Celebrity fashion fails

by SheKnows
Jun 16, 2013 at 11:03 p.m. ET
You can't deny Bar Refaeli's beauty at this event, but you also can't deny this is not her best look. Is it just us or does she look angry about wearing it?

1 /171: Poppy Delevingne

1/171 :Poppy Delevingne

Poppy Delevingne's floral pant suit is simply unflattering. Hopefully this is the last we see of it. Ever.

2 /171: Claire Julien

2/171 :Claire Julien

Claire Julie shows so much potential with beautiful hair and makeup. If only the peacock hadn't shown up to ruin her dress.

3 /171: Jade Williams

3/171 :Jade Williams

Jade Williams looks comfortable but her ensemble lacks any form or structure and makes her look like a color-block blob.

4 /171: Claire Courtin-Clarins

4/171 :Claire Courtin-Clarins

Claire Courtin-Clarins seems to have walked the red carpet in her pajamas for this event. Oops!

5 /171: January Jones

5/171 :January Jones

January Jones tried to create a cute, casual look but nothing quite pulls any of this together. We're sure the pieces are cute on their own though! Maybe.

6 /171: Katie Dippold

6/171 :Katie Dippold

Katie Dippold has all the elements of a chic outfit, but the way it came together isn't quite red-carpet ready.

7 /171: Kelly Killoren Bensimon

7/171 :Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Kelly Killoren Bensimon proves that you can't win them all. The former model can't make this red dress look good.

8 /171: Lily Rabe

8/171 :Lily Rabe

Lily Rabe tries to follow the colorblock fashion, but this dress uses way too many colors and textures. Let's just say it's not her best look.

9 /171: Mia Tyler

9/171 :Mia Tyler

Mia Tyler turns her overcoat into a cape for the red carpet. We definitely can't say this is our favorite look.

10 /171: Rihanna

10/171 :Rihanna

Rihanna shows us the importance of a stylist. Separately, she has great pieces, but together, it's a mess.

11 /171: Rita Ora

11/171 :Rita Ora

We're all for a sexy getup, but maybe Rita Ora could have saved it for her bedroom and not the red carpet.

12 /171: Maggie Gyllenhaal

12/171 :Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal tried for a mixed pattern look for the premier of her movie, but it looks more like she forgot to pull her dress all the way up.

13 /171: Zosia Mamet

13/171 :Zosia Mamet

There is something to be said for simple style, but Zosia Mamet took that a little too far by only wearing a t-shirt on the red carpet.

14 /171: Anne Hathaway

14/171 :Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway looks like she might be trying to rejuvenate the parachute pants trend all by herself. We don't think it's going to catch on.

15 /171: Ashanti

15/171 :Ashanti

The cut of Ashanti's checkered dress is cute, but we're not wild about the bathroom tile print. Fashion fail for sure.

16 /171: Jenni JWOWW Farley

16/171 :Jenni JWOWW Farley

Jenni JWOWW Farley's dress was just average until we saw the strange train. It almost looks like a cape. Whatever it is, it's not good.

17 /171: Kelen Coleman

17/171 :Kelen Coleman

Kelen Coleman's dress has all the makings of a fabulous gown but none of the execution. The ruffles and high slit make it a confusing fashion fail.

18 /171: Miley Cyrus

18/171 :Miley Cyrus

We're hoping Miley Cyrus can find a way to stop this awful outfit. Money should be earned, not worn.

19 /171: Olivia Munn

19/171 :Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn's dress isn't bad, but the cut is not flattering at all. We've definitely seen her look better.

20 /171: Peta Murgatroyd

20/171 :Peta Murgatroyd

Peta Murgatroyd would have been a style success were it not for the bulky shoulder straps on this LBD. We're not sure why they're there but they need to go!

21 /171: Rita Ora

21/171 :Rita Ora

Rita Ora might have mistaken her table cloth for a dress this night. We hope she doesn't make this mistake again!

