The Best Under-$20 Beauty Products to Buy at Ulta This Month

You know the list of beauty products that you’ve had piled in your Ulta cart for over four months? You know, the pipe-dream list that you’ve been patiently saving up for every single day? Welp, we’re about to make things much harder on you, because Ulta has just released some seriously exciting products for the month of February, and because we’re enablers, we’ve gone ahead and picked out the best one for you. Oh, and did we mention they’re all under $20? (Sorry.)

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Ulta, quite honestly, is the gift that just keeps on giving—or rather, the “gift” that utterly destroys your bank account every time you open its website. And although it’s very unlucky for your funds, Ulta’s monthly releases are essentially a godsend for your beauty obsession (it is totally necessary to have 10 pale-pink lipsticks, after all), and when you have shimmery highlighters, hydrating mists and toners, and insanely soothing masks, the miseries of 2017 seem a little less awful.

So in case you haven’t already skipped this part and gone straight to the goods, click through to see our favorite under-$20 products at Ulta to add to your cart this month, and then check back here next month to see what’s new for March. May your savings account rest in peace.

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