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The 10 best drugstore face masks to get glowing, dewy skin

Anyone who is obsessed with face masks like we are knows that a good mask can pretty much change your skin’s entire appearance after just one use. We’re talkin’ aloe-based sheet masks that wick away redness, hyaluronic acid-spiked gel masks that leave your face feeling shockingly soft, and coconut-oil-infused cream masks that basically erase all memory of dry patches and irritation.

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And if you use them as frequently as we do, you know just how expensive the addiction can get, and that a $15 single-use mask isn’t a feasible use of your rent money. So we gathered our favorite drugstore face masks, from sheet masks to wash-off cream and gel masks, that work just as well, if not better, than their pricey counterparts. So if you’re looking to give your bank account a bit of a time out, pick up one of our favorite drugstore masks and try it out tonight. Your flaky, blah, help-me-I’m-dying skin will thank you for it.

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