22 /171: Scarlett Alice Johnson

22/171 :Scarlett Alice Johnson

Scarlett Alice Johnson's outfit has elements of beautiful summer style but they don't come together in a way that flatters her figure.

23 /171: Serinda Swan

23/171 :Serinda Swan

Serinda Swan finds herself in the middle of an awful outfit. We encourage her to pick just one dress for her next event.

24 /171: Alia Shawkat

24/171 :Alia Shawkat

We're can't be sure who told Alia Shawkat to put this sheer shirt over her fabulous dress, but we're definitely think they were fired the next day.

25 /171: Anne Heche

25/171 :Anne Heche

Anne Heche tried to wear an interesting dress with this asymmetrical zipper detail, but we're more confused than interested.

26 /171: Britney Spears

26/171 :Britney Spears

Britney Spears seems to be undecided whether she wants to be a conservative soccer mom or sexy in a short skirt. Either way, we hope she picks a side soon because this mismatch isn't her best look.

27 /171: Darby Stanchfield

27/171 :Darby Stanchfield

Darby Stanchfield elongates all the wrong parts of her body in this metallic blue dress. Her legs look short and her torso is disproportionately long. It's just not a great look for her or anyone.

28 /171: Francesca Raisa

28/171 :Francesca Raisa

Francesca Raisa seems to be at a prom gone wrong in this dress. She must have lost her mirror this day.

29 /171: Georgia King

29/171 :Georgia King

We love that Georgia King dared to wear a print, but we just hope that next time that print isn't also found on beach house curtains.

30 /171: Kelly Oxford

30/171 :Kelly Oxford

Usually, we like to say a blazer goes with anything, but Kelly Oxford proves there are exceptions to every rule. This blazer is just too busy and distracts from her great skirt.

31 /171: Kristen Stewart

31/171 :Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart can either be unbelievably chic and beautiful, or overwhelmingly grungy. Unfortunately, for this day, she picked the latter as her style of the day.

32 /171: Lady Gaga

32/171 :Lady Gaga

It would hardly be a fashion fails gallery without mention of Lady Gaga. Here she wears a cape with paint splattered all over her face. Shockingly, we've seen worse from her.

33 /171: Sheryl Crow

33/171 :Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow attempts to wear a wrap dress. However, it's more bunching than wrapping and doesn't flatter her beautiful body.

34 /171: Alexa Chung

34/171 :Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is known for being quirky, and we usually love mixed media fashion, but mixed media doesn't mean throw a chest protector on a dress and call it style.

35 /171: Cate Blanchett

35/171 :Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett's skin is flawless. Her make-up is beautiful and we love her elegant, simple hairstyle. But the dress really ruined this look for us. We're not sure the cape was necessary.

36 /171


We usually love a lace overlay, but this dress on Courtney Webster is not what we're talking about when we say that.

37 /171: Ellie Goulding

37/171 :Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding attempts the newest 90s grunge trend, but basically is just wearing a shirt and short shorts. It's not her best look.

38 /171: Jaime Winestone

38/171 :Jaime Winestone

Jaime Winestone is declaring peace on her dress but there is definitely no harmony in this ensemble. Maybe if she had just left the jacket at home.

39 /171: Jewel

39/171 :Jewel

This dress has a lot of potential on Jewel, but the silver color of her heels just makes the details of her dress look tacky instead of pretty.

40 /171: Jodie Whittaker

40/171 :Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker tries a conservative style and we like the cut of the dress. The print just looks like she had paint splattered on her, though. We're not a fan of this look.

41 /171: Laura Whitmore

41/171 :Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore looks like she's being hidden behind this dress. We think she looks fabulous, but this dress doesn't do anything for her figure.

42 /171: Malin Akerman

42/171 :Malin Akerman

Malin Akerman is one of our favorites, but this outfit is not. She either needs a new top or to lose the pants. They don't work well together.

