Stylish sweatshirt picks

by SheKnows
Sep 12, 2013 at 2:48 a.m. ET
Get in touch with your inner sports fan when you wear this cute varsity v-neck pullover from Wildfox.

1 /19: Hard Tail cut out sweatshirt

1/19 :Hard Tail cut out sweatshirt

Show a little skin in this cute cut out sweatshirt from Hard Tail. It's a great sweatshirt wear during the transition from warmer weather to cooler temperatures.

2 /19: Comfy cashmere sweatshirt

2/19 :Comfy cashmere sweatshirt

Stay comfortable and cute in this loose fitting cashmere sweatshirt from Victoria's Secret. Pair it with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and you've got simple and stylish fall fashion.

3 /19: Heart on your sweatshirt

3/19 :Heart on your sweatshirt

Show everyone how big your heart is with this super soft crewneck sweatshirt from Victoria's Secret. It's a great piece to dress up or keep casual.

4 /19: Patriotic pullover

4/19 :Patriotic pullover

If you're headed outside to enjoy the perfect fall weather or curling up for a good movie night, this red white and blue sweatshirt is the pick for you.

5 /19: Zippered sweatshirt

5/19 :Zippered sweatshirt

Scotch & Soda puts a new detail in the classic pullover sweatshirt with a zipper in the back of this fabulous "Dear Marilyn" sweatshirt. We love everything about it.

6 /19: Mixed media sweatshirt

6/19 :Mixed media sweatshirt

A sweatshirt to fit every mood you're in. We love the look of this mixed media sweatshirt. The lace and leather trim is the perfect combination for fall fashion.

7 /19: Lace trim

7/19 :Lace trim

Get the layered look with one stylish sweatshirt. The lace trim adds a romantic detail to a simple sweatshirt.

8 /19: Colorblock sweatshirt

8/19 :Colorblock sweatshirt

Follow your favorite fall fashion with this colorblock sweatshirt from TopShop. The moto style pullover has black panels that add edge to the peach color.

9 /19: Blue stripe sweater

9/19 :Blue stripe sweater

This soft, wide cut sweatshirt has all the style of a denim top and all the comfort of your favorite sweatshirt. The blue stripes make it easy to wear this sweatshirt to any outing this fall.

10 /19: Dark trim

10/19 :Dark trim

For those who have a more conservative style, we've picked this cream colored v-neck sweatshirt with a black trim as one of our fall favorites.

11 /19: Polka dot pullover

11/19 :Polka dot pullover

Spice up your fall fashion with this fun sweatshirt from Gap. We love the beaded collar and fun polka dot print. It's a cute and playful sweatshirt to wear this fall.

12 /19: Rugby style sweatshirt

12/19 :Rugby style sweatshirt

Capture a classic look with a modern sweatshirt in this shawl collar sweatshirt. The heavy material is guaranteed to keep you warm in the crisp fall air.

13 /19: Quilted comfort

13/19 :Quilted comfort

Cozy up on a chilly fall day with this quilted pullover. The super soft cotton is highlighted by the quilted elbow patch detail.

14 /19: Mesh details

14/19 :Mesh details

This sweatshirt proves you can look sexy while at your most comfortable. Mix this into your going out outfits or your staying in ensembles.

15 /19: Printed sweatshirt

15/19 :Printed sweatshirt

The traditional crewneck sweatshirt just got a makeover. The lace print makes this sweatshirt cozy-chic - a definite must-have this season!

16 /19: Wild sweatshirt

16/19 :Wild sweatshirt

Show off your wild side when you wear this daring message. We can't get enough of the beautiful salmon color and how well it compliments the blue letters. An all-around great sweatshirt.

17 /19: Zippered cut outs

17/19 :Zippered cut outs

Embrace a modern, asymmetric style when you wear this edgy zip sleeve sweatshirt. It's a top you can play with to fit your mood, which is what we love most about it.

18 /19: Floral sleeve sweatshirt

18/19 :Floral sleeve sweatshirt

Have you always wanted tattoos but you've been too afraid of the pain? We hear you. That's why we picked this floral sleeved boyfriend sweatshirt as one of our favorites this fall. It's all the fun of tattoos and none of the tears.

19 /19: Must-have metallic

19/19 :Must-have metallic

Who says wearing a sweatshirt can't be exciting? Definitely not us. We love the look of this shiny metallic pullover. It can spice up any fall outfit.