Grey hairstyles

by SheKnows
Aug 22, 2011 at 6:57 p.m. ET
Like her music, Joan Baez prefers to keep her hair as simplistic as possible. The folk songstress keeps a short, grey hairstyle that's fuss-free and fabulous. Photo courtesy WENN.

1 /172: Anita Gillette

1/172 :Anita Gillette

Anita Gillette styles her short hair in a conservative hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

2 /172: Gray undercut Bob

2/172 :Gray undercut Bob

Undercut and layered with bangs creates a low maintenance cut.

3 /172: Betty White

3/172 :Betty White

Betty White embraces her age and looks gorgeous doing it with this short, curled hairstyle that complements her stunning smile and bright red outfit. Photo courtest WENN.

4 /172: Helen Mirren

4/172 :Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren rocks a cute, side-swept style that's age appropriate and enhanced by her lovely grey scarf. Photo courtesy WENN.

5 /172: Betty White

5/172 :Betty White

Betty White sits sweetly, showing that you can have a fabulous hairstyle at any age. Photo courtesy of WENN.

6 /172: Betsy Beers

6/172 :Betsy Beers

Betsy Beers styles her grey hair with loose curls. Photo courtesy WENN

7 /172: Beth Dixon

7/172 :Beth Dixon

Beth Dixon wears her grey hair in a short curled hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

8 /172: Barbara Walters

8/172 :Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters adds reddish tints to her grey hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

9 /172: Ellen Burstyn

9/172 :Ellen Burstyn

Ellen Burstyn keeps her sweeping grey hair in a short, chic hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

10 /172: Jane Fonda

10/172 :Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda adds brunette highlights to her grey hair. Photo courtesy WENN

11 /172: Judge Gunn

11/172 :Judge Gunn

Judge Gunn sweeps her short grey hair into this conservative hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

12 /172: Peggy Rajski

12/172 :Peggy Rajski

Peggy Rajski compliments her straight grey hair with brown highlights. Photo courtesy WENN

13 /172: Denise Welch

13/172 :Denise Welch

Denise Welch wears her grey hair in a short and edgy hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

14 /172: Ellen Barkin

14/172 :Ellen Barkin

Ellen Barkin wears her grey hair in a poufed updo for the red carpet. Photo courtesy WENN

15 /172: Annie Cooper

15/172 :Annie Cooper

Annie Cooper pulls her grey hair into a curled ponytail. Photo courtesy WENN

16 /172: Barbara Davis

16/172 :Barbara Davis

Barbara Davis looks stunning in her conservative grey hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

17 /172: Denise Welch

17/172 :Denise Welch

Denise Welch wears her grey hair short and styled. Photo courtesy WENN

18 /172: Lisa George

18/172 :Lisa George

Lisa George accessorizes her grey ponytail with a bright red flower. Photo courtesy WENN

19 /172: Marta Kauffman

19/172 :Marta Kauffman

Marta Kauffman lets her natural grey curls fall to the sides of her smiling face. Photo courtesy WENN

20 /172: Mary Hart

20/172 :Mary Hart

Mary Hart highlights her red hair with beautiful strands of natural grey. Photo courtesy WENN

21 /172: Mary-Kate Olsen

21/172 :Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen wears her dramatic grey hair in a messy updo. Photo courtesy WENN

22 /172: Tracie Bennett

22/172 :Tracie Bennett

Tracie Bennett looks beautiful with her grey hair in a straight bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

23 /172: Tracie Bennett hairstyle

23/172 :Tracie Bennett hairstyle

Tracie Bennett pulls her grey hair back into this ponytail. Photo courtesy WENN

24 /172: Crystal Renn

24/172 :Crystal Renn

Crystal Renn goes fashion forward with all silver and grey hair. Photo courtesy WENN

25 /172: Ellen Burstyn

25/172 :Ellen Burstyn

Ellen Burstyn wears her grey hair in a short hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