43 /171: Sophie Summer

43/171 :Sophie Summer

Sometimes busy outfits can work. They can be bright and fun. This outfit on Sophie Summer is neither.

44 /171: Amy Adams fashion fail

44/171 :Amy Adams fashion fail

Amy Adams wears a long purple dress that showed potential until the random white stripe. We don't get it.

45 /171: Anna Faris

45/171 :Anna Faris

Anna Ferris wears a long dress with cut out detail. It could be a cute dress, but it gives her no shape. She could definitely find better!

46 /171: Kate Garraway

46/171 :Kate Garraway

There is such a thing as too much matching colors. Kate Garraway has found that limit.

47 /171: Kat Graham

47/171 :Kat Graham

We were behind the type trend, but this skirt on Kat Graham is what happens when trends go wrong.

48 /171: Kelly Clarkson

48/171 :Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson will always look cute, but she'd look even better if she found dresses that fit her body type. This one isn't it.

49 /171: Liv Tyler

49/171 :Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler looks beautiful until we look at her ill-fitting skirt. Maybe she should have gone with a great pair of skinny jeans here.

50 /171: Mischa Barton

50/171 :Mischa Barton

We see the style Mischa Barton was attempting here, but we don't see how this was her best effort in achieving it.

51 /171: Natalie Cole

51/171 :Natalie Cole

Too much of anything is a bad thing, as we can plainly see here with Natalie Cole's ruffles.

52 /171: Rose McGowan

52/171 :Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan tried to mix casual and chic for this outfit, but it didn't really work. What do you think?

53 /171: Shantel van Santen

53/171 :Shantel van Santen

We love this trendy style that Santel van Santen is trying out, but it looks much better with a full maxi skirt.

54 /171: Ashanti

54/171 :Ashanti

We get that Ashanti wanted to make a bold fashion choice for the red carpet, what we don't understand is why she made a bad bold choice.

55 /171: Georgina Chapman

55/171 :Georgina Chapman

Whimsical is the look we assume Georgina Chapman was going for in this dress. Whimsical is not what actually happened.

56 /171: Jena Malone

56/171 :Jena Malone

Jena Malone definitely achieved the "wow" factor with this dress. Unfortunately, it was not a good wow.

57 /171: Jennifer Hudson

57/171 :Jennifer Hudson

We sympathize with celebrities getting their picture taken at the airport, because no one ever looks good. But Jennifer Hudson probably could have tried a little bit harder to pull this look together.

58 /171: Katy Perry

58/171 :Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a gorgeous girl, and this is a perfectly pleasant dress. We just don't think the conservative mom look is for her.

59 /171: Lady Gaga

59/171 :Lady Gaga

Sometimes it seems as if Lady Gaga is begging us to put her on the Fashion Fail list. This outfit is just crazy, but we commend her for walking in those shoes all night!

60 /171: Lena Dunham

60/171 :Lena Dunham

Funny-girl Lena Dunham has made better wardrobe choices. This dress is way too heavy and doesn't give her any shape. All around we say, no.

61 /171: Lorenza Izzo

61/171 :Lorenza Izzo

Lorenza Izzo's hair and make up is fabulous. We're just unclear on why someone would tell her she should wear a bathing suit and a cover-up to the event.

62 /171: Miley Cyrus

62/171 :Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is channeling her inner Spice Girl with this outfit. We don't expect much from her fashion choices, but this one was just wrong.

63 /171: Laura Jackson

63/171 :Laura Jackson

The only explanation we have for this dress is that Laura Jackson's bangs got in the way of her eyes when she was putting it on. We love her booties though!

64 /171: Heather Graham in red

64/171 :Heather Graham in red

We understand that a red dress is a great holiday season choice, we just don't think this red dress was the best choice for Heather Graham.

65 /171: Juliette Lewis flower fails

65/171 :Juliette Lewis flower fails

We just...Juliette Lewis shouldn't have...Who told her...There really are no words for this look.

