11 Discreet Places to Get a Tattoo (Because It's Fun to Have a Little Secret)

by Charlotte Andersen
Oct 12, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. ET

A lot of us take tattoos extremely seriously. There's a lot of thought that goes into our ink — which is probably a good thing since tattoos are, you know, permanent. Almost all of the time, tattoos have a special meaning that is near and dear to our hearts, whether it's dedicated to a specific period in our lives or to a loved one.

And while there's no denying that wearing tattoos loud and proud is beautiful (a full sleeve of tattoos can look gorgeous on a woman or a man), it's just that some of us prefer to go with something a little more discreet. 

If you're looking to get a tattoo you can hide, say, from your parents or at a formal event — or even just want to get a little something that's hidden so you can keep a cute little private secret to yourself — these ideas are awesome. 

Originally published March 2016. Updated October 2017.

1/12 :Ear tattoo

Behind your ear is the perfect secret spot for small but elegant ink. Pull your hair up to show your personality or wear it long to go incognito among the "normals."

2 /12: Finger tattoo

2/12 :Finger tattoo

Finger tattoos are the best example of hiding things in plain sight. Get it around the base of your finger and you can cover it up with a ring. Ink down the inside of your finger and you have a quick reminder of why you're awesome every time you fan out your hands. Worst case scenario: People assume your pen leaked on your fingers. 

3 /12: Hip tattoo

3/12 :Hip tattoo

What could be sexier than a little ink where the only way you'd see it is in swimsuit bottoms... or no bottoms at all. You can also get a small tattoo on the very upper thigh, almost to your bikini link.

4/12 :Scalp tattoo

Hair is such an easy way to change your style, especially when you enhance it with a scalp tattoo. Wear it loud and proud on a shaved side or let your hair grow back over it if you change your mind. (But be careful: Some experts warn that the hair does not always grow back over a tattoo.)

5 /12: Butt tattoo

5/12 :Butt tattoo

Get a little cheeky with your skin art... literally! A tattoo on your butt cheek can be shown off at the pool for fun but your coworkers will never know it's there. (Unless you have an office pool party, in which case you're on your own!)

6 /12: Neck tattoo

6/12 :Neck tattoo

Neck ink is normally reserved for those hardcore tattoo fans that are ready to share their art loud and proud. But a discreet tat at the nape of your neck gives you the best of both worlds. Call it the mullet of the tattoo world: Business in the front, party in the back!

7 /12: Tongue tattoo

7/12 :Tongue tattoo

Turns out you can tattoo your tongue! 

8 /12: Chin tattoo

8/12 :Chin tattoo

"Look up and there is a sweetheart looking at you!" is the adorable caption on this Instagram post and of this equally adorable under-chin tattoo.

9 /12: Chest tattoo

9/12 :Chest tattoo

Chest tattoos have long been considered for men only. But look how sweet and sexy (and secret!) it can look on a lady. 

10 /12: White tattoo

10/12 :White tattoo

When you use white ink you can make a tattoo look subtle anywhere! There are downsides to white tattoos though.

11 /12: UV tattoo

11/12 :UV tattoo

In what is probably the most clever way to hide a tattoo, now you can get your art tatted in ink that is only visible under a black light. Use it to make a totally secret tattoo or use it to subtly reveal more, like this genious Harry Potter fan. 

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