15 Hairstyles Guaranteed to Make Your Hair Appear Thicker

by Jessica Hickam
Mar 13, 2018 at 1:26 p.m. ET

I can't tell you how many times I've stared at someone's thick, voluptuous hair longingly and asked myself, "How do I get that?" I'd spiral into thoughts of, "Maybe it's time I cut my hair short already..." or, for the thousandth time, ask myself if I should just drop a fat chunk of change on extensions. I never do. Instead, I Google tips, tricks and hairstyles to make my hair appear thicker.

Luckily for all of us with seemingly lifeless, flat hair, there are actually easy ways to get super-voluminous hair. Choosing the right hairstyle is a great start to boosting the volume of your hair and flaunting your natural locks. For me, it was getting bangs; but for you, it might mean getting a pixie cut. Or maybe you're willing to take an even bigger risk: dying your hair with a very "now" color, like violet.

So whether you want a short, medium or long hairstyle that gives you lots of volume, here are 15 styles for you to consider.

A version of this article was originally published in March 2017.

1/15 :The Long, Messy Braid

To kick things off, here's a hairstyle for the ladies who aren't interested in cutting their hair. 

If you're keen on keeping your hair long, then one easy hairstyle to give the appearance of fuller hair is a long, messy braid. The key is ensuring the side braid doesn't look too sleek or smooth and having fun with it.

2 /15: The Choppy Bob

2/15 :The Choppy Bob

Choppy layers help volumize hair. Better yet, you get to go for that messy, edgy look with minimal effort. Add in a little product like mousse to perfect that tousled style. Plus, product will give you added volume.

3 /15: The Pixie Cut

3/15 :The Pixie Cut

Thin hair will sit more smoothly, meaning that it's perfect for pulling off the Tinker Bell look. Keep it sleek by tucking your hair behind your ears.

4 /15: The Angled Bob

4/15 :The Angled Bob

An angled bob means the hair in the back will be shorter with a gradual and slight increase to the front. It will draw eyes down instead of to the top of your head and create a fuller appearance, especially when paired with a side part. 

5/15 :The Big Bang

For thinner hair, creating dimension is key to the illusion of fullness. Bangs are a great (and easy) way to give your hair that added depth.

6/15 :The Classic Bob

Not only is this 1920s hairstyle elegant and always in fashion, it will give you the appearance of full, luscious locks by framing your face with an easily achievable voluminous style. 

7 /15: The Shaggy Lob

7/15 :The Shaggy Lob

The shaggy lob is all the rage right now because it is perfect for women with thinner hair. The loose waves give your hair depth while the length will keep your hair from falling flat. 

8 /15: The Bangs & Waves

8/15 :The Bangs & Waves

A long bob paired with uneven layers and choppy bangs will give your hair all sorts of volume. An uneven part will also aid in adding texture. You can even tease the top for some added flair.

9 /15: The Short & Wavy

9/15 :The Short & Wavy

If you aren't feeling the lob, you can get the same fullness with short hair too. This style will give you a playful look while maintaining its thickening effect all day long.

10 /15: The Colorful Decisions

10/15 :The Colorful Decisions

Color is essential for creating the illusion of body for your hair. Monotone hair will make it look one-dimensional — aka flat. To avoid that, try a balayage where highlights are used in a natural way to create depth. If you're really bold, you can even go vividly colorful.

11/15 :The Side-Swept Bang

Like the pixie cut, a deep part will give your hair an instant look of fullness while keeping the style sleek and smooth if you want to keep your hair straight.

12 /15: The Layered Look

12/15 :The Layered Look

The key cut for thinner hair is layers, layers, layers. Frame your face with long layers, add in some wispy bangs and give it texture with wavy curls. This longer cut may take a little more styling, but the effect is sure to deliver. 

13 /15: The Swept Bob

13/15 :The Swept Bob

The shorter the hairstyle, the thicker your hair will seem. As such, the bob is a great cut, but you don't have to go with the mom look these days. Many young women are rocking new, up-to-date takes on the classic 'do.

14 /15: The Side Shave

14/15 :The Side Shave

Are you feeling daring? The rock star side shave may seem counterintuitive because you're taking away some of your precious volume, but it absolutely works. It has the effect of allowing you to pull all of your hair to one side and frame your face with all those strands.

15/15 :The Long Layers

If you have thin hair but are set on keeping your length, layers are your friends. Get some long layers and then back-comb some pieces to give yourself that volume — just not too much back-combing. You want to keep your hair healthy so it doesn't get even thinner.