66 /171: Karina Smirnoff

66/171 :Karina Smirnoff

There's no missing Karina Smirnoff in this bright orange getup. The problem is, no one should have to see it.

67 /171: Kellie Pickler

67/171 :Kellie Pickler

This is what happens when the flapper look goes completely wrong. It looks like Kelly Pickler's dress went through a shredder.

68 /171: Kim Kardashian golden overload

68/171 :Kim Kardashian golden overload

Do we really have to tell you why this is a fashion fail? Kim Kardashian's style has seen better days.

69 /171: Kristen Bell

69/171 :Kristen Bell

It might just be a bad picture of Kristen Bell, but it could also be the fact that there is a giant blue and white blob on her black dress that makes this a fashion fail.

70 /171: Kristen Wiig

70/171 :Kristen Wiig

We love Kristen Wiig, and we also think this dress could be pretty, but it just isn't the most flattering dress on her. How perfect is her skin, though?

71 /171: LeAnn Rimes

71/171 :LeAnn Rimes

We're not sure what exactly is going on with this gown on LeAnn Rimes, but we're sure that we don't like it.

72 /171: Rita Ora

72/171 :Rita Ora

There is only room for one pop singer with ridiculous fashion, Rita Ora, and Lady Gaga already holds that spot.

73 /171: Victoria Summer

73/171 :Victoria Summer

We love that Victoria Summer tried to get everyone in the holiday spirit with her dress, we just don't think she needed to take it this far.

74 /171: Amanda Peet

74/171 :Amanda Peet

Normally we love textures and patterns on a gown, but this dress on Amanda Peet looks more like an arts and crafts gone wrong.

75 /171: Carise van Houton

75/171 :Carise van Houton

Carise van Houton looks beautiful, but this dress does nothing to flatter her. It looks more like a potato sack.

76 /171: Claire Danes

76/171 :Claire Danes

We're not sure what Claire Danes was thinking with this dress, it looks like she couldn't choose which dress she wanted so she put them all on.

77 /171: Emma Thompson

77/171 :Emma Thompson

We love Emma Thompson dearly, so we want to have a few words with whoever told her wearing a peacock on her dress was a good idea.

78 /171: Helen Mirren

78/171 :Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren looks a bit like she's wearing a tablecloth in this gown. We don't suggest this look.

79 /171: Julie Bowen

79/171 :Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen's dress here could have been better. We like the cut for her, but the print looks like an old-school screen saver.

80 /171: Kerry Washington

80/171 :Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington had the right idea with a maxi skirt and crop top, but we just don't think these two were the best choices.

81 /171: Kristin Chenoweth

81/171 :Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth dares to bare a plunging neckline, which we love, but this dress in particular is just not cute.

82 /171: Rita Wilson

82/171 :Rita Wilson

Rita Wilson picks the perfect style gown for her, but we're not in love with the disco ball look of it.

83 /171: Terri Seymour

83/171 :Terri Seymour

We love peplum dresses, but this one on Terri Seymour is just too much.

84 /171: Ashanti

84/171 :Ashanti

Ashanti seems to have misinterpreted "90's-inspired" and just pulled old clothes from her closet to wear. Not her best look.

85 /171: Ellie Goulding

85/171 :Ellie Goulding

Dresses with big skirts are in this season, but Ellie Goulding just looks like she's on her way to the prom in this dress. It's not the best way to wear this new fashion trend.

86 /171: Eva Amurri

86/171 :Eva Amurri

The suit wasn't so bad when we first looked at Eva Amurri's outfit, but then we got to the shoes. Yikes!

87 /171: Jessie J

87/171 :Jessie J

There's only room for one sparkling nude body suit in pop culture, Jessie J, and Britney already claimed it.

88 /171: Keri Hilson

88/171 :Keri Hilson

Bold patters can look absolutely beautiful on a nice gown, but we don't think you should ever have a stop light pattern on your dress. Hopefully Keri Hilson won't make the same mistake again.