26 /172: Frances Sternhagen

26/172 :Frances Sternhagen

Frances Sternhagen wears her grey hair in short curls. Photo courtesy WENN

27 /172: Glenn Close

27/172 :Glenn Close

Glenn Close creates a stylish hairstyle with her grey bangs swept high across her forehead. Photo courtesy WENN

28 /172: Joanne Woodward

28/172 :Joanne Woodward

Joanne Woodward looks classic and beautiful with soft grey hair. Photo courtesy WENN

29 /172: Judith Light

29/172 :Judith Light

Judith Light colors her hair in two tones, red and grey. Photo courtesy WENN

30 /172: Cameron Diaz

30/172 :Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz shows that grey is not just a color for the elderly crowd. She rocks it on the red carpet with her short bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy of WENN.

31 /172: Christine Ebersole

31/172 :Christine Ebersole

Christine Ebersole is all smiles with her grey hairstyle at the Sundance Institute. Photo courtesy of WENN.

32 /172: Estelle Parsons

32/172 :Estelle Parsons

Estelle Parsons shows off her lovely grey hairstyle during the after party for her Broadway hit. Photo courtesy of WENN.

33 /172: Eva Marie

33/172 :Eva Marie

Eva Marie proves bob's can be perfect for any age with her flattering hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

34 /172: Glenn Close

34/172 :Glenn Close

Glenn Close stays fabulous through the ages. Her hairstyle at this red carpet event proves it. Photo courtesy of WENN.

35 /172: Kate Adle

35/172 :Kate Adle

Kate Adle shows off her beautiful blue eyes and great bob at this celebrity luncheon. Photo courtesy WENN

36 /172: Meryl Streep Smiles

36/172 :Meryl Streep Smiles

Meryl Streep shows off her grey hairstyle with pride and a smile at this event. Photo courtesy of WENN.

37 /172: Meryl Streep is a winner

37/172 :Meryl Streep is a winner

Meryl Streep wins for her acting performance and her fabulous hairstyle. Photo courtesy of WENN.

38 /172: Nell McAndrew

38/172 :Nell McAndrew

Nell McAndrew keeps her grey hair flowing at this outdoor event. Photo courtesy of WENN.

39 /172: Kelly Osbourne

39/172 :Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is a young lady, but that doesn't stop her from rocking this cute grey updo. Photo courtesy WENN.

40 /172: Blythe Danner

40/172 :Blythe Danner

Blythe Danner lets her naturally grey hair grow long with this simple, easy-to-maintain hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

41 /172: Emmylou Harris

41/172 :Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris shows off her gorgeous, well-maintained grey hair with bounce and volume. Photo courtesy WENN.

42 /172: Helen Mirren

42/172 :Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren sweeps back her hair into this pretty updo hairstyle that makes her look like the sophisticate she is. Photo courtesy WENN.

43 /172: Jamie Lee Curtis

43/172 :Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis sports a choppy, easy-to-maintain, short hairstyle that works great with her oval face. Photo courtesy WENN.

44 /172: Sam Fox

44/172 :Sam Fox

Sam Fox looks lovely with this conservative, well-maintained grey hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

45 /172: Jane Alexander

45/172 :Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander is lovely and put together with this swept-back updo that shows off her bright red lips. Photo courtesy WENN.

46 /172: Blythe Danner

46/172 :Blythe Danner

Blythe Danner is sleek and silver with this shoulder length hairstyle that highlights her pretty face. Photo courtesy WENN.

47 /172: Jane Alexander

47/172 :Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander curls her hair away from her face for this pretty, conservative look. Photo courtesy WENN.

48 /172: Glenn Close

48/172 :Glenn Close

Glenn Close curls out her hair for this perky hairstyle that highlights her face for this red carpet event, complemented by a stunning gown and smirking smile. Photo courtesy WENN.

49 /172: Helen Mirren

49/172 :Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren looks stunning with this curled up hairstyle that makes her grey locks look shiny, brilliant and bouncy. It's a perfect hairstyle for her age. Photo courtesy WENN.

