All the Chic Essentials You Need When Traveling Abroad

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Mar 17, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. ET

So you saved all your money to book a vacation, decided on a place to go, and now it’s finally here. We’re guessing you couldn’t be more excited to create your itinerary, figure out the best places to Instagram, grab your passport, and—ugh—pack. But if you’ve never been abroad, there’s probably a million things you’re bound to forget to bring with you.

Because there’s nothing worse than being in a foreign place without something you need—or, uh, think you need—we rounded up 10 travel necessities to scoop up before you board the plane. You don’t want to forget these.

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1 /10: FRENDS Layla Tahitian Pearl Headphones

1/10 :FRENDS Layla Tahitian Pearl Headphones

When you have a long plane ride, headphones are essential. Who wants to listen to the baby crying or the dude snoring next to you? These noise-cancelling headphones will drown out that sound and make any plane ride more enjoyable.

FRENDS "Layla" Tahitian Pearl Headphones, $125 at FRENDS

2 /10: The Getaway Passport Holder

2/10 :The Getaway Passport Holder

Chances are you'll be traveling around with your passport for identification, so why not have an adorable passport holder to carry it in?

The Getaway Passport Holder - Lady of Leisure, $24; at Bando

3/10 :Nine West Lydia Backpack

Carrying around a purse sounds like a drag. Why not opt for a cute one like this holographic pick?

Nine West Lydia Backpack, $89; at Nine West

4 /10: Pinch Provisions Airplane Mode Travel Kit

4/10 :Pinch Provisions Airplane Mode Travel Kit

These Pinch Provisions kits include everything you forgot you might need in a tiny, travel-friendly pouch.

Pinch Provisions Airplane Mode Travel Kit, $26; at Urban Outfitters

5 /10: The Getaway Luggage Tag I'm Outta Here

5/10 :The Getaway Luggage Tag I'm Outta Here

The best way to find your luggage quickly is with an awesome luggage tag, obviously.

The Getaway Luggage Tag - I'm Outta Here, $10; at Bando

6 /10: Mophie Juice Pack Ultra

6/10 :Mophie Juice Pack Ultra

What's worse than trying to take photos or navigate yourself through a foreign country when your phone's about to die? This mophie Juice Pack phone case will actually charge your phone to 150 percent—while you're using it. They also carry a lightweight version.

mophie Juice Pack Ultra, $149.95; at Mophie

7 /10: S'Well Marble Water Bottle

7/10 :S'Well Marble Water Bottle

Stay hydrated with a chic water bottle.

S'Well Marble Water Bottle, $25-45; at Urban Outfitters

8 /10: HUM Nutrition Beauty Zzzz Vitamins

8/10 :HUM Nutrition Beauty Zzzz Vitamins

Traveling abroad also means long days and long nights, but these HUM Nutrition Vitamins can help you get a great night's sleep—and help you wake up more energized in the morning.

HUM Nutrition Beauty Zzzz Vitamins, $10; at Urban Outfitters

9 /10: Picture Keeper Connect 64GB

9/10 :Picture Keeper Connect 64GB

There's nothing more annoying than when your phone runs out of space—especially when you're traveling abroad. This USB can be plugged right into your phone and backs up your images, freeing up space for all the photos and video you want to capture on your vacay.

Picture Keeper Connect 64GB, $179.99; at Picture Keeper

10 /10: Travel Smart 3pk Continential Adapter Plug Se

10/10 :Travel Smart 3pk Continential Adapter Plug Se

Remember: Plugs aren't universal! Make sure to check online to see which type of plugs the country you're visiting uses.

Travel Smart 3pk Continential Adapter Plug Set, $7.99; at Target