People are wearing glitter tears, and it's actually rather beautiful

by Ally Hirschlag
Feb 17, 2016 at 2:20 p.m. ET

A very interesting makeup trend was popping up all over the fall 2016 New York Fashion Week. Models and celebrities alike were sporting glitter tears, which are essentially glittery makeup worn below the eye and made to look like the wearer's been crying. While the trend may sound like something you'd find at a Halloween party, there are actually plenty of ways to wear it tastefully and still master the dramatic effect. 

This girl's look appears to have been achieved by drawing strategic tear streaks with an iridescent eyeshadow crayon. 

1 /12: Soft and subtle

1/12 :Soft and subtle

Or you can go way subtler and just dab your favorite shimmery shadow right below your lower lid. 

2 /12: Hello purple

2/12 :Hello purple

Of course, if you happen to have wild-colored hair, you should definitely play into that. 

3/12 :Glistening

Now you can hide those under eye circles with just a quick swipe of a glowy white shadow in your tear duct creases. 

4 /12: Sad princess

4/12 :Sad princess

Be the most dramatic bride ever by streaking colored shadow down your face on your wedding day. 

5/12 :Platinum

Sliver or platinum glitter lights a face up immediately. 

6 /12: A sprinkle

6/12 :A sprinkle

But by all means, scale it back if you just want to look tear kissed. 

7/12 :Color pop

You have to be super confident with your skin tone to pull off this color glitter.

8 /12: As above so below

8/12 :As above so below

Another option is to go heavy glitter on top, with just a hint of glitter below as a mirror. 

9/12 :One stream

If actors can do the one tear trick in movies, you can absolutely do it on your face with makeup. 

10 /12: Blue valentine

10/12 :Blue valentine

It's fun to accent colored glitter with a bold top shadow and something special on the side. 

11/12 :Large flecks

Larger flecks may be hard to keep on all night, but that pre-evening photo makes it all worth it. 

12 /12: Just a smidge

12/12 :Just a smidge

If you're shy about the look, just try tracing your eye liner with a little glitter and see how you like the effect.