These 20 Cool Halloween Makeup Ideas Are All You Need for a Kickass Costume

by Chloe Metzger
Sep 14, 2017 at 7:00 a.m. ET

Sometimes Halloween really blows. Yup, we said it. Don't get us wrong, we love Halloween, but settling on the perfect costume is just stressful. Everyone always seems to look so pro, and the fear of looking like a total Halloween amateur is real. So money is spent, and hours are burned searching for the ultimate costume.

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But rather than spend a bajillion dollars on a costume that someone else will inevitably be wearing, why not let your face be the main attraction to your costume? We scrolled (and scrolled) through Instagram to find the coolest, most-inspiring Halloween makeup ideas that are almost totally do-able on yourself at home. Provided you already have an arsenal of beauty products like we do. But no matter what you do, we can guarantee it’ll be a more interesting than buying another sexy nurse costume. 

Originally posted on Updated September 2017.

1/20 :Cry the rainbow

2/20 :Coy mouse

3 /20: Egyptian queen

3/20 :Egyptian queen

4 /20: Futuristic sparkle

4/20 :Futuristic sparkle

5/20 :Oh, deer

6/20 :Queen Bee

7 /20: Scarlet fairy

7/20 :Scarlet fairy

8/20 :Vamping

9 /20: Mermaid chic

9/20 :Mermaid chic

10 /20: Gilded cheetah

10/20 :Gilded cheetah

11 /20: Cracked doll

11/20 :Cracked doll

12/20 :Lioness

13 /20: Deathly stare

13/20 :Deathly stare

14 /20: Harley Quinn

14/20 :Harley Quinn

15 /20: Off with her head

15/20 :Off with her head

16 /20: Skull face

16/20 :Skull face

17/20 :Card shark

18 /20: Joker's daughter

18/20 :Joker's daughter

19 /20: Pop art Wonder Woman

19/20 :Pop art Wonder Woman

20 /20: Ice cream sundae

20/20 :Ice cream sundae