Nail polish colors for summer

by SheKnows
Apr 19, 2011 at 10:44 a.m. ET
Navy blue has been popular in nail color in recent years, but now the blue has gotten a whole lot lighter this summer. Tiffany blues are sizzling this season.

1 /9: Sandy Beige

1/9 :Sandy Beige

Sandy beige and tan shades of polish are ideal for summer. This one is OPI San Tan-Tonio from their Texas Collection.

2 /9: Tangerine

2/9 :Tangerine

Citrus colors are hot for summer. Our favorite is tangerine. Wear a glossy shade of orange or tangerine with everything from a breezy white dress to shorts and a tee.

3 /9: Totally White

3/9 :Totally White

We saw this trend last summer and it's back again this year -- opaque white nails.

4 /9: Peachy Pink

4/9 :Peachy Pink

If you prefer pale colors, this summer paint your nails in a pale peachy-pink. If you can't find the exact shade you want, wear two to get the look. Image from Behnhaz Sarafpour Spring/Summer 2011 show.

5 /9: Iridescent Purple

5/9 :Iridescent Purple

If you love purple nail polish, you'll enjoy the selection of iridescent and glittery shades of purple available this summer, from lavender to plum.

6 /9: Gray

6/9 :Gray

Shades of gray nail polish rose in popularity last fall and it doesn't look like this trend is going anywhere anytime soon.

7 /9: Hot Pink

7/9 :Hot Pink

Make your finger and toe nails pop with a glossy shade of hot pink.

8 /9: Sheer Pink

8/9 :Sheer Pink

Look for the perfect shade of sheer pink that can be used for your French manicure and worn on its own. We like Sally Hansen's Sheer Strawberry.

9 /9: Glossy Nude

9/9 :Glossy Nude

Nude nails are "in" right now. Nudes can have touches of pink or brown in them. Pick a nude color that is a shade or two darker than your skin color in a high gloss formula.