50 /172: Tyne Daly

50/172 :Tyne Daly

Tyne Daly looks simply stunning with this curled-up hairstyle that's perfectly age appropriate, yet cool with the addition of her "sunglasses at night" look. Photo courtesy WENN.

51 /172: Olympia Dukakis

51/172 :Olympia Dukakis

Olympia Dukakis looks fashionable and up-to-date with this short hairstyle with bangs up front for an added bit of sass. Photo courtesy WENN.

52 /172: Ruby Dee

52/172 :Ruby Dee

Ruby Dee knows how to rock short hair. After all, she's been doing it for years. This hairstyle is easy to manage and fun to wear. Photo courtesy WENN.

53 /172: Helen Mirren

53/172 :Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren is wavy and stunning with this easy, breezy style that is a beautiful contrast to her long, flowing gown. Photo courtesy WENN.

54 /172: Tyne Daly

54/172 :Tyne Daly

Tyne Daly is short and curly with this simplistic, easy-to-manage hairstyle that is perfectly suited for her spunkiness and age. Photo courtesy WENN.

55 /172: Ruby Dee

55/172 :Ruby Dee

Ruby Dee straightens out her hair with this short, sassy hairstyle that's youthful and edgy, but still sophisticated enough to wear to a red carpet event. Photo courtesy WENN.

56 /172: Low Maintenance Pixie

56/172 :Low Maintenance Pixie

Fringe bangs and soft layered pixie cute is a low maintenance choice.

57 /172: Grey Short Flip

57/172 :Grey Short Flip

A cute short neck-brushing grey style flipped out for a little fun.

58 /172: Short Straight Gray Cut

58/172 :Short Straight Gray Cut

A playful straight and simple haircut.

59 /172: Gray Bob with Bangs

59/172 :Gray Bob with Bangs

Side swept long bangs with a youthful bob cut.

60 /172: Volume Packed Medium Cut

60/172 :Volume Packed Medium Cut

A below the shoulder cut with full bangs and volume packing layers.

61 /172: Blonde Dyed Grey Cover

61/172 :Blonde Dyed Grey Cover

Grey-blonde hair with a messy side part and curled ends.

62 /172: Sleek Angled Grey Bob

62/172 :Sleek Angled Grey Bob

Chic grey angle-cut bob.

63 /172: Spikey Grey Pixie Cut

63/172 :Spikey Grey Pixie Cut

Youthful and fun spiked short pixie cut.

64 /172: Color Streaked Grey Bob

64/172 :Color Streaked Grey Bob

Highlights and lowlights bring a young and chic look to the bob.

65 /172: Short Cropped Silver Hair

65/172 :Short Cropped Silver Hair

Sleek and mature straight side swept cropped hair cut.

66 /172: Gorgeous Grey Locks

66/172 :Gorgeous Grey Locks

Long, flowing grey locks with a slight curl at the ends.

67 /172: Grey-Blonde Bob

67/172 :Grey-Blonde Bob

Deep side part with bangs and a chin length bob.

68 /172: Long Full Grey-Blonde Bob

68/172 :Long Full Grey-Blonde Bob

Volume packed longer length bob with bangs.

69 /172: Fun Curled Grey

69/172 :Fun Curled Grey

Have fun with the grey with a wispy, curled and banged hairstyle.

70 /172: Choppy Layered Grey Short Cut

70/172 :Choppy Layered Grey Short Cut

Easy maintenance messy layered grey cut.

71 /172: Black-Grey Short Cut

71/172 :Black-Grey Short Cut

Wispy bangs and grey topped short cut.

72 /172: Flirty Flipped-out Bob

72/172 :Flirty Flipped-out Bob

Fun and flirty short cut with a curled-out bottom and side swept bangs.

73 /172: Grey Layered Short Cut

73/172 :Grey Layered Short Cut

A side part with volume boosting layers and slightly curled bangs.

