Fun & hot nail designs and styles

by SheKnows
Apr 19, 2011 at 11:01 a.m. ET
One of the latest nail trends features rounded half-moon tips. These half moon nails are from the Ruffian Spring/Summer show.

1 /9: Gold Foil

1/9 :Gold Foil

Another fun, futuristic look for summer is gold foil nails.

2 /9: Pop Art Graphics

2/9 :Pop Art Graphics

From the runway to the city streets, pop art graphics are one of the season's hottest nail styles.

3 /9: Glittery Tips

3/9 :Glittery Tips

Get into neon nail colors and then add a little sparkle with glittery tips.

4 /9: Floral Nail Art

4/9 :Floral Nail Art

For a fresh summer look, ask your manicurist for floral nail art in shades of lavender and pink.

5 /9: Polka Dots

5/9 :Polka Dots

Polka dots are back in fashion and you'll see them on nails too this summer. These blue and white polka dotted nails are from the Alice + Olivia Spring/Summer show.

6 /9: Tropical Designs

6/9 :Tropical Designs

Nail art in tropical colors and designs is perfect for summertime.

7 /9: White Swirls

7/9 :White Swirls

Your nail designs don't have to be colorful to stand out. This season get into white swirls and other neutral nail art.

8 /9: Rhinestones

8/9 :Rhinestones

Yes, rhinestones are back when it comes to nails. This summer, wear nail gems in a simple way. Adding a single stone to each French manicured nail adds some sparkle without being over the top.

9 /9: Pretty Pointy

9/9 :Pretty Pointy

When it comes to nail shape for the summer, pointed nails are hot. Whether you are wearing nail art or not, ask your manicurist to get to the point.