11 Curly hairstyles that prove it's just as sexy as straight hair

by Lisa Fogarty
Jan 4, 2016 at 3:30 p.m. ET

For far too many years, curly-haired women were taught how to relax or release their ringlets with the goal of achieving straight — or as close to straight — hair as possible. This narrow beauty mindset overlooked the stunning effect that tight curls and looser waves can have on a woman's appearance.

Curly hair gives off sexy, mysterious vibes and can liven up any look. Here are 11 celebrities who make us want to throw away our straightening irons forever. 

1 /11: Selena Gomez

1/11 :Selena Gomez

You expect nothing less than gorgeous, bouncy hair from a Pantene spokeswoman, but Selena Gomez always goes that extra mile by showing us she can pull off straight and curly hair without effort. This curly 'do flatters the singer's petite features and makes her look more sophisticated. 

2 /11: Shakira

2/11 :Shakira

Shakira rarely makes an appearance with straight hair — her naturally curly locks are as much her trademark as her belly button. The Colombian singer sometimes blows out her tight curls so that they form loose waves, but she's just as likely to appear in concert and at formal events with serious ringlets.

3 /11: Lorde

3/11 :Lorde

Lorde recently chopped a few inches from her hair and has been sporting straight locks to events, but she'll forever remain one of those celebrities whose fierce brunette curls define her look. The New Zealander has a thick mass of spiral waves that perfectly complement her ivory complexion and impassioned lyrics.

4 /11: Beyonce

4/11 :Beyonce

The Queen Bey herself has experimented with many hair colors and styles over the years, but Beyonce is never more sultry than when she lets her hair down and uses a minimal amount of product to add bold texture and volume to her naturally curly hair. She looks down to earth, but still gorgeously untouchable, with curls.

5 /11: Jessica Simpson

5/11 :Jessica Simpson

Simpson looks polished and elegant when she adds curls to her long blonde hair. All it takes is a few voluminous waves to turn Jessica Simpson is a va-va-va-voom Marilyn Monroe lookalike.

6 /11: Blake Lively

6/11 :Blake Lively

When it comes to giving us hair inspiration (over and over again), Blake Lively can do no wrong. The actress usually wears her long, blonde hair straight with a slight wave, but proves a head of beachy waves is all it takes to turn her into a mermaid.

7 /11: Jessica Alba

7/11 :Jessica Alba

If you're old enough to remember Dark Angel, the early '00s TV series that put Jessica Alba on the map, you're probably keenly aware of the fact that she was blessed with beautiful curls. The actress and business woman seems to prefer straight hair these days, but when she appears in public with throwback curls, it gives us reason to celebrate — they make her look like she's having the most fun in the room. 

8 /11: Halle Berry

8/11 :Halle Berry

Sure, Halle Berry is lovely enough to pull off any look, but a curly bob isn't the easiest 'do to rock. And yet, Berry shows us women can wear their curls proudly — and that a short hairstyle with ringlets looks both playful and fierce. 

9 /11: Salma Hayek

9/11 :Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek has bombshell curves, intelligence and talent, and a sexy head of curly hair that she feels equally comfortable wearing naturally or blowing straight. When she pairs a form-fitting dress in an innocent color with corkscrew curls it adds depth and maturity to an otherwise sweet, but naughty look. 

10 /11: Rihanna

10/11 :Rihanna

We dare you to find a more fearless trendsetter than Rihanna. If the singer says tight, loose curls are the next big thing, we should all just bow down and prepare to work magic with our curling wands. 

11 /11: Taylor Swift

11/11 :Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor — We love your sassy lob and sideswept bangs. You have taken great beauty steps to be here with us today and we respect your need to straighten your locks and move on with your life. But we'd be lying if we said we didn't miss the amazing spiral curls you were blessed with — maybe one day you'll surprise us with a head full of curls. We promise you can go straight again when the clocks strikes midnight.