6 Day-to-night outfits that are perfect for summer

by Colleen Stinchcombe
Jun 11, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. ET

We asked six SheKnows employees how they transition their daytime fashion to perfect night-out style. Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored advertising collaboration.

1 /12: Jordin Harrison Day

1/12 :Jordin Harrison Day

"My style is ever changing but I love to have fun with bold colors and prints. I am all about mixing modern and vintage pieces for a unique flair. Midi dresses are my go-to work attire for a fun and easy look!"

2 /12: Jordin Harrison Night

2/12 :Jordin Harrison Night

"I like to keep my transition from day to night simple. All I do is change up my accessories and shoes, pull my hair back and throw on lipstick. Vroom! I am out the door ready to take on the night."

3 /12: Catherine Conelly Day

3/12 :Catherine Conelly Day

"On the weekend I live in T-shirts and comfortable bottoms and totally thrive on the casual look. So, black leggings are perfect if you know you're going to have to run errands and go straight to meet friends for dinner because you can transition them pretty easily for any occasion."

4 /12: Catherine Conelly Night

4/12 :Catherine Conelly Night

"I swapped my Converse sneakers for some simple black flats and threw a leather vest over my T-shirt to make it look less sloppy."

5 /12: Crystal Brown Day

5/12 :Crystal Brown Day

"I love graphic tees, but they aren’t always suitable for the office. So I paired a this one with a blazer and plain black skirt with my typical heels."

6 /12: Crystal Brown Night

6/12 :Crystal Brown Night

"For night, I ditch the blazer and put on a strappy pair of open-toe heels for a more fun look. Since I rocked a headwrap today, I kept that funky look going with large hoop earrings."

7 /12: Colleen Stinchcombe Day

7/12 :Colleen Stinchcombe Day

"Our office is pretty casual and I like to be comfortable. I'm a big fan of mixing patterns, so I paired a striped summer dress with a loud but light long-sleeved shirt for when the office gets cold."

8 /12: Colleen S. Night

8/12 :Colleen S. Night

"I swapped my wedges for flats, took down my hair — my husband likes it down — and got rid of the jacket. No need for that in Arizona summer! But I like a scarf to add an extra dimension to the look.”

9 /12: Becci Burkhart Day

9/12 :Becci Burkhart Day

"My style tends to be pretty comfortable, usually sticking to one statement piece. For today it's my super-comfy, bold stripe skirt. Since I always run cold sitting at my desk you'll always find a light button down or cardigan within my reach."

10 /12: Becci Burkhart Night

10/12 :Becci Burkhart Night

"After work you’ll probably spot me on a patio somewhere enjoying our beautiful evenings. No need for the button down or even a tucked-in tee. Who wants to mess with a tucked-in tee after work hours? Not me!"

11 /12: Gabriela Arellano Day

11/12 :Gabriela Arellano Day

"When it comes to my style I tend to stick to solid colors and play it up with accessories. For the office I added a black blazer to a brightly colored summer dress for a more professional and conservative look. For comfort I wore some fun leopard print flats."

12 /12: Gabriela Arellano Night

12/12 :Gabriela Arellano Night

"I dressed up a casual summer dress with a little bling and added more color by adding a teal-and-gold crystal necklace, yellow clutch, gold earrings and a few bracelets. I fancied it up by throwing on some heels and removing my blazer. Ready for a night out on the town!"