Celebrity Kids' Style

by SheKnows
Jul 9, 2010 at 1:23 p.m. ET
Steal Ava Jackman's princess style with a pastel purple leotard and frilly tulle skirt with rose appliques. (Shoes are optional!)

1 /18: Zuma Nesta's punk rock style

1/18 :Zuma Nesta's punk rock style

To get Zuma's look, think cotton gray pants, a lighter gray t-shirt and black socks with stripes.

2 /18: Sasha Screiber's cold weather style

2/18 :Sasha Screiber's cold weather style

Get Sasha's look with greay pants, a black jacket and a newsboy cap.

3 /18: Shiloh Jolie Pitt's "Montenegro" style

3/18 :Shiloh Jolie Pitt's "Montenegro" style

To get Shiloh's style, get a white t-shirt, knee-length shorts, and a fitted blazer.

4 /18: Stella McDermott's pretty ditty

4/18 :Stella McDermott's pretty ditty

Steal Stella's dressy style with a cute green dress with pink accents -- and matching pink shoes.

5 /18: Sunday Rose is pretty in pink

5/18 :Sunday Rose is pretty in pink

A light pink dress and white booties encompass Sunday Rose's simple style.

6 /18: Suri Cruise's feminine style

6/18 :Suri Cruise's feminine style

Dress like Suri with a bright t-shirt, tiered patterned skirt, silver peep-toe shoes with kitten heel. Complete the look with a shell purse.

7 /18: Violet Affleck's casual message t-shirt

7/18 :Violet Affleck's casual message t-shirt

Steal Violet's look with a casual vintage-inspired message t-shirt.

8 /18: Wyatt Steven's pastel style

8/18 :Wyatt Steven's pastel style

Get Wyatt's look with a pastel green/blue polo, plaid shorts and coordinating shoes.

9 /18: Pax' Jolie Pitt's casual style

9/18 :Pax' Jolie Pitt's casual style

Steal Pax' look with cargo pants, a black t-shirt and an army green puffer jacket.

10 /18: Nahla Aubrey's native style

10/18 :Nahla Aubrey's native style

Look for a shift dress with blocks of color and don_t forget the darling moccasins!

11 /18: Mello yellow Coco Arquette

11/18 :Mello yellow Coco Arquette

For Coco's pretty look, find a pale yellow dress with coordinating mary janes.

12 /18: Hank Baskett in bright yellow

12/18 :Hank Baskett in bright yellow

The family that dresses together stays together! Baby Hank coordates with mom and dad by wearing a bright yellow polo, matching plaid shorts and bright white sneakers

13 /18: Harlow's casual style

13/18 :Harlow's casual style

To steal Harlow's style, think birhg purple leggings, orange socks and a t-shirt featuring a fairy/princess applique.

14 /18: Honor Marie's preppy look

14/18 :Honor Marie's preppy look

A simple white t-shirt, black cardigan sweater and darling pweter headband complete Honor's style.

15 /18: Jaden Smith is red carpet ready.

15/18 :Jaden Smith is red carpet ready.

Recreate Jaden's suade style with an oxford shirt, tie, and black blazer.

16 /18: Kingston James McGregor Rossdale

16/18 :Kingston James McGregor Rossdale

Get Kingston's look with hi-tops, skinny jeans, an army green coat and scarf. Don't forget the trademark fauxhawk!

17 /18: Levi Alves McConaughey is a covered up cutie

17/18 :Levi Alves McConaughey is a covered up cutie

To get Levi's look, try sandals (with socks!), dark jeans, a pale yellow t under a dark green flannel -- all topped with a darling hat.

18 /18: Lourdes Leon's leather look

18/18 :Lourdes Leon's leather look

Channel the 80s to steal Lourdes' look -- think fishnets, black leather, hints of lace and studs.