74 /172: Longer Pixie with Highlights

74/172 :Longer Pixie with Highlights

Longer cut grey pixie cut with slight highlights.

75 /172: Slick Short Grey Hair

75/172 :Slick Short Grey Hair

Straight and slick gray locks with a beautiful sheen.

76 /172: Long Side-Swept Bob

76/172 :Long Side-Swept Bob

A little longer length and a deep side part with side swept bangs.

77 /172: Long Layered Grey

77/172 :Long Layered Grey

Beautiful layers with long bangs and a volume enhancing slight wave.

78 /172: Youthful Grey Cut

78/172 :Youthful Grey Cut

Dramatic side sweeping bangs and a short-medium cut with a playful curl

79 /172: Long Layers

79/172 :Long Layers

Long grey layers of hair for a simple but chic look.

80 /172: Dramatically Long Grey Hair

80/172 :Dramatically Long Grey Hair

Long, wispy ended grey locks with a deep side part.

81 /172: Face Framing Layers

81/172 :Face Framing Layers

Layers of varying length framing the face with long full bangs.

82 /172: Young Slick Grey

82/172 :Young Slick Grey

A slick side parted short grey hairstyle.

83 /172: Grey Pixie with Wispy Bangs

83/172 :Grey Pixie with Wispy Bangs

Short grey cut with fringy short bangs.

84 /172: Sophisticated Grey Bob

84/172 :Sophisticated Grey Bob

Rounded bottom bob with a messy side part.

85 /172: Short Rounded Grey Hair

85/172 :Short Rounded Grey Hair

Short grey cut with longer bangs is a low maintenance style.

86 /172: Long Wavy Grey

86/172 :Long Wavy Grey

Long, slightly layered grey locks with a beautiful wave.

87 /172: Long Wavy Layered Grey

87/172 :Long Wavy Layered Grey

A straight center part with wavy long layers of grey hair.

88 /172: Angled Side-Part Bob

88/172 :Angled Side-Part Bob

Sophisticated side parted bob rounded under.

89 /172: Flirty Grey Pixie

89/172 :Flirty Grey Pixie

Short and playfully messy up-top grey pixie cut.

90 /172: Cropped Bob

90/172 :Cropped Bob

A short and angle cut bob with a slight side part.

91 /172: Grey Wave Hair

91/172 :Grey Wave Hair

Shorter grey hair brushed back with a light wave.

92 /172: Helen Mirren

92/172 :Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren looks sleek, sophisticated and polished with this swept-back grey hairstyle. She's known to rock her natural color while still looking age appropriate and gorgeous. Photo courtesy WENN.

93 /172: Helen Mirren

93/172 :Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren lets her hair down with this straight, sleek hairstyle. Accompanying makeup, including red lipstick that pops, makes her white hair stand out. And that's a good thing! Photo courtesy WENN.

94 /172: Jamie Lee Curtis

94/172 :Jamie Lee Curtis

When Jamie Lee Curtis went grey, she didn't bother covering up her hair with harmful chemicals. Rather, she cut it into this short edgy hairstyle that has been her trademark ever since. Photo courtesy WENN.

95 /172: Diane Keaton

95/172 :Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton loves her natural grey coming through. She's one celebrity that knows how to age gracefully, skipping harmful dyes for her natural, pretty locks with this straight hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

96 /172: Diane Keaton

96/172 :Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton gives her naturally straight grey hairstyle some curls for a Hollywood event, just to dress up her everyday look a bit. Photo courtesy WENN.

97 /172: Blythe Danner

97/172 :Blythe Danner

Blythe Danner isn't totally grey yet, but she's letting those sparkly white strands shine through her naturally blonde hair with this boho, wavy hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

98 /172: Ruby Dee

98/172 :Ruby Dee

Ruby Dee was born with jet black hair, but when the aging process took over, she embraced the greys that came in. Now her hairstyle is in stark contrast to that of her youth, which actually makes her look a bit edgy. Photo courtesy WENN.

