Summer 2011 nail trends

by SheKnows
Apr 19, 2011 at 10:33 a.m. ET
Bright coral and deep red polish are still popular this season. However, more and more women are wearing these bold shades on short nails.

1 /9: Flesh Tones

1/9 :Flesh Tones

Take a break from bright nail color and get into flesh tones for summer. Make sure your polish has a bit of gloss, so that your nails don't look like an extension of your fingers. Photo: Courtesy of CND

2 /9: Crackle Topcoat

2/9 :Crackle Topcoat

Crackle polish isn't just for Halloween anymore. It's a hot trend this year. Most major brands have released a crackle top coat in the last few months. This one is from Barry M.

3 /9: Orange Lips & Nails

3/9 :Orange Lips & Nails

Matching your lip and nail color is trendy this season -- particularly if it's orange.

4 /9: Nail Polish Strips

4/9 :Nail Polish Strips

Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips look and wear like actual nail polish because it is nail polish. They come in amazing colors and fun patterns, and last up to 10 days.

5 /9: French Pedicure

5/9 :French Pedicure

In the summertime, when you are showing off your feet in sandals, get a French pedicure for a classic, fresh look.

6 /9: Short & Shimmery

6/9 :Short & Shimmery

Keep your nails short and add just a wash of shimmer for a fresh summer look.

7 /9: Black & Pointed

7/9 :Black & Pointed

Glossy jet black nail lacquer covers pointy nails for a futuristic look.

8 /9: Citrus Shades

8/9 :Citrus Shades

Citrus shades of nail lacquer are hot for summer. These nails are all dressed up in a butterfly motif.

9 /9: Neon Colors

9/9 :Neon Colors

This summer, don't shy away from color. Experiment with different neon shades.