Perfect Spring Cardigans

by SheKnows
Apr 4, 2011 at 12:35 a.m. ET
One simple bow (or, if you prefer, knot) turns this otherwise ordinary cardigan into a edgy and flirty must-have piece for spring.

1 /6: Ruffled Spring Cardigan

1/6 :Ruffled Spring Cardigan

Extra-fine merino wool is every bit as soft as cashmere. But the best detail on this cardigan is the adorable (and intricate) ruffling.

2 /6: Striped Spring Cardigan

2/6 :Striped Spring Cardigan

This draped drawstring cardigan features spring’s must-have stripes. For a more nautical look, opt for wider stripes.

3 /6: Hooded Spring Cardigan

3/6 :Hooded Spring Cardigan

More youthful than a regular cardigan and dressier than a hoodie, this delightful hooded sweater zips instead of buttons and features a handy kangaroo pocket.

4 /6: Ombre Spring Cardigan

4/6 :Ombre Spring Cardigan

This beachy cardigan is fitted (but not too fitted) and boasts a flattering ombre color scheme.

5 /6: Bolero Vest Spring Cardigan

5/6 :Bolero Vest Spring Cardigan

When it’s too warm for a long-sleeved sweater, opt for a cardigan vest – like this tribal-inspired bolero – instead!

6 /6: Mesh Spring Cardigan

6/6 :Mesh Spring Cardigan

A breezy mesh cardigan keeps it light for spring. Look for bright, bold colors and fun details like patch pockets.