99 /172: Jane Alexander

99/172 :Jane Alexander

Jane Alexander keeps her hairstyle short, simple and low key. It requires little upkeep and since it's so short, hardly even any combing. Yet, the shape and style complement her face. Photo courtesy WENN.

100 /172: Sally Field

100/172 :Sally Field

Sally Field has always had a youthful look about her. When she lets a few grey hairs peek through, it makes her look a bit more distinguished and wise. Photo courtesy WENN.

101 /172: Angela Lansbury

101/172 :Angela Lansbury

Angela Lansbury doesn't need to fuss much with this short, grey hairstyle. Here, she adds a few face-framing curls and she has a perfect 'do for going out on the town. Photo courtesy WENN.

102 /172: Judi Dench

102/172 :Judi Dench

Dame Judi Dench always looks regal and sophisticated, and it's in part due to her passive attitude about her greying hair. Here, she looks gorgeous and confident with a simplistic hairstyle that requires little upkeep. Photo courtesy WENN.

103 /172: Olympia Dukakis

103/172 :Olympia Dukakis

Olympia Dukakis is a classic beauty, and this hairstyle will never go out of fashion. The actress has learned to age gracefully, and her soft white hair makes her the admiration of greying women everywhere. Photo courtesy WENN.

104 /172: Stacy London

104/172 :Stacy London

On her television show, "What Not to Wear," Stacy London gives women fashion and beauty advice to improve their lives. She decided to embrace her own natural beauty when she allowed her grey to peek out of her stunning dark hair. Photo courtesy WENN.

105 /172: Paula Deen

105/172 :Paula Deen

Paula Deen's down-home cooking and down-to-Earth personality have made her a culinary star, but these gorgeous grey locks make her hairstyle one to be envied by Hollywood. Photo courtesy WENN.

106 /172: Emmylou Harris

106/172 :Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris' beautiful songs match her beautiful grey hairstyle. Here, she goes sleek and straight, all while maintaining her natural beauty. Photo courtesy WENN.

107 /172: Meryl Streep

107/172 :Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep doesn't bother doing any acting in her real life. She embraces those natural greys that poke through her blonde hair. Photo courtesy WENN.

108 /172: Roseanne Barr

108/172 :Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr keep things interesting with feather extensions that highlight her greying locks. She might still be mostly brunette, but she still manages to rock her grey. Photo courtesy WENN.

109 /172: Tyne Daly

109/172 :Tyne Daly

Tyne Daly sports a pretty, classic look that carries through the decades. Here, her perfectly coifed, tightly curled hairstyle accentuates the beauty of her grey dress. Photo courtesy WENN.

110 /172: Toni Morrison

110/172 :Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison sweeps her grey hair back into an updo, accentuating it with a subtle headband. The Nobel laureate proves that brains and beauty can live in harmony. Photo courtesy WENN.

111 /172: Heather Mills

111/172 :Heather Mills

Heather Mills dyes her hair a silver color of grey for an edgy, sophisiticated look that she pairs with a girlish bow headband. Photo courtesy WENN.

112 /172: Meryl Streep

112/172 :Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep pins back her hair for a sophisticated, age appropriate hairstyle for the classic actress. She pairs it with her glasses for added class. Photo courtesy WENN.

113 /172: Helen Mirren

113/172 :Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren shows off her beautiful face and makeup with this simplistic updo. It's a mature look for an older woman who would like to get her hair out of the way. Photo courtesy WENN.

114 /172: Helen Mirren

114/172 :Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren lets her hair hang loose with this adorable bob that's fun and sexy, but still age appropriate. The bangs up front show off her eyes and pretty makeup. Photo courtesy WENN.

115 /172: Stacy London

115/172 :Stacy London

Stacy London is still a young woman, put her lets her emerging grey peek through with this shiny, dark brown hairstyle. The streaks add a wiseness to her look. Photo courtesy WENN.

