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The best leave-in conditioners for dry, dull hair

You finally stopped beating your hair into submission with heat tools every morning, you swapped out your shampoo for something more coddling, and you’ve been masking twice a week for lord-knows-how-long—but your hair is still in a state of emergency. (Been there.) Sure, a haircut might be the next order of business, but before you chop off a few inches in the name of soft, shiny hair, there’s one more thing you should try: a leave-in.

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Yep, the same product that you’ve been avoiding because it “weighs your hair down” or is “an annoying extra step” or whatever your excuse is could be the secret to a perfect hair day—especially when your hair is Sahara-levels of dry. We culled the best leave-in-conditioners for dry, brittle hair, so you can avoid scheduling a haircut for that much longer. (Just kidding, you probably still need a trim.)

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