89 /171: Kim Kardashian layers

89/171 :Kim Kardashian layers

Layers are great. We love layers. We do not love the way Kim Kardashian is doing layers in this look.

90 /171: Kylie Minogue's big bows

90/171 :Kylie Minogue's big bows

This is the season of bows - big bows. We love Kylie Minogue for being fashion forward, but we suggest sticking to just one huge bow per outfit.

91 /171: Lil Mama

91/171 :Lil Mama

Just as a general life rule, if your boots look like they could be worn in space, maybe don't wear them on the red carpet, Lil Mama.

92 /171: Nicole Scherzinger

92/171 :Nicole Scherzinger

We don't know what Nicole Scherzinger does in her own time, but by the looks of this top it's definitely inspired by 50 Shades of Grey.

93 /171: Rita Ora

93/171 :Rita Ora

Jumpsuits are great for long travel days because they're so comfortable and cute. But no matter how comfortable they are, you should never look like a department store cowboy.

94 /171: China Anne McClain

94/171 :China Anne McClain

We have a feeling this outfit on China Anne McClain was really great until she put on the studded jean jacket. The whole thing is ruined with one bad decision.

95 /171: Elizabeth Henstridge

95/171 :Elizabeth Henstridge

Elizabeth Henstridge looks like she may have wrapped herself in an area rug for the red carpet. Not her best look.

96 /171: Emily VanCamp

96/171 :Emily VanCamp

We're all for flapper-inspired looks, but this dress on Emily VanCamp just does not flatter her figure the way a true flapper would want.

97 /171: Hoda Kotb

97/171 :Hoda Kotb

Hoda Kotb looks like she's having a blast at this red carpet event, we just think that her dress was meant for a tween's Easter egg hunt and not a grown woman.

98 /171: Keltie Knight

98/171 :Keltie Knight

Lace overlays? Perfect. Color-block patters? Chic. The two of them in one short dress like the one Keltie Knight has on? Not so great.

99 /171: Kim Kardashian as a mirror ball

99/171 :Kim Kardashian as a mirror ball

It looks like even after all these years, Kim Kardashian is still bitter about not winning a mirror ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars. So bitter, she's trying to become her own mirror ball!

100 /171: Laura Prepon

100/171 :Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon looks like her dress was inspired by all the constellations in the galaxy. Unfortunately, it is not out of this world.

101 /171: Scarlett Johansson in too much lace

101/171 :Scarlett Johansson in too much lace

At first glance, this outfit on Scarlett Johansson looks ok. But then you realize that isn't a bow detail but two tassels on her top, which just makes it go from ok to weird.

102 /171: Taryn Manning

102/171 :Taryn Manning

If you're going to go for the crop top fashion, you have to commit. Don't try this half-sewn-together ensemble that Taryn Manning wears.

103 /171: Vanessa Hudgens fashion fail

103/171 :Vanessa Hudgens fashion fail

Vanessa Hudgens proves to all of us that there is such a thing as too much leather.

104 /171: Bella Thorne's fashion disaster

104/171 :Bella Thorne's fashion disaster

Ruffles and pastels are usually a great choice for spring, but Bella Thorne proves that they can go very wrong sometimes.

105 /171: Jillian Rose Reed

105/171 :Jillian Rose Reed

We have a feeling the print on Jillian Rose Reed's dress would make a beautiful art piece, but it is not a great dress design. She does get points for her fabulous clutch, though.

106 /171: Kate Bosworth

106/171 :Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth is taking inspiration from Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani, but it just isn't working for her. Don't even get us started on those shoes.

107 /171: Kat Graham

107/171 :Kat Graham

The elements of this outfit on Kat Graham have potential (look at those red pumps) but the gigantic collar just isn't necessary. It ruins the whole look.

108 /171: Maitland Ward's red carpet fashion fail

108/171 :Maitland Ward's red carpet fashion fail

As a general rule, if what you're wearing could be a slip, you probably shouldn't wear it as a red carpet dress.