116 /172: Glenn Close

116/172 :Glenn Close

Glenn Close ties back her gorgeous grey hair into this sophisticated updo. It's charming and allows her to show off her jewelry and face. Photo courtesy WENN.

117 /172: Glenn Close

117/172 :Glenn Close

Glenn Close chooses this simple grey hairstyle for the red carpet, complete with curls, waves and adorable styling. Photo courtesy WENN.

118 /172: Julia Roberts

118/172 :Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts rocks soft curls parted down the middle, complemented with shine from her multi-dimensional haircolor. Photo courtesy WENN.

119 /172: Blythe Danner

119/172 :Blythe Danner

Blythe Danner is sweet and pretty with this curled up, grey-blonde hairstyle with added bangs for flair and fun. Photo courtesy WENN.

120 /172: Emmylou Harris

120/172 :Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris rocks grey hair like she rocks the guitar. The all-grey songstress ages gracefully with this bangs-and-layers look. Photo courtesy WENN.

121 /172: Betty White

121/172 :Betty White

Betty White is her darling self with this curled up, short hairstyle. It's easy to maintain as she goes from the set to red carpet events. Photo courtesy WENN.

122 /172: Beth Ditto

122/172 :Beth Ditto

The singer-songwriter mixes up her look with silver bangs.

123 /172: Jade Thirlwall

123/172 :Jade Thirlwall

The Little Mix band member adds grey streaks to her brown hair.

124 /172: Zosia Mamet

124/172 :Zosia Mamet

The actress keeps her hair color youthful with a chin-length cut.

125 /172: Perrie Edwards

125/172 :Perrie Edwards

Another Little Mix member slicks back her silver locks in a tight braided ponytail.

126 /172: Marina Diamandis

126/172 :Marina Diamandis

The singer pushes her grey locks back with a pretty bow.

127 /172: Lady Gaga

127/172 :Lady Gaga

The singer swoops her hair to the side, giving off classic Hollywood vibes.

128 /172: Stacy London

128/172 :Stacy London

The fashion stylist is well-known for her single silver streak.

129 /172: Dascha Polanco

129/172 :Dascha Polanco

The star of "Orange Is The New Black" changes up her normal look with bold bangs and a silvery-pink color.

130 /172: Paula Deen

130/172 :Paula Deen

The celebrity chef has always had voluminous, curly hair.

131 /172: Olympia Dukakis

131/172 :Olympia Dukakis

The actress keeps her snow-white hair short and with side bangs.

132 /172: Carmen Dell'Orefice

132/172 :Carmen Dell'Orefice

The oldest-working model goes for a whispy, mature style.

133 /172: Alice Walker

133/172 :Alice Walker

The American novelist goes for a short cut with natural curls.

134 /172: Rita Moreno

134/172 :Rita Moreno

The Puerto Rican actress frames her face with rounded layers and straight-across bangs.

135 /172: Carole King

135/172 :Carole King

The famous singer and composer lets her natural curls loose.

136 /172: Sky Ferreira

136/172 :Sky Ferreira

The singer-songwriter opts for edgy silver strands with dark roots.

137 /172: nicole-richie-hair

137/172 :nicole-richie-hair

The reality star painted her hair white for the 2013 Met Gala.

138 /172: Gena Rowlands

138/172 :Gena Rowlands

The actress, known for her role in "The Notebook," debuts a shoulder-length curly style.

139 /172: sally-field-hair

139/172 :sally-field-hair

The actress styles her grey-black hair with choppy layers and bangs.

140 /172: Nichelle Nichols

140/172 :Nichelle Nichols

The actress/singer teases her white tendrils for added volume.

141/172 :Joan Baez

The American folk-singer rocks a dark-grey pixie cut.

142 /172: Sharon Stone

142/172 :Sharon Stone

The actress expertly grows out her color with a short, messy look.

