Jennifer Lawrence's major fashion moments

by SheKnows
Sep 19, 2013 at 2:40 a.m. ET
Jennifer Lawrence proves you can be fashionable and comfortable on the red carpet. We love the pink crop top, a fashion must-have this season.

1 /19: Black and white beauty

1/19 :Black and white beauty

Jennifer Lawrence looks flawless on the red carpet in this corset top black and white dress. Her bright red lip adds a great pop of color to her look.

2 /19: Beautiful black dress

2/19 :Beautiful black dress

Jennifer Lawrence looks beautiful and mysterious in this long black dress. The veil detail adds an element of mystery and sex appeal.

3 /19: A winning look

3/19 :A winning look

Jennifer Lawrence looks beautiful in this floor length metallic spaghetti strap dress. It's the perfect look for this leading lady.

4 /19: Sexy red carpet look

4/19 :Sexy red carpet look

Jennifer Lawrence shows off her sex appeal in this backless little black dress. The asymmetrical hem of the skirt is our favorite part of this phenomenal dress.

5 /19: Fabulous floral print

5/19 :Fabulous floral print

Jennifer Lawrence stays subtle and stylish in this nude, floral v-neck dress. The conservative length mixed with the plunging v-neck makes it a great dress to wear almost anywhere.

6 /19: Jumpsuit Jennifer

6/19 :Jumpsuit Jennifer

Jennifer Lawrence rocks a black and blue jumpsuit for this red carpet event. The pleats on the pants especially flatter her form and make her look fabulous.

7 /19: Wonderful wrap top

7/19 :Wonderful wrap top

Jennifer Lawrence rocks this wrap top dress on the red carpet. She scores extra points for going easy on the accessories and keeping the attention on her busy top. All around fabulous look.

8 /19: Peak a book hem

8/19 :Peak a book hem

Jennifer Lawrence shows us she can be sexy and classy at the same time with this sleeveless, long black dress with peak a book cut top. We also think her messy side bun deserves an honorable mention for looking fabulous.

9 /19: Lon sleeve LBD

9/19 :Lon sleeve LBD

We don't think a LBD has looked better than this long sleeve LBD on Jennifer Lawrence. The sparkling v-neck hem detail is what sets this dress apart.

10 /19: Floral sundress

10/19 :Floral sundress

Jennifer Lawrence heads to the red carpet in this bright orange floral print sundress with cap sleeves. It's a feminine and classic style that will always look beautiful

11 /19: Striped mini dress

11/19 :Striped mini dress

Jennifer Lawrence steps on the Hunger Games red carpet in this striped, mixed media mini dress. The best part of the outfit, like always, is her fabulous velvet booties. We give them five stars!

12 /19: Casual summer look

12/19 :Casual summer look

Jennifer Lawrence leaves the red carpet in this casual and chic ensemble The red skinny belt ties her sheer white blouse and blue maxi skirt together perfectly. This is a great look for summer.

13 /19: Plunging neckline pretty

13/19 :Plunging neckline pretty

Jennifer Lawrence wears a great green halter top dress with a sexy plunging neckline. The pleated detail of the skirt gives the dress fun, flirty movement.

14 /19: Metallic floral print

14/19 :Metallic floral print

Skin tight looks great when you've got a body like Jennifer Lawrence. The Hunger Games hard work shows in this stunning metallic floral print long sleeve dress.

15 /19: Simple style

15/19 :Simple style

Jennifer Lawrence looks simple and chic in this sleeveless LBD. The straps of her stilettos really tie the whole look together.

16 /19: Belted and beautiful

16/19 :Belted and beautiful

Jennifer Lawrence goes for a conservative style in this sleeveless metallic dress with thick black belt. The floor length gown is a great choice to brighten up a black tie affair.

17 /19: Flawless in red

17/19 :Flawless in red

Jennifer Lawrence is stunning in this floor length red dress. It's simple and sexy and she looks like a perfect 10 wearing it.

18 /19: Wrapped in white

18/19 :Wrapped in white

Jennifer Lawrence wears a wonderful white wrap dress with cap sleeves. We love the way the black band adds form to this flowing dress.

19 /19: Secret agent sexy

19/19 :Secret agent sexy

Jennifer Lawrence channels Angelina Jolie from Mr. and Mrs. Smith in this business blazer dress and metallic band belt. It's sexy and she knows it.