Best of Fall Fashion 2009 Accessories

by SheKnows
Aug 24, 2009 at 7:22 p.m. ET
Not flashy or over-the-top, the subtlety of these Burberry sunglasses is the reason for their appeal.

1 /51: Burberry sunglasses

1/51 :Burberry sunglasses

Not flashy or over-the-top, the subtlety of these Burberry sunglasses is the reason for their appeal.

2 /51: Ann Demeulemeester necklace

2/51 :Ann Demeulemeester necklace

Ann Demeulemeester white glass & ribbon scarf necklace. Saks Fifth Avenue

3 /51: Nancy Caten necklace

3/51 :Nancy Caten necklace

Nancy Caten gold stacked hoop necklace. Net-a-porter

4 /51: Monica Vinader earrings

4/51 :Monica Vinader earrings

Monica Vinader gold Polly earrings. Net-a-porter

5 /51: Monica Vinader disc necklace

5/51 :Monica Vinader disc necklace

Monica Vinader gold Marie disc necklace. Net-a-porter

6 /51: Missoni kint scarf

6/51 :Missoni kint scarf

Missoni ruffle knit scarf. Net-porter

7 /51: Maje leaf pendant

7/51 :Maje leaf pendant

Maje leaf pendant necklace. Net-a-porter

8 /51: Lanvin pearl necklace

8/51 :Lanvin pearl necklace

Lanvin two-strand pearl necklace. Net-a-porter

9 /51: Lanvin pearl bracelet

9/51 :Lanvin pearl bracelet

Lanvin pearl grosgrain bracelet. Net-a-porter

10 /51: Lanvin flower necklace

10/51 :Lanvin flower necklace

Lanvin metal flower necklace. Net-a-porter

11 /51: Eugenia Kim red hat

11/51 :Eugenia Kim red hat

Eugenia Kim "Sonia" cloche hat. Net-a-porter

12 /51: Vera Wang Lavendar Label necklace

12/51 :Vera Wang Lavendar Label necklace

Vera Wang Lavendar Label tissue organza necklace.

13 /51: Oscar de la Renta cuff

13/51 :Oscar de la Renta cuff

Oscar de la Renta black leather cuff. Net-a-porter

14 /51: Roberto Cavalli necklace

14/51 :Roberto Cavalli necklace

Roberto Cavalli graphic stone necklace. Net-a-porter

15 /51: Roberto Cavalli cuff

15/51 :Roberto Cavalli cuff

Robert cavallie studded leather cuff. Net-a-porter

16 /51: Gucci lariat necklace

16/51 :Gucci lariat necklace

Gucci 18-karat rose gold & silver lariat necklace. Saks Fifth Avenue.

17 /51: Portolano mushroom hat

17/51 :Portolano mushroom hat

Portolano dorset mushroom hat. Saks Fifth Avenue

18 /51: Maison Martin Margiela fingerless gloves

18/51 :Maison Martin Margiela fingerless gloves

Maison Martin Margiela black long fingerless gloves. Saks Fifth Avenue

19 /51: Maison Martin Margiela arm warmers

19/51 :Maison Martin Margiela arm warmers

Maison Martin Margiela black knit arm warmers. Saks Fifth Avenue

20 /51: Ilana Wolf satin wrap

20/51 :Ilana Wolf satin wrap

Ilana Wolf reversible satin wrap. Saks Fifth Avenue

21 /51: Chan Luu scarf

21/51 :Chan Luu scarf

Chan Luu crinkle fringe scarf. Saks Fifth Avenue

22 /51: Burberry hat

22/51 :Burberry hat

Burberry wool duffel hat. Saks Fifth Avenue

23 /51: Burberry leather gloves

23/51 :Burberry leather gloves

Burberry black leather chain gloves. Saks Fifth Avenue

24 /51: Burberry check scarf

24/51 :Burberry check scarf

Burberry giant check gauze scarf. Saks Fifth Avenue

25 /51: Temperley London leather belt

25/51 :Temperley London leather belt

Temperely London Lalilat black leather belt. Net-a-porter

26 /51: Nest wood pendant

26/51 :Nest wood pendant

Nest vintage wood pendant.

27 /51: House of Harlow 1960 gold ring

27/51 :House of Harlow 1960 gold ring

House of Harlow 1960 gold plated thin ring.

28 /51: B&E studded belt

28/51 :B&E studded belt

B&E studded belt.

29 /51: Yossi Harari cuff

29/51 :Yossi Harari cuff

Yossi Harari 24-karate gold corset cuff. Neiman Marcus

30 /51: Vera Wang bracelet

30/51 :Vera Wang bracelet

Vera Wang bead ribbon bracelet. Neiman Marcus

31 /51: Ranjana Khan necklace

31/51 :Ranjana Khan necklace

Ranjana Khan multi-chain gold necklace. Neiman Marcus

32 /51: M Missoni rose muffler

32/51 :M Missoni rose muffler

M Missoni dot/stripe muffler in rose. Neiman Marcus

33 /51: Michael kors neon pink belt

33/51 :Michael kors neon pink belt

Michael Kors patent leather neon pink belt. Neiman Marcus

34 /51: Michael Kors black belt

34/51 :Michael Kors black belt

Michael Kors multi-buckle black leather belt. Neiman Marcus

35 /51: Juicy Couture layered necklace

35/51 :Juicy Couture layered necklace

Juicy Couture flower heart layered necklace. Neiman Marcus

36 /51: Janis by Janis Savitt bracelet

36/51 :Janis by Janis Savitt bracelet

Janis by Janis Savitt multi-chain gold bracelet. Neiman Marcus

37 /51: Gucci gloves

37/51 :Gucci gloves

Gucci icon brown leather gloves. Neiman Marucs

38 /51: Bob Basics cashmere beret

38/51 :Bob Basics cashmere beret

Bob Basics red cashmere beret.

39 /51: Catherine Rapetti bracelet

39/51 :Catherine Rapetti bracelet

Catherine Rapetti double love knots bracelet.

40 /51: CC Skye cuff

40/51 :CC Skye cuff

CC Skye Izzie plate cuff.

41 /51: House of Harlow 1960 necklace

41/51 :House of Harlow 1960 necklace

House of Harlow 1960 black leather necklace.

42 /51: Adia Kabur necklace

42/51 :Adia Kabur necklace

Adia Kabur gold dagger necklace.

43 /51: Kenneth Jay Lane silver ring

43/51 :Kenneth Jay Lane silver ring

Kenneth Jay Lane silver hammered ring.

44 /51: Kenneth Jay Lane bib necklace

44/51 :Kenneth Jay Lane bib necklace

Kenneth Jay Lane fancy stones bib necklace.

45 /51: House of Harlow 1960 ring

45/51 :House of Harlow 1960 ring

House of Harlow 1960 black diamond ring.

46 /51: Gorjana necklace

46/51 :Gorjana necklace

Gorjana double petal silver necklace.

47 /51: Gemma Redux necklace

47/51 :Gemma Redux necklace

Gemma Redux "Erin" necklace.

48 /51: Eugenia Kim headband

48/51 :Eugenia Kim headband

Eugenia Kim pretzel-knot headband.

49 /51: Elegantly Waisted belt

49/51 :Elegantly Waisted belt

Elegantly Waisted "kelly" black belt.

50 /51: CC Skye mesh bracelet

50/51 :CC Skye mesh bracelet

CC Skye wide mesh bracelet.

51 /51: Greenbeads bib necklace

51/51 :Greenbeads bib necklace

Greenbeads black floral bib necklace. Neiman Marcus