Best Dressed Celebrity Dads

by SheKnows
May 25, 2010 at 2:19 p.m. ET
Wearing classic khaki cargo shorts while out and about with a very pregnant Naomi Watts.

1 /51: Pierce Brosnan

1/51 :Pierce Brosnan

Known for playing James Bond in a perfectly cut tuxedo, Pierce looks just as hot in comfortable clothes for a family outing.

2 /51: Tim McGraw

2/51 :Tim McGraw

Looking good in argyle.

3 /51: Matt Damon

3/51 :Matt Damon

This smoking hot celebrity is father to four daughters. We bet he spoils them rotten!

4 /51: Matthew Fox

4/51 :Matthew Fox

Looking surfer cool in a buttoned down shirt.

5 /51: Matthew McConaughey

5/51 :Matthew McConaughey

Wearing a shirt for once, and looking good covered up.

6 /51: Patrick Dempsey

6/51 :Patrick Dempsey

Nothing beats a man in a black suit. Nothing.

7 /51: Will Smith

7/51 :Will Smith

Follow Will's style and pair a round of golf with a bright polo.

8 /51: Tom Cruise

8/51 :Tom Cruise

Suri certainly got the best from both parents in the looks department. Tom rocks a cool pair of sunglasses that boost his look to celebrity status.

9 /51: Johnny Depp

9/51 :Johnny Depp

His style might be a bit crazy at times, but he's the one person who can pull it off.

10 /51: Ben Affleck

10/51 :Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner share a casual evening without their two daughters.

11 /51: Hugh Jackman

11/51 :Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman in a sport coat at X-Men premiere. He may look fierce, but we're sure he's a softie around his daughter Ava.

12 /51: David Beckham

12/51 :David Beckham

Camo shorts never looked so good.

13 /51: Jon Stewart

13/51 :Jon Stewart

Funny guy Jon won out hearts with his outrageous satirical news show and little-boy grin. Bonus points for his ability to look equally adorable in both a suit and a baseball hat.

14 /51: Gavin Rossdale

14/51 :Gavin Rossdale

Gavin Rossdale wearing a casual button-up.

15 /51: Brad Pitt

15/51 :Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is looking casual cool in khakis sans his six children.

16 /51: Bruce Willis

16/51 :Bruce Willis

Besides managing to make balding look sexy, Bruce's appeal comes from a merginig of the sophisticated and the casual. Pairing a perfectly cut suit with an unbottoned polo is relaxed, but still polished.

17 /51: Denzel Washington

17/51 :Denzel Washington

This all black outfit really makes Denzel's face the focus--as it should be. The father of four might be on the tail end of 50, but with that smile he could charm the pants off any lady.

18 /51: Balthazar Getty

18/51 :Balthazar Getty

The actor and musician is also a proud father of four-three boys and one girl. Even surrounded by their chaos, Balthazar looks polished in pastels.

19 /51: Gabriel Aubry

19/51 :Gabriel Aubry

As a model, Garbiel is paid to look good in a suit. His height and bone structure might give him an unfair advantage over other men, but all can learn a thing or two about the power of confidence--especially when pulling off a suit with some sheen.

20 /51: Usher

20/51 :Usher

Heralded as an icon in hip-hop fashion, Usher's style is legendary. While men want to mimic his clothes and swag, women just want him. His two adorable sons are the cherry on top of a near-perfect package.

21 /51: Jude Law

21/51 :Jude Law

The currently single star puts his own spin on the red carpet with a black v-neck, red pccketsqaure and piercing blue eyes.

22 /51: Gilles Marini

22/51 :Gilles Marini

The French actor most famously known as the very hot, very naked Dante in the Sex and the City movie is also a married father of two. While we're not sure how his kids feel about their dad going full frontal, it's safe to say that hot blooded women everywhere appreciate the gesture.

23 /51: Josh Kelley

23/51 :Josh Kelley

Besides the fact that we all go weak at the knees for a man who can play the guitar, this country crooner gets our stamp of approval for being the proud father of an adopted daughter, and having some of the sexiest beard scruff we?ve ever seen.

24 /51: Mark Wahlberg

24/51 :Mark Wahlberg

Mark's athletic body and expressive face make him one of our favorites both on and off screen. Pairing a gray suit perfectly with a navy tie and adorable children, Marc is the epitome of a hot dad.