109 /171: Mena Suvari

109/171 :Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari is not doing right by the Paris fashion scene in this outfit.

110 /171: Natalie Joos in a frock

110/171 :Natalie Joos in a frock

Natalie Joos' gown is a beautiful color, especially next to the Tiffany blue. However, the cut makes it look more like a potato sack than a dress.

111 /171: Pia Mia Perez

111/171 :Pia Mia Perez

We're not clear on what kind of look Pia Mia Perez was going for here, but if it was hot mess, she definitely got it right!

112 /171: Uma Thurman

112/171 :Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman is way too beautiful to be dressing like a grandmother. Bring back the glam!

113 /171: Victoria Justice

113/171 :Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice proves that there is a fine line between a dynamic ensemble and a disastrous one. Unfortunately, she's in the danger zone.

114 /171: America Ferrera

114/171 :America Ferrera

A conservative look is great, but when it ages you to look like a soccer mom, like America Ferrera's look has here, it's not so great.

115 /171: Sarah Rafferty

115/171 :Sarah Rafferty

Suits star Sarah Rafferty wears a metallic dress with butterfly print and we're really not sure why.

116 /171: Rosario Dawson in stripes

116/171 :Rosario Dawson in stripes

This dress on Rosario Dawson has some great elements, but the chunky stripes and overall weighted look of the dress make it a fail.

117 /171: Piper Perabo

117/171 :Piper Perabo

Piper Perabo's face says it all in this picture. Who let you on the red carpet in that gown?

118 /171: Lydia Hearst

118/171 :Lydia Hearst

Lydia Hearst tried for a dynamic and different cut on her gown and didn't quite get it right.

119 /171: Cate Blanchett

119/171 :Cate Blanchett

We can see what Cate Blanchett was trying to accomplish with this ensemble, we just don't think it is as flattering as she hoped.

120 /171: Elizabeth Hurley

120/171 :Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley goes green in this lace mini-dress. This is one time we can't get behind the green movement.

121 /171: Emma Roberts

121/171 :Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts looks less like a celebrity and more like an angsty teen in this muscle tee and choker.

122 /171: Jennifer Lawrence

122/171 :Jennifer Lawrence

We wanted to love this white lace outfit on Jennifer Lawrence, but then she added a graphic print right in the middle to make her top look more like a picture frame than fashion.

123 /171: Lily Allen

123/171 :Lily Allen

There is a time and a place for a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt. It's at Disneyland when you are under 10 years old. Lily Allen does not fit either of those criteria here.

124 /171: Carly Rae Jepsen

124/171 :Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen shows what kind of disaster can happen when you cannot make up your mind. This dress clearly has too many fabrics and patters going on for it to work.

125 /171: Cherise Boothe

125/171 :Cherise Boothe

At first glance, this maxi dress on Cherise Boothe looks harmless, but then you notice the bib made of feathers. That's why we had to add this to our fashion fails list.

126 /171: Coco Rocha

126/171 :Coco Rocha

This dress on Coco Rocha looks too heavy for her small frame, and that's the very least of the problems. We want to know how her shoulders felt the next day for holding this up all night.

127 /171: Gabrielle Reece

127/171 :Gabrielle Reece

We're hoping that it was laundry day in Gabrielle Reece's house, because there is no other reason why she should wear a knee-length denim skirt.

128 /171: Giovanna Battaglia

128/171 :Giovanna Battaglia

Giovanna Battaglia wears a cute outfit, but this is a classic example of when an outfit can match too much. Add some variety!

129 /171: Gwendoline Christie

129/171 :Gwendoline Christie

We hope we don't have to tell you, but just in case you're on the fence - under no circumstances should you wear a dress with a flock of flamingos printed on it. Sorry, Gwendoline Christie.

130 /171: June Ambrose

130/171 :June Ambrose

June Ambrose has a lot going on in this dress and none of it is great. We demand an entire overhaul of this look.

