The Shoes Everyone Will Be Wearing Next Month, According to Zara

by Lauren Caruso
Mar 18, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Sure, the real trends trickle down from the runway to the masses, but if we’re being serious, it’s stores like Zara that truly dictate what we’ll all be wearing next season. After all, it’s easier to try out a bold trend like fishnet socks or chunky metal belts or grommet pants when they cost $50—not so much when they’re selling for north of three figures.

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With that in mind, we scoured Zara’s shoe section—not just in the Woman and TFR tabs, but in-store, too—to find the exact footwear styles that’ll be everywhere this spring. There’s a few you can expect (see: fuzzy mules, ‘70s vibes), a few you wouldn’t—and one you’d have to be doubly stylish to try out. The seven must-try footwear trends according to Zara, ahead.

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1 /21: Furry Footwear

1/21 :Furry Footwear

Zara High Heel Slides with Pompoms, $89.90; at Zara

2 /21: Furry Footwear

2/21 :Furry Footwear

Zara Flat Furry Sandals, $49.90; at Zara

3 /21: Furry Footwear

3/21 :Furry Footwear

Zara Faux Fur Slides, $49.90; at Zara 

4 /21: Heel Play

4/21 :Heel Play

Zara Gathered Leather Shoes, $89.90; at Zara 

5 /21: Heel Play

5/21 :Heel Play

Zara Slingback Leather Shoes, $119; at Zara

6 /21: Heel Play

6/21 :Heel Play

Zara Leather Sandals with Methacrylate Heel, $89.90; at Zara 

7 /21: Get Knotty

7/21 :Get Knotty

Zara Flat Shoes with Bow Detail, $39.90; at Zara

8 /21: Get Knotty

8/21 :Get Knotty

Zara Sneakers with Bow Detail, $59.90; at Zara 

9 /21: Get Knotty

9/21 :Get Knotty

Zara Velvet Bow Slickback Shoes, $49.90; at Zara

10 /21: Metallics

10/21 :Metallics

Zara Silver Zipped Bluchers, $39.90; at Zara 

11 /21: Metallics

11/21 :Metallics

Zara V-Cut Heeled Shoes, $49.90; at Zara 

12 /21: Metallics

12/21 :Metallics

Zara Metallic High Heel Ankle Boots, $69.90; at Zara 

13 /21: '70s Colorway

13/21 :'70s Colorway

Zara Crossover Platform Wedges, $69.90; at Zara

14 /21: '70s Colorway

14/21 :'70s Colorway

Zara Tri-Color Ballerinas, $25.90; at Zara 

15 /21: '70s Colorway

15/21 :'70s Colorway

Zara Block Heels with Metal Detail, $29.90; at Zara

16 /21: All Meshed Up

16/21 :All Meshed Up

Zara Floral Mesh Sandals, $139; at Zara

17 /21: All Meshed Up

17/21 :All Meshed Up

Zara Mesh Rubberised Sneakers, $59.90; at Zara 

18 /21: All Meshed Up

18/21 :All Meshed Up

Zara High Heel Shoes with Mesh, $69.90; at Zara 

19 /21: Sock Shoe Hybrid

19/21 :Sock Shoe Hybrid

Sock-Shoe Hybrids Zara Sock Sneakers, $69.90; at Zara 

20 /21: Sock Shoe Hybrid

20/21 :Sock Shoe Hybrid

Zara High Heel Sock Style Ankle Boots, $69.90; at Zara 

21 /21: Sock Shoe Hybrid

21/21 :Sock Shoe Hybrid

Zara Shiny Sock Sneakers, $69.90; at Zara