Pretty Pastels

by SheKnows
Jun 19, 2012 at 2:57 p.m. ET
This pretty dress is perfect for a backyard barbeque or a stroll by the sea. It can be yours for only $22.80 at

1 /14: Pretty in Purple Tube Dress

1/14 :Pretty in Purple Tube Dress

This dress is great for a day at the beach and can easily be dressed up for a night on the town. $29.94,

2 /14: Casual and Cool Summer Dress

2/14 :Casual and Cool Summer Dress

Throw this cute and comfortable dress on to go to the pool or to relax after a long, hot day. $36.99,

3 /14: Colorful Jeans

3/14 :Colorful Jeans

Carry one of the hottest spring fashion trends into summer with these colorful jeans. $48 at

4 /14: Pastel Pants

4/14 :Pastel Pants

Show off the pastel trend in a stand-out way with these purple pants. Only $24.95,

5 /14: Sleveless Sherbert Shirt

5/14 :Sleveless Sherbert Shirt

Match your favorite summer desserts like sherbert and popsicles with this green top. $19.80,

6 /14: Flowy Top

6/14 :Flowy Top

Keep cool and feel the breeze with this pretty top from, $44.99

7 /14: Delectable Cool Mint Blouse

7/14 :Delectable Cool Mint Blouse

Start your summer off right with this sweet shirt. $62.99 at

8 /14: Flirty Summer Shorts

8/14 :Flirty Summer Shorts

Whether you're hitting the boardwalk or the mall, these shorts will add a pop of color to your day. $39.50,

9 /14: Pastel Pleats

9/14 :Pastel Pleats

This skirt has flattering pleats and is the perfect color for a summer afternoon at the park. Get it for just $19.80 at

10 /14: Icy Blue Dress

10/14 :Icy Blue Dress

With the rising temps, channel your cool with this icy blue dress. Available for $69.99 at

11 /14: Retro Summer Style

11/14 :Retro Summer Style

Channel your inner Mad Men character with this cute dress from, $24.99

12 /14: Cheery Lemon Shirt

12/14 :Cheery Lemon Shirt

Enjoy a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade in this pretty top. $34,

13 /14: Boho Chic Pastel

13/14 :Boho Chic Pastel

Pair a pastel like this one, $49.50 at, with another hot summer trend like the patterened skirt shown here for extra style

14 /14: Sweet Skirt

14/14 :Sweet Skirt

Pair this skirt with flats by day and heels by night for multi-purpose summer wear. $26.94,