20 Dresses From Emmys Past That Are Giving Us Total Awards Show Nostalgia

by Meagan Morris
Sep 18, 2017 at 6:06 a.m. ET

The Primetime Emmy Awards never disappoint, and 2017 was no different. Who knew we'd see a controversial cameo from Sean Spicer (And we're talking the real, in-the-flesh version — not Melissa McCarthy's SNL character.)

But compared to some of the Emmys past, '17 didn't involve as much physical action. Remember when Tom Bergeron dropped Heidi Klum at the '08 ceremony, or when Alan Alda literally did cartwheels on the stage to accept his award in 1979? Ah, the memories. 

And then there's the clothes. The kids from Stranger Things continued their red carpet domination and the This Is Us cast also brought the fire (Sterling K Brown, Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz all looked absolutely fabulous) this year, which got us feeling kinda nostalgic about Emmys fashion in general. So we dug into the Primetime Emmys vault and found all kinds of dresses from past shows that are simply too amazing to be forgotten.  

Originally published September 2016. Updated September 2017.

1 /22: Millie Bobby Brown

1/22 :Millie Bobby Brown

Yes, we know this is from the '17 show, but Brown looks like a princess from days of yore.

2 /22: Viola Davis

2/22 :Viola Davis

And here's another 2017 dress that is sure to conjure up some nostalgia in the future. Davis can do no wrong.

3/22 :Oprah Winfrey

4/22 :Megan Mullally

5/22 :Paula Abdul

6/22 :Joan Rivers

7/22 :Jessica Alba

8 /22: Jennifer Aniston (& Brad Pitt!)

8/22 :Jennifer Aniston (& Brad Pitt!)

9/22 :Barbra Streisand

10/22 :Stockard Channing

11/22 :Melissa Rivers & Joan Rivers

12 /22: Heather Locklear

12/22 :Heather Locklear

13/22 :Fran Drescher

14/22 :Cyndi Lauper

15/22 :Courteney Cox

16/22 :Brandy Norwood

17/22 :Kim Cattrall

18/22 :Giuliana Rancic

19/22 :Sharon Stone

20 /22: Suzanne Somers

20/22 :Suzanne Somers

Here, my friends, is Three's Company star Suzanne Somers being absolutely fabulous in 1978.

21 /22: Lucille Ball

21/22 :Lucille Ball

You can't quite see her dress, but you guys, this is Lucille Ball in 1953. 

22 /22: Robert Reed & Florence Henderson

22/22 :Robert Reed & Florence Henderson

Who could ever forget The Brady Bunch with Robert Reed and Florence Henderson? This was taken in 1989.