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11 of the Best Lip Treatments for a Hydrated Pout This Winter & Beyond

Shayna Seid

While winter 2018 officially starts on Dec. 21, the cold weather is already wreaking havoc on lips everywhere. It is now against your lips’ best interest to not carry lip balm at all times. Odds are, your summer lip care needs to be amped up now to account for temps 40 degrees and below. Gear up with masks, balms, salves and scrubs for a baby-soft pout that will take you from under the mistletoe to New Year’s Eve to Valentine’s Day.

There is some speculation that lip balm ingredients actually chap lips more. However, some people do not understand how balms and salves are meant to work. Lip balms are meant to shield your smackers from dry air and aren’t designed to absorb into your skin. Certain products can penetrate the face and body, but lips lack a tougher outer layer of skin, so keep that in mind with multipurpose products.

It is recommended you gently exfoliate lips and then apply balms with wax and oil and maybe switch it up a little with masks. Scroll through our chosen products that can keep your pout silky-smooth all winter.


Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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