Sherbet inspired nail polish

by SheKnows
Jun 14, 2012 at 12:43 a.m. ET
Looking for something sweet? Try this peach-colored polish to give your nails some flavor! Persuasive by Dermelect. Available at

1 /12: Plum sherbet

1/12 :Plum sherbet

This lilac shade is rich, creamy and a great buy. Luxurious by Dermelect. Available at

2 /12: Blueberry sherbet

2/12 :Blueberry sherbet

An eye-catching shade, this sky blue paints on easy for long-lasting color. Above It by Dermelect. Available at

3 /12: Lime sherbet

3/12 :Lime sherbet

Pastel and creamy with just the right amount of bright, this minty green is sure to please. Mint Candy Apple by Essie (Amazon, $8)

4 /12: Blue raspberry sherbet

4/12 :Blue raspberry sherbet

This clear-skies blue is an effortlessly relaxed nail shade. Koliary by NARS (Sephora, $18)

5 /12: Cherry sherbet

5/12 :Cherry sherbet

The perfect summer red, cheery and welcoming, a great all-around shade. Massai red by Dior Vernis (Nordstrom, $23)

6 /12: Watermelon sherbet

6/12 :Watermelon sherbet

BBQs, pool parties, watermelon... the very essence of summer. This hint of coral pink is what you are looking for. I Eat Mainly Lobster by OPI (Amazon, $8.50)

7 /12: Raspberry sherbet

7/12 :Raspberry sherbet

Bold with just the right amount of sweet, this fuchsia is a hit. Funny Face by Essie (Amazon, $8)

8 /12: Grape sherbet

8/12 :Grape sherbet

This light and airy purple comes is a smooth summer shade. Provence by Revlon Colorstay (, $8)

9 /12: Apricot sherbet

9/12 :Apricot sherbet

This nail lacquer brings a perfect hint of orange to an otherwise neutral shade. Life and Beth by MAC (Macy’s, $16)

10 /12: Strawberry sherbet

10/12 :Strawberry sherbet

Gentle and delicate, this pink is an all-purpose perfect hue. Cafe by Revlon (, $8)

11 /12: Orange sherbet

11/12 :Orange sherbet

Creamy and bright, who doesn’t love orange in the summer? Action by Essie (Essie, $8)

12 /12: Lemon sherbet

12/12 :Lemon sherbet

Bright and perky, this smooth yellow shade will add the perfect pop to any summer outfit. Notting Hill Carnival by nails inc London (Sephora, $9.50)