How to shape your eyebrows like a pro

by SheKnows
Mar 22, 2011 at 3:08 p.m. ET
Makeup artist Susmita Patel offers these tips for creating beautiful brows.

There are three different kinds of eye sets: normal, close and wide set. Eye set is recognized by measuring your eye from the inner (tear duct) to outer corner. The determination of your eye set is the first step to perfectly shaped eyebrows.

1 /9: What the measurement means

1/9 :What the measurement means

If your eye measurement is the same as the distance between your eyes, that means you have normal set eyes. If it's more, then you have wide set eyes; less, then you have close set eyes. With normal set eyes, your eyebrows should start at the inner eye (tear duct). Wide set eyes should have eyebrows that start further in, while close set eyes should start a little past the inner eye.

2 /9: Find the proper shape

2/9 :Find the proper shape

Makeup artist Susmita Patel: "Rounded eyebrows will soften features. Soft angled eyebrows with a small arch are feminine and are the most preferred shape. Angled eyebrows, in which the peak of the arch is a little higher, give you a more youthful look. Straight eyebrows are for those with a long face. They make the face appear shorter and more oval. For example, Brooke Shields has straight brows."

3 /9: Use the right mirror

3/9 :Use the right mirror

"Don't use a highly magnified mirror because you will end up over plucking," says makeup artist Kimara Ahnert. "Also don't stand too close either -- stand slightly back from the mirror so you can see if the eyebrows are balanced and match."

4 /9: Start by trimming your brows

4/9 :Start by trimming your brows

"Sometimes just trimming your brows will clean up the look rather than plucking. Trim your brows using small scissors," explains makeup artist Kimara Ahnert. "Pluck one hair, using a good quality tweezer like Rubis, then step back and take a look, because one little hair does make a difference."

5 /9: Don't freeze your brows

5/9 :Don't freeze your brows

"Don't use ice to numb the skin before tweezing as it will tighten the pore and make it harder to pluck the hair," says makeup artist Kimara Ahnert.

6 /9: Use a brow stencil kit

6/9 :Use a brow stencil kit

Shape your brows like a pro by using eyebrow stencils. Stencil kits, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills Stencils or Paula Dorf Brow Stencil Kit, offer three or four different stencils and everything else you need to create perfect brows. Apply the stencil, then color in with a eyebrow pencil. Carefully remove the stencil and tweeze away the stray hairs that are outside the shaded area. Voila!

7 /9: Apply color in feathery strokes

7/9 :Apply color in feathery strokes

“Always opt for a pencil that is lighter than your natural hair color. For example, if you’re a brunette use a blonde pencil. It will look most natural rather than trying to match exactly," says celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip. "When applying brow color, use light feathery strokes. Most people automatically try to create perfectly even lined arches -- I think this looks too artificial.”

8 /9: Use eyeliner as a substitute

8/9 : Use eyeliner as a substitute

“If you do not have a brow pencil handy, try eyeliner," says celebrity makeup artist and Physicians Formula specialist, Joanna Schlip. "This is especially great if you need the color to last through all elements -- heat, rain, etc. I love Physicians Formula Gel CreamLiner because once you feather it on, the 24-hour formula will NOT budge.”

9 /9: Go to a pro the first time

9/9 :Go to a pro the first time

After your brows are tweezed or waxed once by a pro, you'll be able to just tweeze away the strays on a weekly basis to keep the same shape. Tweezing isn't the only way to get beautiful brows. Try a variety of different methods (waxing, threading, etc.) to find the perfect brow treatment for you. Image: Valencia Day Spa.