25 /51: Marc Anthony

25/51 :Marc Anthony

Like his superstar wife, Marc is always fashion forward. With clothes that are always tailored impeccably, Marc appears suave and sexy at all times

26 /51: Mario Lopez

26/51 :Mario Lopez

Favoring v-necks and polo shirts that show off his broad shoulders, Mario's style is laid-back but never messy. The new dad somehow manages to never look frazzled by sleepness nights or diaper changing, and that kind of multi-tasking is always sexy.

27 /51: Neil Patrick Harris

27/51 :Neil Patrick Harris

One half of a dashing dad duo, this talented singer and actor looks amazing in a tuxedo. The father of twins, this celeb isn?t afraid to be true to himself--loudly, proudly and hilariously.

28 /51: Orlando Bloom

28/51 :Orlando Bloom

What isn't there to love about Orlando? Capable of making elves and sword-weilding pirates smoldering hot, he is more than easy on the eyes in a cargo jacket and jeans.

29 /51: Pete Wentz

29/51 :Pete Wentz

Pete is one of the few rockers who manages to dress true to his genre and still look like a normal person albeit a very attractive normal person.

30 /51: Peter Facinelli

30/51 :Peter Facinelli

Very few people can pull of a shiny jacket, tie and scarf all at once. By keeping the color palette the same, Peter looks broodingly handsome and even sexier than his vampire alter ego.

31 /51: President Barak Obama

31/51 :President Barak Obama

Alright, he might not be the same kind of celebrity as the rest of our dads, but there is no denying the man is fine. Arguably the hottest ruler of the free world since Kennedy, Obama is bringing sexy back to the presidency--even in a knee-length pea coat.

32 /51: Seal

32/51 :Seal

There's just something about Seal that makes us shiver in excitement. Who else has the sex appeal to pull-off an open shirt, sunglasses and multiple gold necklaces on the red carpet while still managing to outshine his drop-dead gorgeous wife?

33 /51: Stephen Moyer

33/51 :Stephen Moyer

Stephen is accomplishes the impossbile--looking hotter in real life than as a vampire. The star radiates bad-boy appeal in a leather jacket, and judging from a few glimpses in True Blood--he looks even better with it (and nothing else) on.

34 /51: Steve Carell

34/51 :Steve Carell

His goofy roles often leave him out of the heartthrob categorey, but in this bright blue suit coat Steve proves to be dashing, dark and handsome.

35 /51: Recreate Tim's Argyle Look

35/51 :Recreate Tim's Argyle Look

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36 /51


37 /51: Recreate David's Look

37/51 :Recreate David's Look

Camo shorts are a must-have for any man's closet. Recreate David's beach-sexy style with Arizona Camo Cargo Shorts from JCPenney. A shirt is optional if you're really trying to steal David's style!

38 /51: Recreate Johnny's Look

38/51 :Recreate Johnny's Look

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39 /51: Recreate Gavin's Look

39/51 :Recreate Gavin's Look

This JOE Joseph Abboud® Short Sleeve Linen/Rayon Shirt from JCPenney can help you recreate Gavin's rocker beach style. Pair it with boardshorts for a walk along the beach or jeans for a more dressed up look.

40 /51: Recreate Ben's Look

40/51 :Recreate Ben's Look

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41 /51: Recreate Will's Look

41/51 :Recreate Will's Look

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42 /51: Recreate Patrick's Look

42/51 :Recreate Patrick's Look

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43 /51: Recreate Hugh's Look

43/51 :Recreate Hugh's Look

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44 /51: Recreate Liev's Look

44/51 :Recreate Liev's Look

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45 /51: Recreate Matt's Look

45/51 :Recreate Matt's Look

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46 /51: Recreate Matthew's Look

46/51 :Recreate Matthew's Look

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47 /51: Peter Facinelli in a Utility Shirt

47/51 :Peter Facinelli in a Utility Shirt

Peter Facinelli wears a long sleeve utility shirt.

48 /51: Recreate Matthew McConaughey's Look

48/51 :Recreate Matthew McConaughey's Look

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49 /51: Recreate Peter's Look

49/51 :Recreate Peter's Look

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50 /51: Recreate Pierce's Look

50/51 :Recreate Pierce's Look

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51 /51: Recreate Tom's Look

51/51 :Recreate Tom's Look

Tom mixes a classic button down with casual jeans for a stylish yet dressed down look. Recreate Tom's sophisticated casual style with a Van Heusen® Poplin shirt from JCPenney.