Workplace-appropriate hairstyles

by SheKnows
Mar 21, 2011 at 3:48 p.m. ET
Katie Holmes' bouncy bob is great for young moms and power professionals.

1 /39: Half up, half down

1/39 :Half up, half down

Reese Witherspoon's half-up hairstyle is a tad flirty, but still all business.

2 /39: Pinned back

2/39 :Pinned back

Jessica Biel's pinned back front strands keep her hair out of her face. This style is perfect for a busy day at the office.

3 /39: Shoulder length style

3/39 :Shoulder length style

Christina Hendricks' shoulder length curled style is perfect for the office. Well, from the neck up.

4 /39: Side-swept bun

4/39 :Side-swept bun

Kate Winslet's low, side-swept bun is a classic, simple way to class up the office.

5 /39: Side pony

5/39 :Side pony

This isn't the side ponytail of years past. America Ferrera rocks a low ponytail. Update the work pony with this low (and low maintenance) style.

6 /39: Loose updo

6/39 :Loose updo

Lauren Conrad's loose, pinned-back updo looks clean and pristine without appearing too uptight.

7 /39: Funky French Twist

7/39 :Funky French Twist

Evan Rachel Wood's red carpet French Twist doubles as a business style.

8 /39: Business bun

8/39 :Business bun

Keep your hair out of your eyes and off your mind all day with this slicked-back style, as spotted on Jennifer Lopez.

9 /39: Braided updo

9/39 :Braided updo

Ashely Olsen's braided updo transitions from casual daytime style to office appropriate seamlessly.

10 /39: Kara Tointon

10/39 :Kara Tointon

Kara Tointon looks fresh and youthful, but also super professional with this choppy, shoulder length hairstyle. She can pull it back into an updo, or wear it down for added office sass. Photo courtesy WENN.

11 /39: Victoria Boydel

11/39 :Victoria Boydel

Victoria Boydel is classy and classic with this shoulder length hairstyle that has enough sophistication for the office without overdoing it. Photo courtesy WENN.

12 /39: Jennifer Saunders

12/39 :Jennifer Saunders

Jennifer Saunders looks short, choppy and sassy with this no-fuss hairstyle, perfect for those long days in the office when you can't have anything on your mind but work -- and especially not hair. Photo courtesy WENN.

13 /39: Deborah Meaden

13/39 :Deborah Meaden

Deborah Meaden works it with this slightly curled, shoulder length style that's both office and age appropriate. Photo courtesy WENN.

14 /39: Victoria Beckham

14/39 :Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham pulls back her hair into this multi-faceted bun, complete with pinned curls that give it new dimension and life. Photo courtesy WENN.

15 /39: Poppy Delevigne

15/39 :Poppy Delevigne

Poppy Delevigne is braided and lovely with this soft, blonde braid. Her long hair might not be office appropriate, but tied back this way it's pretty and purposeful. Photo courtesy WENN.

16 /39: Olivia Palermo

16/39 :Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo always wears sophisticated hairstyles, and this updo is no exception. Her slightly poofed up updo is chic, sexy, and boardroom ready. Photo courtesy WENN.

17 /39: Kate Hudson

17/39 :Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson pulls her hair into a loose, high bun for a fun look that's not too serious. Still, it's out of her face for a long day of Hollywood work. Photo courtesy WENN.

18 /39: Lara Bohinc

18/39 :Lara Bohinc

Lara Bohinc lets her hair down with this half up hairstyle. Not all office looks need to be short or tied back. This wavy hairstyle is pretty for any occasion. Photo courtesy WENN.

19 /39: Josephine De La Baume

19/39 :Josephine De La Baume

Josephine De La Baume is chic, sassy and ready for business with this up-high ponytail. The two strands hanging down up front a playful, feminine twist. Photo courtesy WENN.

20 /39: Charlotte Ritchie

20/39 :Charlotte Ritchie

Charlotte Ritchie works an adorable shoulder length style with just a few bangs up front. It's boardroom ready and office appropriate. Photo courtesy WENN.

