The 50 best fashion blogs you haven’t discovered

by StyleCaster .
Nov 10, 2016 at 8:00 a.m. ET
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Although the fervor around them might have died down a little, fashion bloggers are still a dime a dozen, with the best fashion blogs known the world over. Despite the fact that some reports say the golden age of blogging is coming to an end, it’s clear these self-made style stars aren’t going anywhere, as evidenced by the dozens of new fashion blogs cropping up every day. And, let’s not forget that many established bloggers are raking in millions of dollars thanks to collaborations, affiliate links, and appearances.

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However, for every Song of Style, Man Repeller, Blonde Salad, and Sincerely Jules, there are ten lesser-known—and equally stylish—bloggers who are starting to turn up on the radars of fashion lovers. From New York, Paris, Russia, Spain, and beyond, we’ve rounded up the 50 best fashion blogs you might not know yet, but should bookmark now.

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1 /50: Silvia Zamora

1/50 :Silvia Zamora

Name: Silvia Zamora

Blog: Lady Addict 

Based in: Spain

2 /50: Beatrice Gutu

2/50 :Beatrice Gutu

Name: Beatrice Gutu

Blog: The Fashion Cuisine

Based in: Germany

3 /50: Kenza Zouiten

3/50 :Kenza Zouiten

Name: Kenza Zouiten

Blog: Kenzas

Based in: Stockholm

4 /50: Natalie Darling

4/50 :Natalie Darling

Name: Natalie Darling

Blog: A Mama in Love

5 /50: Tine Andrea

5/50 :Tine Andrea

Name: Tine Andrea

BlogThe Fashion Eaters

Based in: Norway

6 /50: Lucy Williams

6/50 :Lucy Williams

Name: Lucy Williams

Blog: Fashion Me Now

Based in: London


7/50 :Kat

Name: Kat

Blog: With Love From Kat

Based in: New York City

8 /50: Juliett Kuczynska

8/50 :Juliett Kuczynska

Name: Juliett Kuczynska

Blog: Maffashion

Based in: Poland

9 /50: Anine Bing

9/50 :Anine Bing

Name: Anine Bing

Blog: Anine's World

Based in: Los Angeles

10 /50: Yakovleva Darya

10/50 :Yakovleva Darya

Name: Yakovleva Darya

BlogWhy Shy

Based In: Russa


11 /50: Ivana Julian

11/50 :Ivana Julian

Name: Ivana Julian

BlogFashion Quite

Based in: Milan

12 /50: Stefania Ghionea

12/50 :Stefania Ghionea

Name: Stefania Ghionea

Blog: Printemps Breeze

13 /50: Yulia Si

13/50 :Yulia Si

Name: Yulia Si

BlogYulia Si

Based in: Ukraine

14 /50: Carmen Hamilton

14/50 :Carmen Hamilton

Name: Carmen Hamilton

BlogThe Chronicles of Her

Based in: Brazil

15 /50: Flávia Desgranges

Image: Picasa

15/50 :Flávia Desgranges

Name: Flávia Desgranges

BlogFashion Coolture

Based in: Brazil

16 /50: Mary Seng

16/50 :Mary Seng

Name: Mary Seng

BlogHappily Gray

Based in: Nashville

17 /50: Sylvie Mus

17/50 :Sylvie Mus

Name: Sylvie Mus

BlogSylvie Mus

Based in: Finland

18 /50: Anna R

18/50 :Anna R

Name: Anna R

BlogBy Anna

Based in: Germany

19 /50: Elodie Fiers

19/50 :Elodie Fiers

Name: Elodie Fiers

Blog: Lady Moriarty

Based in: Paris

20 /50: Denisia Aghiorghitoaie

20/50 :Denisia Aghiorghitoaie

Name: Denisia Aghiorghitoaie

BlogPolishing Colors

Based in: Romania

21 /50: Larissa Bruin

21/50 :Larissa Bruin

Name: Larissa Bruin

BlogFrom Hats to Heels

Based in: Amsterdam

22/50 :Lola C.

Name: Lola C.