131 /171: Kim Kardashian's jacket fail

131/171 :Kim Kardashian's jacket fail

Either commit to a jacket, or leave it behind. Don't wear it around your shoulders as an accessory like Kim Kardashian has done here.

132 /171: Meg Ryan

132/171 :Meg Ryan

There's nothing particularly wrong with Meg Ryan's outfit of a maxi skirt and t-shirt, but we're concerned that she has been wearing this outfit every day since the early 90's. It's always good to revamp your style in a new decade!

133 /171: Tessa Ferrer

133/171 :Tessa Ferrer

Tessa Ferrer looks beautiful, we just wish she would have worn a dress on the red carpet, not an apron.

134 /171: Ali Fedotowsky in curtains

134/171 :Ali Fedotowsky in curtains

This is what it looks like when long dresses go wrong. Ali Fedotowsky looks like she just tied some curtains around herself and headed to the Espys.

135 /171: Alina Sueggeler

135/171 :Alina Sueggeler

Just to be clear, if you ever get to the point that you have a personal stylist for every event, and that stylist wants to put you in lace Mickey Mouse ears and baggy shorts, you are well within your rights to say no. Don't be like Alina Sueggelr and stay silent.

136 /171: Allie Gallerani

136/171 :Allie Gallerani

The cut of Allie Gallerani is cute, but the print makes her look like a hotel with different bedroom lights on. That's probably not the look she intended.

137 /171: Anne Heche

137/171 :Anne Heche

We're all for a pop of color, or an interesting design details, but those details should not make you look as though you are wearing a backwards apron on the red carpet like this dress on Anne Heche.

138 /171: Cristin Miloti

138/171 :Cristin Miloti

This dress on Cristin Miloti uses entirely too many clashing elements to be saved. Our only wish is that Cristin did not have to be the victim of it.

139 /171: Hannah Cornett

139/171 :Hannah Cornett

Hannah Cornett made it impossible to comment on the fashion fails of this ensemble because there is barely any fabric to critique.

140 /171: Laila Ali

140/171 :Laila Ali

Laila Ali may want to draw attention to the many titles she holds under her belt, but we're just not sure it has to be this flashy belt, which ruins that beautiful blue dress.

141 /171: Madchen Amick

141/171 :Madchen Amick

Madchen Amick looks like a beautiful blue stick of pop rocks in this dress. If that's the look she was going for, then this should be considered a fashion win.

142 /171: Michelle Williams

142/171 :Michelle Williams

This odd blazer-peplum top that Michelle Williams is wearing seems to be a nod to some of her wilder Destiny's Child outfits of the past.

143 /171: Giuliana Rancic

143/171 :Giuliana Rancic

Normally, we love anything on Giuliana Rancic, but leather and fur during the summer is just not a look we love.

144 /171: Ashley Benson

144/171 :Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson shows us how jumpsuits can go wrong very quickly. Make sure they are loose fitting to achieve the breezy look you want. And not end up like this.

145 /171: Ciara

145/171 :Ciara

Let's be clear. There is no situation where a baggy, all red suit is is the best choice. Sorry, Ciara.

146 /171: Kate Mara

146/171 :Kate Mara

Kate Mara seems to have picked two dresses to wear on the red carpet. We can't tell why, but hopefully this fashion fail doesn't happen again.

147 /171: Kris Jenner

147/171 :Kris Jenner

We actually really love this dress, but it might be more appropriate for Kendall Jenner than for Kris. Another example of when Kris couldn't quite dress for her age.

148 /171: Leigh-Allyn Baker

148/171 :Leigh-Allyn Baker

The Creative Arts Emmy's should not be treated as prom. Unfortunately, Leigh-Allyn Baker did not get the memo and chose to wear a prom dress.

149 /171: Nastia Liukin

149/171 :Nastia Liukin

Shoulder cut outs can be cute. But when they're limp and loose like these on Nastia Liukin they turn from chic to eek! very quickly.

