Bizarre fashion trends

by SheKnows
Mar 22, 2011 at 5:07 a.m. ET
Admit it, we’ve all participated in this odd fashion trend, right?! As comfortable as those Juicy suits are, there’s really no excuse for having the word, “Juicy,” running across your behind!

1 /9: Ugg Boots

1/9 :Ugg Boots

For most women, Uggs are a wardrobe must, especially during colder months. Not only are they cozy and comfy, but they’re cute, too. That is, until they’re paired with short shorts and skirts. Then, we have to categorize them as a bizarre fashion trend.

2 /9: Daisy Dukes

2/9 :Daisy Dukes

Short shorts are making a comeback this spring, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it! No matter what your body shape, this bizarre fashion trend isn’t very flattering or comfortable. Save your shortest shorts for a beach day instead!

3 /9: Bare-Midriff

3/9 :Bare-Midriff

This is one odd fashion trend we’d love to nip in the bud. Sadly, it appears to be making a comeback this spring. If you must try out this look, pair a cropped top with a high-waisted skirt or pants to avoiding baring too much skin.

4 /9: Overalls

4/9 :Overalls

Remember when overalls were a must-have wardrobe staple in the 90s? Well, we’ve had some time to re-think this bizarre fashion trend, and here’s the conclusion we came to: Aside from when you’re painting your new house, there’s really no good reason to wear overalls.

5 /9: Crocs

5/9 :Crocs

This odd fashion trend has divided our world into two camps: Those who love Crocs and those who hate ‘em. Sure, wear them around the house or when you’re gardening, but please don’t take these contraptions out in public!

6 /9: Sandals with socks

6/9 :Sandals with socks

We’re all for comfort and keeping our feet warm, but there’s something about this bizarre fashion trend (or should we say fashion faux pas!) we just can’t come to terms with.

7 /9: High-Waisted Jeans

7/9 :High-Waisted Jeans

Poor Jessica Simpson got ridiculed over wearing them during a concert. And now, we have to wonder why Kim Kardashian is sporting them, too. High-waisted jeans may currently be in fashion, but we’re hoping they get nixed from the fashion hot list ASAP!

8 /9: Trucker Hats

8/9 :Trucker Hats

Ashton Kutcher may have started this bizarre fashion trend back in the 90s, but we can thank Snooki for keeping it alive in 2011. Actually, looking closer at this picture, there’s definitely more than one odd fashion trend at work here!

9 /9: Harem Pants

9/9 :Harem Pants

Sure, they looked adorable on Jasmine in “Aladdin,” but how many people can rock them in real life? Harem pants, just like Hammer pants, are one bizarre fashion trend that we sincerely hope doesn’t make a comeback.