Blog: Te Cuento Mis Trucos

Based in: Spain

23 /50: Rima Vaidila

23/50 :Rima Vaidila

Name: Rima Vaidila

BlogFire on the Head

Based in: Los Angeles


24 /50: Helena Cueva

24/50 :Helena Cueva

Name: Helena Cueva

BlogMi Aventura Con La Moda

Based in: Spain


25 /50: Talía Cardeña

25/50 :Talía Cardeña

Name: Talía Cardeña

BlogOutside Fashion Catwalk

Based in: Spain

26 /50: Larisa Costea

26/50 :Larisa Costea

Name: Larisa Costea

Blog: Mysterious Girl

Based in: Romania

27 /50: Jules De Vrieze

27/50 :Jules De Vrieze

Name: Jules de Vrieze

Blog: Style by Jules

Based in: Netherlands

28 /50: Lisa DiCicco Cahue

28/50 :Lisa DiCicco Cahue

Name: Lisa DiCicco Cahue

Blog: Mind Body Swag

Based in: New York City

29 /50: Nathalie Kemna

29/50 :Nathalie Kemna

Name: Nathalie Kemna

BlogNathalie Kemna

Based in: Netherlands



30 /50: Amelyn Beverly

30/50 :Amelyn Beverly

Name: Amelyn Beverly

Blog: Beverly Ville

Based in: Singapore

31 /50: Kseniya Verstunina

31/50 :Kseniya Verstunina

Name: Kseniya Verstunina

Blog: Agoniya

Based in: Istanbul

32 /50: Lizzy Hadfield

32/50 :Lizzy Hadfield

Name: Lizzy Hadfield

Blog: Shot From the Street

Based in: England

33 /50: Karolina Godlewska

33/50 :Karolina Godlewska

Name: Karolina Godlewska

Blog: Mild Clouds

Based in: Poland

34 /50: Ania Boniecka

34/50 :Ania Boniecka

Name: Ania Boniecka

Blog: Ania B

Based in: Canada

35 /50: Valerie Husemann

35/50 :Valerie Husemann

Name: Valerie Husemann

Blog: Simple et Chic

Based in: Germany

36 /50: Alice Zielasko

36/50 :Alice Zielasko

Name: Alice Zielasko

Blog: Alice Point

Based in: London

37 /50: Bronka Banikova

37/50 :Bronka Banikova

Name: Bronka Banikova

Blog: My Fashion Square

Based in: Slovakia

38 /50: Agnieszka

38/50 :Agnieszka

Name: Agnieszka

Blog: Silk Drops

39 /50: Romina

39/50 :Romina

Name: Romina

Blog: Blasstyle

Based in: Switzerland

40 /50: Aleksandra Rozalia

40/50 :Aleksandra Rozalia

Name: Aleksandra Rozalia 

Blog: Rozalia

Based in: Poland

41 /50: Manona Che

41/50 :Manona Che

Name: Manona Che

Blog: Manona Che

Based in: Russia

42 /50: Olivia Jeanette

42/50 :Olivia Jeanette

Name: Olivia Jeanette

Blog: The Corporate Catwalk

Based in: New York City

43 /50: Emilija Vaišnorait?

43/50 :Emilija Vaišnorait?

Name: Emilija Vaišnorait?

Blog: Fashion Whit

Based in: Belgium

44 /50: Lena Wirth

44/50 :Lena Wirth

Name: Lena Wirth

Blog: Skinny Cature

Based in: Germany

45 /50: Aurelie Pagwiwoko

45/50 :Aurelie Pagwiwoko

Name: Aurelie Pagwiwoko

Blog: Too Much Spring

Based in: Australia

46 /50: Alexandra Grant

46/50 :Alexandra Grant

Name: Alexandra Grant

Blog: To Vogue or Bust

Based in: Canada

47 /50: Daisy Line

47/50 :Daisy Line

Name: Daisy Line

Blog: Daisy Line

Based in: Poland 

48 /50: Tia Nicole

48/50 :Tia Nicole

Name: Tia Nicole

Blog: Four One Oh!

Based in: Baltimore

49 /50: Melissa Louise Harris

49/50 :Melissa Louise Harris

Name: Melissa Louise Harris

Blog: The Ivory Tower

Based in: Alabama

50 /50: Viktoriya Sener

50/50 :Viktoriya Sener

Name: Viktoriya Sener

Blog: Tie Bow-tie

Based in: Istanbul