150 /171: Olivia Culpo

150/171 :Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo usually makes great red carpet choices, but this time the slit was a little too high, making this dress a fashion fail.

151 /171: Rita Ora fashion fails continue

151/171 :Rita Ora fashion fails continue

It seems like Rita Ora loves to be a part of our fashion fails list. This look is just frumpy and cumbersome. And why is she wearing a coat that big in the summer?

152 /171: Roxy Diaz

152/171 :Roxy Diaz

We're all for knee high boots, but these knee high wraps on Roxy Diaz are not great.

153 /171: Troia Bellisario

153/171 :Troia Bellisario

Troia Bellisario's gown has a beautiful bodice, but the skirt just looks ratty. It's not the best look on the red carpet.

154 /171: Bonnie Somerville

154/171 :Bonnie Somerville

Bonnie Somerville steps out on the red carpet in some sort of off the shoulder curtain ensemble. The bunching at the bottom does nothing to make it look less like curtains, either.

155 /171: Eva Herzigova

155/171 :Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova is wearing a modest dress with branches on it. Hopefully we don't have to explain to you why this is a fashion fail.

156 /171: Garcelle Beauvais

156/171 :Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais succumbs to the common fashion mistake of putting too many elements of fashion together into a disaster. Most importantly, never tuck your jeans into knee high boots.

157 /171: Karolina Kurkova

157/171 :Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova appears to be dressed in metallic streamers, but this outfit does not look fun at all.

158 /171: Katherine Heigl

158/171 :Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl's attempt at the black sheer fashion trend falls flat. It just looks like she's wearing a ratty old skirt.

159 /171: Kathryn Hahn

159/171 :Kathryn Hahn

Kathryn Hahn seems to be wearing a dress inspired by The Matrix or a video game. This is not the best look for the red carpet.

160 /171: Laura Barriales

160/171 :Laura Barriales

Laura Barriales' skirt overalls might be cute in a different setting, but it just looks awkward on the red carpet.

161 /171: Molly Ringwald

161/171 :Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald's outfit here looks drab and not fab. The hat is a good choice, but the rest of it is just boring.

162 /171: Alex Lumbard

162/171 :Alex Lumbard

Alex Lumbard doesn't hit the mark with this dress. It looks more like a tent nightgown than a stylish dress.

163 /171: Angela Lindvall

163/171 :Angela Lindvall

Angela Lindvall looks really beautiful it's a shame that her dress does not match. The designer definitely got their inspiration from trash bags.

164 /171: Anne Hathaway

164/171 :Anne Hathaway

Sometimes a gothic inspired gown can really work on the red carpet, but Anne Hathaway's look is a little too clunky to be considered chic.

165 /171: Camille Grammer

165/171 :Camille Grammer

There are very few times that any celeb can wear an incomplete face on their dress and we won't consider it a fashion fail. Camille Grammer really gave us no choice in this matter.

166 /171: Eve

166/171 :Eve

Whoever designed this dress for Eve was a very big fan of the Bedazzler. I wish we could share the enthusiasm, because then this dress would make sense.

167 /171: Iggy Azalea

167/171 :Iggy Azalea

We're hoping that this was a laundry day for Iggy Azalea, and this wasn't an outfit she put together by choice.

168 /171: Maxine Kazis

168/171 :Maxine Kazis

All of the elements of this outfit on Maxine Kazis are cute. It's just when they're put together that they don't quite work.

169 /171: Melissa George

169/171 :Melissa George

Evidently, Melissa George could not decide whether she wanted to go to yoga class or the red carpet. It ended up in disaster.

170 /171: Natasha Bedingfield

170/171 :Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha Bedingfield has a lot going on in this photo, and unfortunately, none of it is particularly flattering.

171 /171: Sanny van Heteren

171/171 :Sanny van Heteren

Sanny van Heteren has the elements of a great ensemble here, but it's on metallic overload. Not our favorite.