21 /39: Kerry Katona

21/39 :Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona rocks a short, platinum blonde bob that brings a bit of nightlife into the office. Office hairstyles don't have to be drab, and Kerry proves it. Photo courtesy WENN.

22 /39: Ana Araujo

22/39 :Ana Araujo

Ana Araujo is choppy and straight forward with this wash-and-go, no fuss hairstyle. If you're cramped for time in the morning, this might be the look for you. Photo courtesy WENN.

23 /39: Gillian Anderson

23/39 :Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson looks pinned back and pretty with this modern twist on the classic ponytail. It's low and to the side, showing she means business. Photo courtesy WENN.

24 /39: Laura Carmichael

24/39 :Laura Carmichael

Laura Carmichael looks darling with this modern, assymetrical take on the bob hairstyle. It's clean and pretty, but has just enough edge to be interesting. Photo courtesy WENN.

25 /39: Lucy Speed

25/39 :Lucy Speed

Lucy Speed is super sleek and classic with this modern bob. It doesn't require much styling, except for the sassy bangs up front. Photo courtesy WENN.

26 /39: Jenny Frost

26/39 :Jenny Frost

Jenny Frost is youthful, but ready for business with this wavy, shoulder length look. The blonde color is just the pop of pretty the office needs. Photo courtesy WENN.

27 /39: Lauren Goodger

27/39 :Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger switches up a modern updo with the funky strands that highlight her face. It's just the bit of fun the office needs. Photo courtesy WENN.

28 /39: Wynter Gordon

28/39 :Wynter Gordon

Wynter Gordon pins up her natural curls with this modern updo. It's an easy way to wrangle in uncooperative hair and look great in a snap. Photo courtesy WENN.

29 /39: Jade Thompson

29/39 :Jade Thompson

Jade Thompson is curly and adorable with this workplace appropriate hairstyle. It might require a bit of effort to curl this much hair, but it's worth it for the compliments you'll get at the office. Photo courtesy WENN.

30 /39: Tulisa Contostavlos

30/39 :Tulisa Contostavlos

Tulisa Contostavlos pulls back her super long, black hair into this enormous, fashionable bun. It's a good way to keep your long hair out of your eyes and look like a professional. Photo courtesy WENN.

31 /39: Jessica Ennis

31/39 :Jessica Ennis

Jessica Ennis pulls her hair back into a side pony that gives the impression of long, down hair without the fuss of having it in her face. Photo courtesy WENN.

32 /39: Nicola Stapleton

32/39 :Nicola Stapleton

Nicola Stapleton works it with this subtle, half-up hairstyle. She pins the back half of her hair back for a simple, stylish hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

33 /39: Nancy Dell'Olio

33/39 :Nancy Dell'Olio

Nancy Dell'Olio works the red carpet like a professional with this pulled back side bun, complete with sexy dangling strands for a bit of added interest. Photo courtesy WENN.

34 /39: Danielle Harold

34/39 :Danielle Harold

Danielle Harold brings back her platinum blonde locks into this updo, giving her a more professional look, all while still appearing youthful and fun. Photo courtesy WENN.

35 /39: Andrea Riseborough

35/39 :Andrea Riseborough

Andrea Riseborough is curly and ready for work with this fun, fashionable updo that's upscale and classic. Photo courtesy WENN.

36 /39: Gillian Anderson

36/39 :Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson could work an office with this totally sophisticated twist. Simple strands of hair are pulled out to give this updo a sexy look. Photo courtesy WENN.

37 /39: Sandra Hebron

37/39 :Sandra Hebron

Sandra Hebron is short and simple with this sassy blonde hairstyle. She adds a few highlights to give her hair shine and sheen. Photo courtesy WENN.

38 /39: Jade Thompson

38/39 :Jade Thompson

Jade Thompson puts her twist on a classic hairstyle -- the bun. It's a pulled-back look that she styles with dark red locks that are fresh and fashionable. Photo courtesy WENN.

39 /39: Keeley Hawes

39/39 :Keeley Hawes

Keeley Hawes looks classy and sophisticated with this modern bob, complete with layers that give it movement. Photo courtesy WENN.