colorblock fashion

by SheKnows
Jun 20, 2012 at 4:30 p.m. ET
This flirtatious skirt mixes a sea breeze aqua with a soothing pale pink. This is perfect for the summer sweetheart look. The skirt runs for only $34 at

1 /19: Statement Necklace

1/19 :Statement Necklace

Colorblock fashion is not only for clothes and shoes. This fun gold and pink necklace will make you the envy of all your friends. Find this necklace for $24 at

2 /19: Neutral Striped Dress

2/19 :Neutral Striped Dress

This is the perfect casual dress for summer. Cut with a peekaboo shoulder, the dress is great for the beach and on-the-go gal. Pick it up for $30 at

3 /19: Casual Shirt

3/19 :Casual Shirt

Be comfortable and fashion-forward with this cute colorblocked grey shirt. Get the look for $15.80 at

4 /19: Diagonal Pattern Tank Top

4/19 :Diagonal Pattern Tank Top

Boost your summer fashion with a diagonal Colorblock tank. The triangle-like pink and grey pattern puts a spin onto your fashion-forward look.

5 /19: Keyhole Maxi Dress

5/19 :Keyhole Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are still in style, so add a Colorblock pattern to set the trend on fire. The keyhole adds some extra flare to the pink tones on the dress. For only $32.99 this dress can be yours. Pick it up at

6 /19: Hot Pink Dress

6/19 :Hot Pink Dress

Brighten up your summer with this hot pink Colorblock dress. The black settles the brightness of the pink so it?s not too overpowering. Enjoy this dress for $28.50 from

7 /19: Edgy Swimsuit

7/19 :Edgy Swimsuit

The green, pink, and black colors create an edge to your swimming suit. Swim with style by purchasing the top and matching bottom for $27.99 each at

8 /19: Sexy Swimsuit

8/19 :Sexy Swimsuit

Swim with seduction in this pink and black one-piece swimsuit. Available for$24.99 at

9 /19: Fun Mini Skirt

9/19 :Fun Mini Skirt

This is not your average boring black skirt. The Colorblock skirt adds color to your wardrobe and is professional yet fun. Find it for $22.99 at

10 /19: Cute Pink Wedges

10/19 :Cute Pink Wedges

Add some flare with each step you take. These cute wedges are only $35.50 at

11 /19: Striped Tube Top

11/19 :Striped Tube Top

Being bold has never been hotter. This tube top will have you standing out in any crowd, in a good way of course! It's available at for $17.30 each.

12 /19: Summer Handbag

12/19 :Summer Handbag

Step out of the house with this fabulous handbag. The turquoise, beige, and yellow on the handbag is what makes this a top item for summer. Find it at for $48.41.

13 /19: Trendy Sunglasses

13/19 :Trendy Sunglasses

It?s summer so that means fashionable shades are a must. Be fashion-forward with these trendy sunglasses. Available for only $19.99 at

14 /19: Neon Earrings

14/19 :Neon Earrings

Go bright this summer with neon hoops. The lime green and lemon yellow will bring the sunshine wherever you go. Pick them up for only $12 at

15 /19: Sassy Leggings

15/19 :Sassy Leggings

These Cruella De Vil inspired leggings will bring out the sass in you. Rock them with heels or boots. has these leggings for $18.40.

16 /19: Sequin Tank

16/19 :Sequin Tank

Include some sparkle into your daily routine with this cute sequin tank top. The yellows, greens, and golds make this tank top fun for summer. Sold at for only $19.99 this tank top could be yours.

17 /19: Sleek Dress

17/19 :Sleek Dress

This dress is great for those outings with your friends or that special guy. With the Colorblock blue and black, the dress screams chic and fabulous. will have it for only $14.80.

18 /19: Layered Heels

18/19 :Layered Heels

Layered with black, blue, and grey, this heel will have the ground melting as you walk. Pick up a pair at for $34.99.

19 /19: Office Chic

19/19 :Office Chic

Be fashionable even in the office with this black, grey, and white Colorblock shirt. While staying on the conservative side of things, this top will sure blow the roof off.