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The Best Under-$10 Hand Creams to Stash in Your Bag This Winter

Things that are sexy: velvet lingerie, stacks and stacks of eyeshadow palettes, and Ruby Rose doing literally anything. Things that are not sexy: Hand creams, cracked knuckles, dry skin. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know—there’s nothing super exciting about hand creams, and nobody crosses their fingers for a whole bunch of lotion for their birthday. But it’s freezing cold in most parts of the country right now, which means your knuckles and hands are likely as cracked as a sidewalk, and nobody, especially us, wants that for you.

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So we’re here to change your opinion on hand creams by bombarding you with pictures of the most adorable, itty-bitty baby, omg-so-cute hand creams that are not only hella effective (thanks to moisturizing ingredients like nut butters and fruit oils), but also fit in even your smallest purse and pants pockets. And the best part? They’re all under $10. So you have literally no excuse not to have the healthiest, non-Crypt-Keeper hands this winter.

Scroll down to see our favorites, and then stock up on all of them, lest you run into Ruby Rose wearing velvet lingerie, while carrying stacks of eyeshadow palettes, and all you to show her are your bleeding, cracked hands.

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