Celebrity fashion fails

by SheKnows
Jun 16, 2013 at 11:03 p.m. ET
You can't deny Bar Refaeli's beauty at this event, but you also can't deny this is not her best look. Is it just us or does she look angry about wearing it?

1 /171: Poppy Delevingne

1/171 :Poppy Delevingne

Poppy Delevingne's floral pant suit is simply unflattering. Hopefully this is the last we see of it. Ever.

2 /171: Claire Julien

2/171 :Claire Julien

Claire Julie shows so much potential with beautiful hair and makeup. If only the peacock hadn't shown up to ruin her dress.

3 /171: Jade Williams

3/171 :Jade Williams

Jade Williams looks comfortable but her ensemble lacks any form or structure and makes her look like a color-block blob.

4 /171: Claire Courtin-Clarins

4/171 :Claire Courtin-Clarins

Claire Courtin-Clarins seems to have walked the red carpet in her pajamas for this event. Oops!

5 /171: January Jones

5/171 :January Jones

January Jones tried to create a cute, casual look but nothing quite pulls any of this together. We're sure the pieces are cute on their own though! Maybe.

6 /171: Katie Dippold

6/171 :Katie Dippold

Katie Dippold has all the elements of a chic outfit, but the way it came together isn't quite red-carpet ready.

7 /171: Kelly Killoren Bensimon

7/171 :Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Kelly Killoren Bensimon proves that you can't win them all. The former model can't make this red dress look good.

8 /171: Lily Rabe

8/171 :Lily Rabe

Lily Rabe tries to follow the colorblock fashion, but this dress uses way too many colors and textures. Let's just say it's not her best look.

9 /171: Mia Tyler

9/171 :Mia Tyler

Mia Tyler turns her overcoat into a cape for the red carpet. We definitely can't say this is our favorite look.

10 /171: Rihanna

10/171 :Rihanna

Rihanna shows us the importance of a stylist. Separately, she has great pieces, but together, it's a mess.

11 /171: Rita Ora

11/171 :Rita Ora

We're all for a sexy getup, but maybe Rita Ora could have saved it for her bedroom and not the red carpet.

12 /171: Maggie Gyllenhaal

12/171 :Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal tried for a mixed pattern look for the premier of her movie, but it looks more like she forgot to pull her dress all the way up.