuffs, tuck in a tee, and tie your blazer around your waist.

20 /24: A Floor Length Cape

20/24 :A Floor Length Cape

A floor-length cape adds drama to even the most classic denim jeans.

21 /24: A Cropped Jacket

21/24 :A Cropped Jacket

Add a white T-shirt and a printed, cropped jacket.

22 /24: Killer Shoes

22/24 :Killer Shoes

Roll the cuffs of your jeans high to show off killer shoes.

23 /24: A Cinched Belt

23/24 :A Cinched Belt

Looping a belt around your waist will help cinch your silhouette when wearing high-rise jeans.

24 /24: Pin it!

24/24 :Pin it!