143 /172: Bette Midler

143/172 :Bette Midler

The actress keeps her curly locks extra short.

144 /172: Kathy Bates

144/172 :Kathy Bates

The actress silcks back her short grey streaks.

145 /172: Julie Walters

145/172 :Julie Walters

The English actress keeps her white hair short on the sides with longer layers on top.

146 /172: Anne Murray

146/172 :Anne Murray

The Canadian singer rocks a short, choppy pixie cut.

147 /172: Iris Apfel

147/172 :Iris Apfel

The fashion icon is known for her dramatic glasses and short white haircut.

148 /172: Joyce Carpati

148/172 :Joyce Carpati

The fashion icon and style muse keeps her long sliver hair in a crown braid.

149 /172: Maggie Smith

149/172 :Maggie Smith

The "Harry Potter" star styles her dark-grey hair in a long bob.

150 /172: Linda Fargo

150/172 :Linda Fargo

The fashion buyer for Bergdorf Goodman is well-known for her chic silver bob.

151 /172: Vanessa Redgrave

151/172 :Vanessa Redgrave

The English actress grows out her grey strands.

152 /172: Rosemary Harris

152/172 :Rosemary Harris

The actress in "Spiderman" pulls her white locks back, keeping whispy layers in front.

153 /172: Sharon Gless

153/172 :Sharon Gless

The character actress styles her snow-white hair in a grown-out pixie cut.

154 /172: Diana Hardcastle

154/172 :Diana Hardcastle

The British actress pairs short bangs with long layers on top.

155 /172: Shirley Jones

155/172 :Shirley Jones

The singer and actress rocks choppy bangs and a short pixie.

156 /172: Lee Meriwether

156/172 :Lee Meriwether

The actress and former Miss America shines in short side bangs and a mature style.

157 /172: Florence Henderson

157/172 :Florence Henderson

The actress known for her role as Carol Brady rocks a straight bob with long side bangs.

158 /172: Ali MacGraw

158/172 :Ali MacGraw

The actress, known for her role in "Love Story," recently opened up to Oprah about growing out her color.

159 /172: Christine Lagarde

159/172 :Christine Lagarde

The French politician looks modern in a short bob.

160 /172: Gloria Steinem

160/172 :Gloria Steinem

The well-known feminist has long worked a grey-brown medium-length style.

161 /172: Charlotte Rampling

161/172 :Charlotte Rampling

The Oscar-nominee for her role in "45 Years" walked the red carpet in a short, flippy pixie.

162 /172: Olivia Newton John

162/172 :Olivia Newton John

The "Grease" star, once known for her curly blonde hair, shows off a shoulder-length style.

163 /172: Roma Maffia

163/172 :Roma Maffia

The actress pulls back her grey curls in a high bun.

164 /172: Helen Lasichanh

164/172 :Helen Lasichanh

The wife of singer Pharell Williams recently debuted a short banged bob on the red carpet.

165 /172: Barbra Streisand

165/172 :Barbra Streisand

The famous singer and actress grows out her natural color with long strands.

166 /172: Faye Dunaway

166/172 :Faye Dunaway

The 1960s actress frames her face with side bangs and fun layers.

167 /172: Julie Andrews

167/172 :Julie Andrews

The famous actress is well-known for her short pixie cut.

168 /172: Lauren Hutton

168/172 :Lauren Hutton

The model and actress keeps her curly locks short and choppy.

169 /172: Christine Baranski

169/172 :Christine Baranski

The actress, who starred in "The Grinch," rocks a voluminous bob with layered bangs.

170 /172: Angelique Bates

170/172 :Angelique Bates

The star of "All That," recently stepped out in silver braids.

171 /172: Susan Sullivan

171/172 :Susan Sullivan

The actress looks youthful in a chin-length cut.

172 /172: Sissy Spacek

172/172 :Sissy Spacek

The star of "Carrie" keeps her hair long with grown-out bangs.